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Chapter 818 - The Grand Finale (5)

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Chapter 818: The Grand Finale (5)

Chapter 897: On the way to the appointment

“Thank you, Lord Kant.”Nate bowed in disbelief.

“It’s fine.”Kant glanced at the other attendants. The attendants consciously made way for Kant. After nodding to Nate, Kant lifted his leg and left. Abel and Bunduk followed closely behind him.

After the three of them walked out of the inn, they met the carriage sent by the surveillance bureau.

The driver of the carriage was a waiter wearing the uniform of the surveillance bureau. He was lying on the driver’s seat, bored. His eyes were fixed on the inn’s entrance. When he saw Kant and the other two, he took out the portraits in his arms and compared them. After confirming that they were the ones to receive them, the driver immediately jumped off the carriage, he greeted Kant and the others respectfully, “Lord Kant, Lord Abel, Lord Bunduk. Good evening. I’m here to welcome all of you, the attendant, Brown.”

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”Kant helped brown up and smiled apologetically.

“It’s nothing. “The news of this meeting is rather sudden. All of you, Lord, need to prepare carefully.”The attendant shook his head and replied, “However, it’s really late now. “We need to hurry over. “Please get on the carriage first, Lord.”

“Mm.”Kant nodded slightly. After the attendant moved the ladder to get on the carriage, he slowly walked into the carriage. He lifted the curtain of the carriage and walked in.

Bunduk and Abel directly jumped onto the carriage. After entering the carriage, they sat down beside Kant on the left and right.

“Lord, Please Sit Tight!”A servant’s voice came from outside the door curtain. After a while, the carriage galloped along the street along with the sound of horses.

“Your Majesty.”After a moment of silence, Abel said, “You can sleep in the carriage for a while. We will wake you up when you arrive at the monitoring station.”

“Okay.”Kant let out a long breath. He hugged his chest and closed his eyes in the b.u.mpy carriage.

After seeing Kant fall into a deep sleep, Abel and Bunduk looked at each other. It seemed that His Majesty was really tired.

During the fifteen-minute journey, Abel and Bunduk remained silent, afraid of waking Kant, who was catching up on sleep at this time.

After the carriage stopped, Abel slowly got up, walked to the window rail of the carriage, and lifted the curtains. The building of the monitoring station was revealed in his field of vision.

“My Lords, we have arrived at the monitoring station.”Brown did not walk into the carriage. Instead, he jumped onto the ground and stood beside the carriage. He called out in a cheerful voice.

“Yes.”Abel nodded at Bunduk, indicating that he could wake up your highness.

However, before Bunduk could speak, Kant had already opened his eyes. In his eyes, there was not a single trace of the sleepiness he had when he just woke up.

Bunduk was stunned for a moment before he said to Kant, “Your Highness… We have already arrived at the monitoring station.”

“Yes.”Kant nodded. He tidied up the wrinkles on his clothes and said, “Let’s go.”

“Yes.”Abel glanced at Kant and immediately walked out of the carriage. After seeing Abel’s actions, Bunduk also stood up.

“When we arrive at the monitoring station, the carriage can only stop here.”After seeing Abel, brown explained, “After the Lords enter the front hall’s door, someone else will take over and lead the way for you.”

“I see. Thank you for your hard work,”Abel said.

“Nothing?”The attendant stretched his neck and looked inside the carriage. He asked in puzzlement, “Where are Lord Kant and Lord Bunduk?”

Abel raised his eyebrows. Just as he was about to reply, Kant led bunduk out of the carriage.

“Lord Kant!”The attendant greeted Kant with a smile.

“Sorry for the delay,”Kant said with a smile.

“No problem, no problem.”The attendant hurriedly waved his hand and said, “I’ll go get the ladder from the carriage.”

Abel stopped the attendant and said, “Don’t trouble yourself.”

Then, he jumped off the carriage and helped Kant to the ground.

“This attendant called Brown said that someone will lead the way for us from inside the door,”Abel said to Kant and Bunduk.

“Thank you.”After saying goodbye to Brown, Kant led Bunduk and Abel to the gate of the monitoring station.

Brown stuffed the wooden ladder in the back seat back to its original position. After watching Kant and the other two leave, he led the horse to the stable.

