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I Said Make My Abilities Average!

I Said Make My Abilities Average!

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Author: FUNA

Genres: Action - Adventure - Comedy - Fantasy - Sci-Fi - Shoujo

Status: Ongoing


I Said Make My Abilities Average! summary: When Viscount Ascham’s House’s eldest daughter, Adele von Ascham, became 10 years old, she remembered everything with an intense headache.

Her previous self, Kurihara Misato, 18 years old j.a.panese, lost her life when trying to help a young girl, and then she met G.o.d…

A somewhat capable person burdened by the many expectations of the surrounding people, Misato, who couldn’t live as she wanted, pleaded to G.o.d.

“In the next life, please make my abilities average!”

Yet, somehow the story is wrong!

The girl with 3 names, being careful to not accidentally become a S-rank hunter, lives normally.

I mean, I’m just an average, common girl. No, seriously.

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