Ren Yuan - 任怨

Chapter 745: Improved Inner Sensing Pills

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Chapter 745: Improved Inner Sensing Pills

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This direction is to bring into play the original effect of the inner sensing pill, and get rid of the side effects. The other direction is to keep the side effects, but only for a long time to meet the needs of long-term cultivation.

Speaking of it, the first modification shouldn’t be too difficult. There are many ways to shield the external sensation, and adding some medicinal materials with anesthetic effect can satisfy it. Of course, Yang Chen needed further evidence and experiments on what to add and how much to use.

On the contrary, it is somewhat difficult to extend the time. Yang Chen was planning to carefully a.n.a.lyze which medicinal materials in the inner sensing pill recipe controlled the duration of their effects, when he suddenly found that the surrounding situation was different, he raised his head and saw that his wives and concubines were all around him, almost all pair of beautiful eyes stared at him without blinking, and there were bursts of strange light in their eyes.

Yang Chen subconsciously thought that there was something wrong with himself, and after looking down for a while, he realized that there was nothing wrong. He raised his head and looked at his women suspiciously, puzzled.

“Husband, what you just took was the fifth grade inner sensing pill?” Sun Qingxue’s question interrupted Yang Chen’s guess. Their eyes were full of admiration, staring at Yang Chen as if staring at some great hero.

Yang Chen nodded his head and admitted Sun Qingxue’s guess. He nodded, and immediately made all the girls around him say “ah” in disbelief.

During Yang Chen’s practice of swallowing pills continuously, all the girls had already endured the power of the third grade inner sensing pill once. Without exception, all fainted, even Shi Shanshan and Tao Junqi, who swallowed for the second time, were no exception.

This time, because Yang Chen was so absorbed in his cultivation that he didn’t take care of them, all the girls woke up slowly after the medicine had worn off for a long time. Aftertaste of the painful taste just now, it was like going to h.e.l.l once.

Then they immediately discovered that Yang Chen was eating inner sensing pills one by one. Judging from the dragon-shaped pill pattern on the top, Yang Chen was eating fourth grade inner sensing pills. After a while, the elixir turned into the fifth grade inner sensing pills.

The girls who discovered this scene were almost stunned. They couldn’t even last more than a dozen breaths after taking the third grade inner sensing pills, and fainted all the time, but their husband seemed to be unable to feel it, and even ate so much, and it was higher-grade inner sensing pills. The pain was ten times a hundred times worse, could it be that their husband’s body was made of iron?

Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling and the others have already seen how powerful Yang Chen is, but Tao Junqi and the others have not fully experienced it. After this, the girls re-recognized their husband again. It seems that this husband was not just as simple as a fifth-grade alchemist.

Yang Chen’s impression of himself to his concubines is that he has extensive knowledge, is excellent in alchemy, and calm in situations, and now they have to add another one. They can endure what ordinary people can’t, but they haven’t had the chance to see Yang Chen’s real strength, and they don’t know how Yang Chen’s fighting power is. But since he was able to escape from the Demon Continent, he would probably be no worse than Gao Yue and the others.

After the girls calmed down, Yang Chen talked to the girls about his idea of ​​reforming the inner sensing pill. Regarding this, all the girls naturally agreed with both hands and strongly supported it.

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Tao Junqi single-handedly took care of the task of clearing up the pure yin true fire. In fact, up to now, she has successfully opened a half-wide path on the fire field, and there will be a few more years. Even if the pure yin true fire cannot be completely cleared, everyone can still enter the hall through this path.

After slightly adjusting the dosage and adding about five points more mandala, Yang Chen started the formal refining. This time, Yang Chen went straight to the third and fourth grade refining. For his own wives and concubines, third grade and fourth grade can fully meet their requirements, and fifth grade refining is not necessary at all.

Even if they found out the slight inadequacy of the circulation of Qi and blood in the fifth grade inner sensing pills, it would be impossible for them to adjust it based on their current state. It would require at least the fifth grade human Immortal realm, after reaching the subtle level, only then is it possible.

Another year pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye, and Yang Chen finally completed the refining of the fourth grade inner sensing pills. Yang Chen gave this brand-new inner sensing pills with added anesthetic ingredients a new name, Qi and Blood Pill, its main function is to detect the circulation of Qi and blood in the body.

The wives and concubines were all there, even the Murong sisters and Shi Wushuang, who were supposed to take turns to cultivate outside, were also there, and the timing was just right. After Yang Chen took out the Qi and Blood Pill and distributed it to the girls, the third grade Qi and Blood Pill was immediately consumed by the anxious girls. No one was worried about the pill that their husband had personally tested, everyone wanted to know how effective their husband’s improved pill was.

Without the improvement of external sense organs, without pain stimulation, and paying attention wholeheartedly to the circulation of qi and blood, the women can finally have a thorough understanding of the circulation of qi and blood in their own bodies.

Soon, Sun Qingxue, who had the highest cultivation level among the four regular wives, changed. After discovering some small flaws in the blood circulation in her body, Gongsun Ling corrected these flaws as quickly as possible. The effect was immediate, and Gongsun Ling’s cultivation had improved slightly in an instant.


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