Journey To Become A True God


Chapter 2103 Recorded Hai Ming Playing In The Bed (1)

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"How is your work?" Sun Xuanyin went to meet Ye Chen, she said to Ye Chen who was around this place.

"Why are you in this place?" Ye Chen asked Sun Xuanyin, he wanted to know what Sun Xuanyin was doing in this place.

"I was looking for you to tell something" Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen, she said that she had something to say.

"what is it ?" Ye Chen was curious about this matter, himself quite curious about what Sun Xuanyin wanted to say.

Sun Xuanyin started to explain what happened to Ye Chen, she started to explain what happened to Ye Chen.

she had told Ye Chen that Nanlan Lia was in this place and might destroy their plans.

After listening to Sun Xuanyin's explanation, Ye Chen finally knew what had happened.

"Don't worry too much, she's not a threat to us" Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin, he telling that Nanlan Lia not to be a threat.

Nanlan Lia had provided very useful information to Ye Chen, so she shouldn't do anything bad to Ye Chen.

"Why are you so sure, is it possible that you know that woman?" Sun Xuanyin asked Ye Chen, from Ye Chen's tone, it seemed that Ye Chen knew Nanlan Lia.

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"I am only slightly acquainted with that woman, she is a seductive mature woman" Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

"hmmm" Sun Xuanyin pouted, she looked away in dissatisfaction.

Ye Chen was beyond the expectations that Sun Xuanyin had, Sun Xuanyin did not expect that Ye Chen would know Nanlan Lia.

"How are things outside, is everything going well" Ye Chen asked Sun Xuanyin, he wanted to know what was going on outside, if anything had happened.

"Everything is under control" Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen, she told him that everything was fine.

"By the way I met Hai Ming, he was out with a girl" Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen.

"Is that so?" Ye Chen immediately looked at Sun Xuanyin, he was interested when he saw and heard what Sun Xuanyin said.

"why are you looking at me in this way?" Sun Xuanyin asked Ye Chen.

"I want to take a look, this is a very good opportunity," Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

"What chance?" Sun Xuanyin asked Ye Chen, Sun Xuanyin didn't understand what Ye Chen meant.

"Come on, let's find the whereabouts of Hai Ming," Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin, Ye Chen invited Sun Xuanyin to find out the whereabouts of Hai Ming.

"Okay, I will accompany you." Sun Xuanyin nodded, she was going to accompany Ye Chen to Hai Ming's place.



Sun Xuanyin did meet Hai Ming before, she crossed paths with Hai Ming and a woman with a beautiful appearance, most likely she was Hai Ming's mistress.

"Hmmm. . ., I didn't know that he has a woman, I think he is very interested in Dongfang Xiu." Sun Xuanyin didn't expect that Hai Ming would be with such a beautiful woman.

"He is still a boy, there is no way he would be innocent" Sun Xuanyin was not na?ˉve, she knew that Hai Ming was a prince, of course he had played with several women in his life.

"I don't need to deal with this matter, it's better to just let him have his fun." Sun Xuanyin was too lazy to deal with this matter, herself preferring to go and see Ye Chen instead.

After Sun Xuanyin went to Ye Chen's place, she then told Ye Chen what happened.

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"I see, that's great, it looks like this is a very good opportunity for us," Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

Hai Ming will take Dongfang Xiu as the first wife, otherwise he won't be able to get Dongfang Xiu.

Hai Ming has been holding back for a long time, he has been holding himself back in order to get Dongfang Xiu, after getting Dongfang Xiu completely, then he will be able to have all the women he wants.

"I'm very happy, Chun Linz is very happy to hear this" this woman said that she was happy to hear this, it means she can still get more things from Hai Ming.

As long as Chun Linz was with Hai Ming, she could get what she wanted, resources, wealth and influence would be easy for her to possess.

She only needed to open her pomegranate skirt to please Hai Ming, then Chun Linz could get anything in this world.

"Interesting, it seems that Xuanyin isn't lying, Hai Ming is actually much bolder than I imagined" Ye Chen thought wrongly about Hai Ming, originally Ye Chen thought that this man would be so interested in Dongfang Xiu that he didn't even glance at other women, but in reality he have enough savings.

"see how I take care of you" Ye Chen would take care of Hai Ming, he would make sure that he would be embarra.s.sed by what happened.

"master, I already found what you need, what a coincidence that I came across such an arrogant woman and tried to beat me up" Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen.

"where?" Ye Chen asked Sun Xuanyin, he wanted to see what kind of woman Sun Xuanyin brought him.

"Over there" Sun Xuanyin pointed in a direction, she revealing a fat woman over two meters tall, This woman had a somewhat hideous face like that of a monstrous warrior, plus she had an enormous body.

"You really encountered a monster ?" Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

"fufufu, isn't this better" Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen, Sun Xuanyin said that what she found was very good, a normal man would be traumatized when he met a woman like this.

"Then let's get ready" Ye Chen told Sun Xuanyin, himself telling Sun Xuanyin to get ready.

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