When Kant stepped into the gate, a human servant immediately came forward to greet him.

Kant looked at him with a hint of surprise in his eyes. Because it was rare to see a human servant in the monitoring station, and the nameplate on the servant’s chest showed that he was different from the other servants at the reception desk.

“It’s Lord Kant, Lord Abel, and Lord Bunduk, right?”The attendant greeted with a smile. “I’m the attendant sent by the museum to lead the way for you. Please follow me.”

“Yes, good.”Kant nodded. After the attendant turned around, he immediately followed his footsteps.

The attendant led them to the top floor of the monitoring station. The rooms on the top floor were relatively rare, and they took up a large area. Even the texture of the carpet was different from the floor they had walked on before.

The waiter stopped in front of a two-meter-high door and introduced to Kant, “Everyone, please come in.”

“Huh?”Kant looked at the waiter with doubt, but the waiter had already bowed and retreated to a corner. He did not notice Kant’s actions.

Just as Kant was about to help himself and twist the lock, Bunduk walked in front of Kant and grabbed the door handle.

The door handle seemed to be made of white jade, and it was cold to the touch. Bunduk secretly took a deep breath, made up his mind, and twisted the door lock.

The material of the door was very light. When Bunduk slowly opened the door, the people in the meeting seats gradually turned their gazes in the direction of the door.

Bunduk stood in front of the door and made a path for Kant.

Kant strolled into the conference hall, and a powerful aura immediately enveloped the place. Gilbert and the leader of the dwarf clan stood up one after another and walked to the door to welcome Kant.

“Lord Kant, Welcome.”Gilbert extended his hand and greeted Kant.

“Long time no see, Your Highness Gilbert.”Kant bent his waist and made his gaze parallel to Gilbert’s gaze. After that, he replied with a smile.

“Lord Kant, it’s an honor to meet you.”The representative of the Dragon Clan also walked up to Kant and greeted him.

“Who are you?”Kant raised his eyebrows and asked.

“Young Master couldn’t make it here today. In order to not miss this meeting, he sent me to attend in his place.”The dragon clan replied, “I’m Frey.”

Chapter 898: the circ.u.mstances of the first meeting

“General Frey is young master Millard’s right-hand man.”The Dwarf clan chief explained from the side, “Since General Frey can come here personally, I think our negotiation will be smoother.”

“Yes, please take care of me.”Kant held Frey’s outstretched right hand and nodded slightly.

“Work together.”Frey smiled and said to Kant. After saying this, he returned to his seat.

Kant looked at his back and thought to himself, ‘The temperament of the dragon soldier is really the same mold.’.

“Your Highness Kant, let me introduce you. This is the leader of the dwarf clan, Miss Kailin.”As the leader of the race who managed the town, Gilbert naturally acted as the host, he introduced Kant to the leader of the race who had lined up to meet Kant one by one.

“h.e.l.lo, Miss Kaelin.”Kant’s face was always smiling. Even though everyone’s gaze was focused on him, he still appeared calm.

“h.e.l.lo, Lord Kant. This is the first time we’ve met. I hope we can get along well in the future.”The leader of the dwarf clan was very generous. After doing all the formalities, he turned around and left.

After greeting all the leaders in the hall, Kant was finally able to sit down in his own seat. On both sides of his seat were Miss Karen and General Frey.

“Since everyone is here, let me make the announcement: the meeting has officially begun.”Gilbert sat in the middle seat, took a deep breath, and said to everyone in the hall.

As soon as Gilbert finished speaking, a servant standing by the door immediately took out a notice board. The notice board displayed the information that the GNOME had collected about the dark side organization over the past few months.

Not only were there written descriptions, but there were also portraits and so on.

Kant looked at the notice board, which was only about three meters away from him, and silently sighed in his heart at the detailed and silent work of the GNOME.

Gilbert gave everyone about ten minutes to read the contents of the bulletin board.

A noisy discussion came from behind Kant. Looking back, Miss Kaileen of the dwarf clan was talking to the Lord of the Snake Lady Clan. The two seemed to have known each other since a long time ago, and there was a sense of familiarity in their conversation.

