Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer


Chapter The Last day

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Chapter The Last day

Brig was surprised by Sam's answer.

    "Marry my daughter to him? You really have a high opinion of him."

    "Of course, I do. He is honorable, humble, has strict moral code for himself. He also doesn't do stupid s.h.i.t like the young masters of your clans do. He is a perfect guy.

    I would be his friend and not just friend for the sake of it. A proper friendship with a lasting relationship."

    Brig nodded his head and went into a deep thought.

    Kach and Yana don't know that Sam and Brig are actually discussing their relationship.

    The two youngsters who took a liking to each other were lost in their own worlds for a while. But every day, Kach started and finished his day with the same question.

    "What do you want me to do?" That is the only question he had for Sam every day.

    He always confirmed that Sam doesn't have any task for him before doing anything else. One of the reasons, why Sam had a great impression of him.

    Just like that, days pa.s.sed.

    After the fourth day, the clashes became a bit intense. The clans that started their own battles and wars are rising the stakes with every pa.s.sing hour and of course, Sura clan is also pretty much drawn in.

    Clan 2 and Clan 3 , the two clans that didn't completely break off the decorum with Sura clan in particular even tried forge a partnership with them on several occasions. And because of what Sam did, instead of being the single and sole victim against six clans, Sura clan became a normal player in this whole mess.

    Players are having a hard time. They cannot find enough man power to execute the plans against Brig.

    By the night of fifth day, they all came to a conclusion after tasting different types of failure.

    That is to escalate the war.

    Yes, that is the solution they came to after striving so hard and failing so many of their plans.

    Noah and k.u.mar also expressed this as soon as they came to the conclusion.

    "What the h.e.l.l is wrong with you guys? Even though I had my doubts initially, your plans are mostly practical. If not for the powerful counters devised by them as if they already know what's about to happen are the only reason for this.

    I still have some good impression of you. Don't let that get to your heads and destroy your reputation."

    "This is not just a desperate attempt to get things done. Rather this is actually the most feasible solution that we can think of now.

    If our guess is right, the rest of the clans could also only do the same. Even they don't want to, once the both of your clans did that, the rest will have to follow suit.

    The war should now be in happening in such a way that all the troops and core members of the organization should be busy to the core.

    Even Brig who was in the protection in the clan grounds until now, should be unable to risk his lack of involvement.

    Only then will we be able to drag him out and catch him in action. The only time that we will get a chance to deal with him.

    And trust me, if we know the other players as much as we think we know, there is no way they are not going to think the same. They will be proposing the same thing to the other clan heads. They are going to do the same thing.

    Think carefully and make this decision."

    "Are you sure? The stakes are going to be high. We don't really want to stake all of the resources for a single technique. The probability of getting it is also not really that high.

    I personally really like you both. Just join Clan 4 and stay with us. We could grow together." One of the core elders from Clan 4 spoke.

    "There is no need. If they really want to join, they can join our clan too. They are more than welcome there." An elder from Clan 5 retorted.

    "Can you guys please stop discussing this? WE already told you. It is impossible for us to join not just you, any other organization for that matter. By this time, day after tomorrow, we will be gone. We might not even meet again in the future.

    So any talks of join the organization are futile to say the least.

    Anyway, just discuss this and let us know."

    Similar conversations are happening everywhere else, except for Sura clan and the Clan 6. Sam was clear that he will not be a part of this organization and the clan 6 didn't even push an offer forward.

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    But one common point in conversation is an all out war.

    So, they informed the troops at the front line and the players were delighted to hear this.

    "Alright, the moment of truth will be at dawn tomorrow morning. The last day we have in this realm and the last day for this stage of the compet.i.tion. Let's hope all of our hard work counts.'

    Noah said to k.u.mar.

    "Maybe, it will be. Sam is extremely injured and obviously, he is corrupted with h.e.l.l's energy. You and I barely have any corruption on us, but it still hurt like h.e.l.l. What do you think is happening within in body? He will be in endless pain. This is the only time, we might get his a.s.s in this way."

    "We can't trust that. That guy is tough.

    Meanwhile back at Sura clan.

    What Noah guessed is true. Sam is tough. At that exact moment, he is actually trying to suppress the h.e.l.l's corruption a bit.

    "How are you feeling? Are you sure you can go through this?"

    "Yes, it is fine. I have been through much worse than this. So, you don't have to worry about me. "

    Brig said as he looked at Sam.

    "So, you are going to leave after you are done with the task."


    "Why don't you join in with us"

    "You already know the answer to this."

    Sam rejected the offer once again and got his focus on work.

    That night. Everything was smooth and calm. But irreparable changes are about to happen that will leave everyone a new person.


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