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Chapter 583.1 - Sleep With Her

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Chapter 583.1: Sleep With Her

“You ask where this «Third Fire True Secret Art» came from?” The palace master looked at Yang Chen in front of him, he looked at him with a very strange look “Actually, speaking of it, it has something to do with you. “

As soon as Yang Chen came out of the secret pavilion, he asked about the«Third Fire True Secret Art», which made the palace master a little stunned. However, he did not hide it, but directly explained it to Yang Chen.

“Does it have something to do with me?” Yang Chen frowned. After thinking about it, he couldn’t remember when he got the «Third Fire True Secret Art», and he handed it over to the Palace Master. But since the palace lord said so, he thought it would not be fake, so he just listened.

“Didn’t that Luo family’s master Luo Yuan chase and try to kill you back then?” The palace master first mentioned Luo Yuan, and then explained the whole incident.

Many years ago, when Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue went out to cultivate together, he once brought Sun Qingxue into that secret plane. Apart from getting a lot of grey mantis puppets, the other biggest gain was the third fire true essence.


After coming out of the secret plane, Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue were chased and almost killed by Luo Yuan, a late Dacheng stage master. At that time, relying on the high speed of the flying shuttle, Yang Chen sent Sun Qingxue back to the Blue Cloud Sect, and then took Luo Yuan and began to fly on the vast sea. Finally, with the help of the octopus Jing Lan Ying, Luo Yuan was killed.

At that time, the reason why Luo Yuan chased Yang Chen was to get the third fire true essence. Since Luo Yuan’s death, Yang Chen has also searched Luo Yuan’s body, but he has not found the whereabouts of the «Third Fire True Secret Art», there was nothing at that time.

However, the Pure Yang Palace had just improved its strength at that time. They can’t see anyone thinking badly about their genius disciple, so they directly sent people to destroy the Luo family. The treasures acc.u.mulated by the Luo family over the years were naturally owned by the Pure Yang Palace, among them was this piece of jade slip of the «Third Fire True Secret Art».

Because it was the true essence cultivation method, the master of the palace put the «Third Fire True Secret Art» into the secret pavilion. It was reserved for active disciples to cultivate. However, the conditions for cultivating the «Third Fire True Secret Art» were harsh, and one must have the third fire true essence, so no one had a chance until Yang Chen came.

Yang Chen couldn’t help laughing, and at the same time felt a little lucky. At that time, the «Third Fire True Secret Art» could not be found on Luo Yuan’s body. It was the Luo family who kept this thing in the family. Fortunately, there was something about Luo Yuan back then, otherwise Yang Chen wouldn’t know where to find the «Third Fire True Secret Art».

For others, it was very difficult to cultivate the «Third Fire True Secret Art», because there was no third fire true essence. But for Yang Chen, there was no problem, the third fire true essence has been prepared long ago and everything was ready. Now that the «Third Fire True Secret Art» was in hand, Yang Chen can’t wait to complete the great Yin-Yang five elements secret art.

Gathering the great Yin-Yang five elements secret art was a complete wish of Yang Chen after his rebirth. The success was imminent, and Yang Chen doesn’t even have the leisure to talk more with the palace master. After learning the reason, he immediately left, returned to his small courtyard, and plunged into the Dragon Palace and began retreating.

It was the first time that the Palace Master had seen Yang Chen so anxious, it seemed like such a situation happened only after Gao Yue was seriously injured last time. However, it was no wonder that Yang Chen’s innate spiritual root was the fire attribute, and it is no wonder that he discovered the «Third Fire True Secret Art». Excitement was unavoidable, but there was not too much guilt.

After Yang Chen returned, he sat in the Dragon Palace for at least a long time before he suppressed his excitement and began to cultivate according to the «Third Fire True Secret Art».

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Yang Chen has cultivated nine kinds of true essence cultivation methods, and his experience was unmatched by anyone. The «Third Fire True Secret Art» was also Yang Chen’s innate spiritual root attribute, coupled with the understanding of the fire attribute in his previous life, the cultivation was simply completed in one go.

Metal overcomes wood, wood overcomes soil, soil overcomes water, water overcomes fire, fire overcomes metal, the five elements overcome each other.

This kind of situation happened when Yang Chen started to cultivate the Yin-Yang five elements secret art. Positive Yin-Yang five elements increase spiritual power, while negative Yin-Yang five elements consume spiritual power, and at the same time polish all spiritual power to become more and more pure.

Before, because of the lack of the third fire true essence, it has been unable to reach the level of consummation. Now that the great Yin-Yang five elements secret art was completed, all the spiritual powers have started the process of this positive and negative cycle. In less than six months, the Yin-Yang five elements in Yang Chen’s body were condensed to an exceptionally pure level.

This kind of condensing effect was far better than the effect of purifying spiritual power in every true essence true secret art. It was just that, the quality of Yang Chen’s body’s true essence spiritual power almost matched that of Li Cheng back then.

However, Yang Chen also knew that he was still far from Li Cheng. They have already had such an adventure, he really don’t know how Li Cheng did all that.

The great Yin-Yang five elements secret art was completed. Even though the negative five elements constantly consumed the condensed spiritual power, the speed of Yang Chen’s spiritual power growth still shocked Yang Chen. Even if he dare not say that it was ten times faster than before, it was still three times the speed.

In just half a year, Yang Chen’s spiritual power cultivation level has directly rushed to the peak middle Yuanying stage. It seems that he was only one step away from entering the late Yuanying stage. This was also the result of Yang Chen’s constant focus on the concentration of spiritual power. If he lets go of it, he believe that it will only be a matter of turning his hands to reach the late Yuanying stage.

In the sea of consciousness, a complete change has taken place again. After the Yin-Yang heaven burning fire, the yang fire dragon, after adding the «Third Fire True Secret Art», was also like the yin fire dragon, with scales and claws emerging, finely carved, becoming very lifelike.

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