After Kant moved his gaze away from the two people, he looked at the others in the room. Most of the leaders in the meeting hall were old, so they were not unfamiliar with each other. Only Kant sat in his seat. For a long time, no one came to talk to him.

“Lord Kant, I heard that you were the one who solved the problem with Potts and the others.”At this moment, Frey, who was sitting on Kant’s right, asked him. His finger pointed to a corner of the public sign: Potts and the others’materials were pasted there.

“We are only going to save our friend.”Kant calmly replied.

“I heard that you bribed the contact of the Dark Side organization and let him bring your members to Potts and the others.”Frey did not have the intention to give up, and still asked Kant.

“Yes, my friend was planted with a worm by a member of the Dark Side organization, and his life is in danger. We can only rely on this plan and give it a try.”Kant said.

“Worm? is he someone who is proficient in witchcraft?”Frey asked curiously.

“No.”When Kant mentioned the topic of pick, he immediately raised his guard, he explained, “We don’t know his ident.i.ty. After he gave us the antidote to the insect worm, we let him go.”

“What?”Frei’s face revealed a surprised expression. After looking around, he whispered to Kant, “Your Highness Kant, you can’t casually say that you let the members of the dark side leave.”

“What will happen?”Kant’s eyes revealed some ridicule. The Dragon Clan had not made their position clear when they were involved in this matter. It was obvious that they wanted to take both sides. It was already annoying enough to watch the fire from the other side. He did not expect that young master Mirad’s trusted aide would show a cautious and hypocritical face.

Kant naturally ignored his “Advice”.

“This…”Frey glanced at Kant’s face and swallowed his words. He said hesitantly, “He might get into trouble or something like that…”

“What’s there to be afraid of?”Kant said calmly, “Is it possible that one of the leaders here wants to exterminate the members of the Dark Side?”

Frey was rendered speechless by Kant. He could only hold his breath and sit up straight in his seat.

Abel and Bunduk looked at each other and smiled gently. The representative of the Dragon Clan wanted to use this to suppress the momentum of the Caradia side. However, they did not expect that Kant was a true ruler of a country. On an oasis in the desert, he built an empire that could accommodate hundreds of thousands of people from scratch. It was completely different from the so-called heirs he had met before.

Therefore, he could only suffer a one-sided defeat.

After the minute hand of the clock on the wall turned two squares, Gilbert cleared his throat and shouted to the people present, “Please be quiet!”

The leaders who were still discussing immediately fell silent. They waited for Gilbert’s next words.

“As you can see, the forces of the Dark Side have invaded the streets and alleys of this town. “A few days ago, we even discovered that there were members of the dark side in the monitoring station. “Now, that member has already given us the names of all the members of the dark side who have maintained contact with him.”Gilbert took a deep breath, he calmly explained, “After the meeting is over, we will distribute that list to some of you who have chosen to stand on the side of the monitoring station.”

“What do you mean?”Someone at the table questioned loudly.

“Although it seems to be too hasty to publish it now, on behalf of the Gnome tribe, I officially announce to everyone that the people of our tribe will declare war on the dark side.”

As soon as these words were said, the faces of the leader of the race, who had been angry and displeased just a moment ago, immediately turned pale.

“The leader of the Gnome tribe can have such boldness. It is truly the light of the Gnome Tribe’s future.”The dwarf clan chief did not seem to be surprised by the GNOME Leader’s announcement. He only praised Gilbert in words.

Kant noticed everyone’s reaction. General Frey of the Dragon Race had already left the banquet and walked to the guard behind him, whispering something to him.

Leader of the field: some were surprised, some were indifferent, some were hot-blooded and eager to fight, and some were calculating in their hearts.

Chapter 899: the att.i.tude of the island’s race

No matter what they thought, Kant only let out a sigh of relief in his heart. Gilbert’s announcement came at the right time for him.

The battle on the island had already reached the middle stage after the incident at the surveillance bureau.

At this point in time, showing a bit of strength was the best choice for the race that wanted to fight against the dark side.

And the Gnome race that Gilbert represented was in the most advantageous position within this group.

“So, I invited everyone here today because I want to make a team. After all, what we are going to discuss next will be related to the lives of our warriors.”Gilbert slapped his hand on the conference table, he stared at the people on the field and said.

“I am willing to contribute to the actions of the GNOME.”Kant raised his right hand and expressed his stance to Gilbert.

Kant represented the forces outside the island, so his stance did not cause much of a ripple. Other than the leader of the race, who was not very familiar with him, who was criticizing him behind his back. Only Frey turned and glanced at him, his eyes containing a complicated expression.

Gilbert politely nodded to Kant and said, “Are there others?”

“There’s still us.”The Dwarf clan chief sitting on Gilbert’s left said gently, “We’ll partic.i.p.ate as well.”

“Mm.”After seeing the att.i.tude of the midget clan, Gilbert felt more confident and raised his head to look at the others.

“US.”After this, the voices of agreement in the crowd grew more and more.

“On behalf of the orcs, I announce that we agree to wage war against the dark side,”a orc in fine clothes said. “The members of the dark side should be purged.”

After the announcement, only a few race leaders remained silent.

“Lord fansi, what is your decision?”Gilbert took the initiative to ask an angel sitting in the corner.

Kant and the others also looked over. This was the first time Kant had seen an angel. The angel known as fansi had transparent skin and a calm smile on his face. He seemed to be wrapped in a holy light. However, when Kant entered the room, he did not notice the existence of such a person. After noticing that everyone’s attention was focused on him, fansi even smiled and nodded. He stood up and replied to Gilbert, “The room is a little stuffy. If you don’t mind, I’ll excuse myself first.”

“Okay.”Gilbert watched fansi leave with a hint of regret in his eyes.

However, Kant did not see any other angels other than himself in the small town. How did the angel race survive on this small island.

“Fansi is still the same,”Miss Caitlin said with a chuckle.

The remaining few lords who hadn’t expressed their opinions also left with fansi. The room immediately became less than half empty.

Kant sighed in his heart. The number of people who left was much more than he had expected.

Looking at Gilbert’s seat, Gilbert’s expression didn’t look happy at all.

“Miss Caitlin, are you friends with that Lord Angel?”Kant asked Caitlin.

“Friends?”Caitlin turned to look at Kant and said with a smile, “I’ve never heard that angels have friends.”

“I just heard from what you said just now that you two know each other.”Kant’s expression didn’t change as he continued to ask, “Do you know why the Angel clan didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the war with the Dark Side?”

“The reason why Fanxi stayed on this island was to protect his dozens of horses.”Karen said indifferently, “No matter who owns the sovereignty of the town, his horse business is still possible. “Whether he partic.i.p.ates or not, it’s quite unnecessary for him.”

“Then, why does everyone look so disappointed?”If it was just horses, they wouldn’t be of much use in the Civil War of the town. However, after fansi left, the leader of the race who chose to stay behind didn’t look too good.

“Am I not happy?”Karen pointed at her face in a lively manner, she said in high spirits, “They think that fansi standing on the side of the monitoring station means that the monitoring station is sure to win this battle. “I don’t want to waste my time on those things. fansi had better bring the ‘G.o.d’s will’to the dark side. That way, the war will be more interesting.”

“What are you talking about? !”The leader of the snake-woman tribe, who was sitting next to Kaelin, spoke up to stop the young dwarf leader. Although she had always known that Kaelin did not care about the severity of her words. However, she did not expect that Kaelin would still be so outspoken in front of an outsider whom she had just met.

“If the ‘G.o.d’s will’joins the war, according to the rules, the Dragon tribe will not join either side.”Frey’s comment reached Kant’s ears.

After Kant and Kaelin hurriedly ended the topic, he turned to look at Frey and asked, puzzled, “In my impression, you didn’t express your position just now, right?”

“Yes,”Frey said calmly. “The dragon race has the right to not express their position.”

“What?”Abel and Bunduk, who were standing behind Kant, couldn’t help but shout after hearing this.

“In other words, you can sit here and listen to the Gnome’s painstaking plan to declare war without partic.i.p.ating?”Kant narrowed his eyes into a line and asked.

“Yes.”Frey seemed to have sensed Kant’s hostility towards him. After giving a brief answer, he immediately turned his head to Gilbert’s side. He said, “Your Highness Gilbert, please continue to announce your plan.”

“Yes.”Gilbert nodded at Frey, he stated, “I am very happy. Most of the races on the island have expressed their support for our plan. In the upcoming war, we GNOME will become the main force in the battle. Please rest a.s.sured.”

“Since the three families of Fu Di are here, I also want to ask a question on behalf of the leaders of the other races.”The leader of the Orcs stood up from his seat, he said to Gilbert, “Will the strength of three crystals be thrown into this war?”

“The strength of three crystals is too fast and amazing. Moreover, the Warlock of the race who is proficient in the way of controlling has already reached the age of 70,”Gilbert was stunned and explained.

Before he could finish, the leaders who chose to stay behind voiced their doubts.

“I heard that the master-level Beast Tamer, Ian, is currently traveling outside the island. “He might also be one of the main members of the Dark Side,”a leader of the race said. “He is a top-level mage who can summon tens of thousands of birds of prey in an instant.”

Chapter 900: the answer to the leader’s meeting

Once these words were said, the discussion in the crowd became even more noisy.

“The Ian he is talking about, could he be pick’s father?”Abel frowned and guessed.

“Maybe.”Kant nodded. In this way, it could be understood why pick would join the Dark Side. From Kant’s observation, pick did not feel a sense of belonging to that place. Moreover, the dark side seemed to have never a.s.signed him any missions. The reason why he was able to meet Bunduk in the first place was purely because he was spying on him.

If it was a young talent who had his father as his role model, it would not be strange for him to join his father’s organization.

After thinking about pick’s background, Kant turned his gaze to Caitlyn who was beside him. She had always looked indifferent. After hearing about the topic of the three crystals, she became much quieter.

“If things develop to that stage, on behalf of the Midget clan, I promise everyone that the crystals will bring out their effects.”When the two juniors didn’t know how to express their stance, the dwarf clan chief stood out, he announced to everyone present.

“Good!”During the meeting, there were shouts of praise.

“Mm.”As the Midget clan walked back to their seats, they nodded at Gilbert, who was standing in place.

Kant also focused his gaze on Gilbert. Gilbert didn’t look very confident. Kant couldn’t help but cheer him on. “Gilbert!”

Gilbert raised his head and Winked at Kant. He said, “The att.i.tude of the Gnome clan is the same as that of the Midget clan. After all, the strength of the crystals is the most powerful when gathered together.”

“The dwarf clan will also partic.i.p.ate.”Karen closed her eyes and leaned back in her chair. She announced to everyone, “Don’t worry.”

While everyone was surprised by the imposing manner of the heir, Kant noticed that Karen’s body was trembling.

“Any other questions?”Gilbert asked after the discussion died down.

The leader of the Orcs had already returned to his seat and shook his head at Gilbert’s question.

“According to our predictions, the civil war in the town will break out in the next half a month. “The dark side has been gearing up for this day for a long time, so we have to prepare in advance,”Gilbert explained methodically. “Due to the complicated situation at the moment. “Before we make a battle plan, we have to integrate the information that everyone here has.”

“That’s not bad.”Kant nodded.

“As I said in the letter, everyone has brought the information that I asked you to bring, right?”Gilbert asked.

“Yes.”Before these race leaders entered the hall, they handed the information they brought over to the soldier who was guarding the door. The main purpose of this meeting was to sort out the races partic.i.p.ating in the battle, and the other important part was to sort out the information.

“Just now, our people have already sorted out the information that everyone brought to the room next door,”Gilbert said. “The results of the sorting out will be distributed to everyone after the meeting together with the list of names that we received previously.”

Kant was stunned by what Abel said. He had never heard of bringing information.

However, this was also good. If the information and the list could be sent to him, he would have a more detailed understanding of the situation around the volcano.

However, why would the leader of the race be willing to hand over the information he had painstakingly collected to the Gnome Race? Kant couldn’t help but wonder in his heart.

While he was still immersed in this mystery, Gilbert had already begun to describe the methods the various races used to eliminate the members of the Dark Side organization.

By the time Kant came back to his senses, the meeting had almost come to an end.

At the end of the meeting, Gilbert stood by the door of the meeting hall and sent off one race leader after another.

In the end, only Frey, Kant, and the others of the dragon race were left in the meeting hall.

At this time, a familiar face appeared in front of Kant. It was young master Milad of the Dragon Race.

“Your Highness Gilbert, h.e.l.lo.”Milad greeted Gilbert the moment he entered the meeting hall.

“Long time no see, Your Highness Milad.”Gilbert was not surprised by Milad’s sudden visit. Instead, he hugged him with a smile.

“Your Highness Kant, long time no see.”After greeting the leader, Milad walked to Kant and greeted him.

“Young Master Milad, why are you here?”Kant held Milad’s hand and asked with a smile.

“I’m Sorry, Your Highness Kant. Actually, this is the real reason why I invited you here.”Gilbert, Caitlin, and the others stood in a row, he made an introduction to Kant, “Although the conclusion of the previous meeting was much worse than we imagined, you can rest a.s.sured now and ask us any questions.”

“Was the meeting just now fake?”Kant looked at everyone standing in front of him and asked hesitantly.

“What do you mean by ‘fake’?”Caitlin asked with a smile.

“What I mean is… maybe this isn’t a very suitable statement, but Gilbert, you and the Dwarf clan chief, you were all acting just now, right?”When Kant finished saying this sentence, he felt that he was really stupid. Even he didn’t know what he was asking.

“Well, you’re right.”Gilbert hesitated for a moment, then he blinked his eyes slyly and said, “The meeting just now was just a show to select our companions.”

Kant glanced at the row of chairs by the conference table and asked in puzzlement, “Who are our companions?”

“US.”The angel who had left earlier walked in with several leaders who had made the same decision as him at that time. He introduced himself to Kant, “h.e.l.lo, my name is fansi. I’m a merchant who runs a posthouse outside the city.”

“h.e.l.lo.”Kant took a deep breath and nodded in response.

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“It seems that there aren’t many people left this time.”Milad smiled helplessly when everyone was in a quiet status.

“It’s nothing.”Bunduk shook his head and replied.

“Lord fansi, what other things have you heard about the dark side organization?”Kant asked.

“Recently, the wind on the island has changed too quickly. What I heard from others seems to have become unimportant,”fansi sighed helplessly.

“Where there are resources, there will inevitably be fights,”Kant said. “The island is indeed developing better and better. Lord fansi, haven’t you already chosen to stand in the camp of the monitoring station?”

“Gilbert and the others are indeed smart.”Fanxi nodded slightly, he said, “It’s just that this plan is too big. I’m worried that they won’t be able to make up for it. Instead, it will implicate the lives of innocent people. Your Highness Kant, you also noticed it, right?”

“Gilbert has the support of the dwarf clan chief and the others behind him. In the end, if there are any mistakes in his actions, I think at least there will be a compromise.”Kant glanced at Fanxi, he said, “But if someone wants to create trouble, Gilbert and the others will be in danger.”

“Sigh, just like you said. The power and power held by the ‘Three Nomads’in the territory around the volcano has become the fat meat in the hearts of the nomads on the island.”fansi sighed, he said, “The complexity of the human heart is indeed not to be underestimated.”

“Hehe.”Kant laughed softly.

Fansi looked at him in surprise and asked curiously, “What’s so funny?”

“I was just thinking that the two of us were talking about something behind the scenes. “And as the planning center, Gilbert couldn’t hear it either.”Kant laughed. “In the end, we were just casually talking about the leader.”

“Lord Kant, Gilbert is indeed the leader of this operation. However, in my eyes, he can’t stop any of us from leaving.”Fansi sat up straight, he said to Kant, “I think you should seriously consider whether you want to join this war.”

“No need to think.”Kant waved his hand and said, “As long as I promise something, I will do it.”

After hearing Kant’s answer, Fan Xi’s eyes became extremely complicated. He didn’t say anything else.

“Lord Fan XI, haven’t You Made Up Your Mind Yet?”Kant asked tentatively, “That’s right. With Lord Fan XI’s personality, the fights on this island are too complicated.”

“Although my strength is insignificant, I will still give you a helping hand,”fan xi replied firmly.

“Then, in the future, we will have a good cooperation.”Kant and fansi looked at each other and laughed.

The sound of horses’neighs came from outside the carriage. Bunduk lifted the curtain of the carriage and looked out of the window. He turned to Kant and said, “Your Majesty, we are here.”

“Lord fansi, thank you for sending us off,”Kant said politely. “The three of us will take our leave first.”

“Okay. Everyone, we’ll meet again next time.”Fansi stood up and sent them off.

The s.p.a.ce in the carriage could be considered s.p.a.cious. It seemed to be tailored according to fansi’s body size. Fansi walked to the door and lifted the curtain for Kant and the others.

“Goodbye.”Kant, supported by Abel and Bunduk, got off the carriage and turned to say goodbye to fansi.

Fansi nodded with a smile. “Your Highness Kant, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Without waiting for Fansi’s words, the two fine horses neighed and rushed out, disappearing at the end of the Long Street.

Kant looked at the departing carriage and said, “This angel is not simple. It’s better to avoid him in the future.”

After saying this, Kant led the two people behind him into the shop.

“I keep feeling that this person is a bit strange,”Bunduk said with a frown.

“He was sent by Gilbert to test us. I guess he rarely does such things. It seems a bit strange,”Kant said indifferently.

“I agree with His Majesty Kant’s idea.”Abel nodded. “The words of this angel in the carriage just now are far from my first impression.”

“Look, haven’t the two of you already seen through him?”Kant said.

“Your Majesty, which of the group of people in the Guild Hall just now are the same as US who are being investigated?”Bunduk could not help but ask, his head aching from pondering.

“I’m not sure about the others. “But the Dragon clan should be on Gilbert’s side.”Kant a.n.a.lyzed. “Gilbert has arranged their respective roles for the people who support him in this meeting. “Such methods aren’t considered novel.”

“I just didn’t expect us to be included in the queue for inspection.”Abel shook his head and sighed.

“This is quite good,”Kant replied. “As long as we find the culprit who framed Claremont and the others, we can immediately withdraw. The prerequisite is that Gilbert’s plan goes smoothly.”

“Mm.”Bunduk and Abel looked at each other and nodded in response.

When the three of them stepped through the inn’s threshold, they immediately sensed the unusual atmosphere in the inn. Not only were there few customers in the hall, but the waiters’expressions also became listless.

“Lord Kant!”Seated quietly in the cas.h.i.+er’s desk, Nate immediately rushed over when he saw Kant and the others.

Chapter 904: Nomads employed by the Guild

“Oh no!”Kant heard Abel behind him shout in a low voice.

When Nitte’s anxious face appeared in front of him, Kant could not help but frown. Nitte and the other attendants had asked them to do something, but they had forgotten about it.

“Nitte, what’s Wrong?”Kant asked.

“Lord Kant, just now, a group of soldiers were sent by the monitoring inst.i.tute to take away all the things on the fourth floor.”Nitte wanted to cry, but no tears came out. “Those soldiers said that this shop has been sold by the boss as a mortgage to reduce the prison.”

“Where are those soldiers?”After a moment of silence, Kant asked.

“In… In the restaurant on the second floor. They haven’t… left yet.”A glimmer of hope burned in Nitte’s dim eyes. He raised his hand and pointed in the direction of the second floor.

“You’ve searched everything, yet you’re still here swindling food and drinks. It’s obvious that you’re not a good person. You Don’t have to worry. We’ll go and seek justice for you.”Bunduk glanced at the second floor and said angrily to Nate.

“Bunduk, go and call the soldier. Abel, come with me to take a look.”Kant ordered with a frown.

“Thank you, Lord. Please be careful.”Nate carefully bent his body. After watching Kant and the others leave, he convulsed on the spot for a while, he called out to the soldier in the hall, “Everyone in the shop, follow me to help upstairs.”

“Okay!”The waiters answered in unison. The orcs cooks who were originally in the kitchen also followed them out. They asked the waiter who was walking in a hurry, “What’s wrong? Isn’t that the officers and soldiers of the Overwatch Council upstairs?”

“What sir? Even if it’s the old master, if he wants to tear down our shop, we have to kick him out,”the waiter said in dissatisfaction.

“Aiyo, his bones are quite hard.”The cook couldn’t help but laugh. “When he entered the shop just now, why didn’t I see you guys make such a fuss?”

“Cut the c.r.a.p. Are you coming or not?”The waiter impatiently interrupted the other party’s teasing and questioned.

“Yes!”The cooks raised the spoons and shovels in their hands and responded enthusiastically.

“Then follow me!”

When Kant and the others reached the second floor, the soldiers of the inspection station were still drinking and chatting without knowing anything.

“I say, everyone. It’s quite lively here, isn’t it?”Abel leaned against the door and asked the soldier in the dining room, “Do you have any money with you to pay the Bill?”

Kant looked at them roughly. The uniform of this group of soldier was uneven, and the group was put together by nomads of many races. It did not look like a special force deployed in the town where the inspection station was located.

“Who are you?”A dwarf stood on his chair and shouted at Abel. “We are here to investigate people today. This inn is giving us a free meal. Do you think we can’t do it if you say we can’t?”

“Free service? I’ve never heard the waiter in this inn say that word!”Abel kicked the dining cart by the door, he reprimanded the people in the hall, “If you don’t make things clear today, don’t even think about taking anything away from this restaurant. Even if you eat it, you have to spit it out.”

“Ah, I recognize you. You’re a soldier from the group of people from outside the island.”Another soldier stood out and pointed out, “Before this, your group even saved the Midget clan from the volcano.”

As soon as the nomads finished speaking, the people at the banquet began to discuss among themselves. The dwarf who had been overbearing before was also stunned.

“Drubin was escorted back to the city yesterday. Who gave you the order to seize this shop?”Kant asked.

The authority of the monitoring station was now under the control of the GNOME. If it was Gilbert who gave the order, then he would not have not mentioned this matter when they met.

“We…”the dwarf who was standing on the chair noticed that everyone’s eyes were focused on him. He replied helplessly, “It was sent by Lord Vago.”

“Who is Vago?”Kant did not know much about the structure of the monitoring station, let alone the officials who were working there.

“The judge of the monitoring station,”the dwarf answered hesitantly. “He told me to bring the information on the fourth floor back to him and tell the people in the shop to leave immediately.”

“And then you made this? Who Are You?”Abel frowned and asked.

“I’m a Dwarf… a peddler.”The dwarf lowered his head and replied.

Abel glanced at Kant beside him and didn’t say anything else.

“What about them?”Kant pointed at the others who were eating.

“They are just common nomads in this small town.”The dwarf explained, “We got these military uniforms from Lord Vago. My Lords, please let us go.”

“This is ridiculous!”Kant sighed in his heart. There were really all kinds of people in this dark side organization.

“Gilbert has already begun to clean up the supervision center.”Abel moved closer to Kant’s ear and whispered, “I’m afraid that Judge Vago is one of the members of the Dark Side Organization who was sent out by luck.”

“Yes.”Kant nodded, he turned to the dwarf and said, “I can let you go, but you have to promise me two things: first, you can not come to this inn to cause trouble in the future. Second, tell us about the judge named Vago.”

“The first thing… we can do. But the second thing… I’m afraid the Lord’s request is a bit difficult.”The dwarf answered hesitantly.

“Why?”Kant asked.

“When we received this mission, we didn’t see Lord Viggo. So we don’t know where he is now,”the dwarf replied as he glanced at the soldier-clad helper beside him.

“Then who is the person in charge of contacting you?”Abel asked, puzzled.

“We received this mission from a guild in the West City,”the dwarf replied as he leaped to the ground and walked towards Kant.

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“The guild in the West City that you mentioned…”Abel and Kant looked at each other. Both of them were shocked.

“It’s the one with a special name,”the dwarf continued, “We got to know each other there. “Because the medicine provided there… Is cheaper. “But recently, for some reason, the price of the medicine has risen too high. “We discussed and asked for a mission from the boss.”

“I see.”Kant nodded and said, “It seems that the boss doesn’t know much about your people.”

The dwarf’s expression showed a bit of awkwardness.

Just when everyone fell into silence, Bunduk led his soldier to the scene. At the entrance, they met Nitte and the others who were holding all kinds of weapons.

“Lord Bunduk!”Nate waved at Bunduk.

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