I'm Really Not The Demon God's Lackey

万劫火 - 等到夜深

Chapter 46 Lin Jie's Old Profession

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Chapter 46: Lin Jie's Old Profession

Lady Silver’s aura!

Every elf of the Iris Clan definitely couldn’t be mistaken when they sensed their own body shuddering.

On the second floor of this mediocre bookstore, approximately at where the bedroom was, there seemed to be what was the aura of this Primordial Witch’s dream realm.

This meant that the dream realm of the ice-wielding witch,Silver, had descended here and was watching over someone.

And it was clear that the only one possibly being watched over was this young bookstore owner standing before Doris!

Could he be “the one blessed by the stars” from the prophecy?

Tumultuous thoughts were causing a ruckus in her mind.

She had only sought out the bookstore because she was skeptical about the hunter’s words and was merely trying her luck. However, upon stepping in, it seemed as if the entire outcome had already been decided.

Coincidence was just the inevitability decreed by fate.

Could this be the destiny that Lady Silver has set up?

Doris seemed to understand this great being’s will and guidance.

She had guided Doris to the blessed one before her and it meant that Lady Silver had the intention to reform a covenant with the Iris Clan.

However, Doris understood that Lady Silver hadn’t yet made the final decision.

Otherwise, she could have just made her dream realm materialize at where the Iris Clan was and not go through such great troubles.

This indicated that Lady Silver’s intention was still to wait and see.

Now, as an ‘anointed’ and the representative of the entire Iris Clan, it was possible that Doris was being observed and judged.

If she could smoothly reform a new covenant and bring the glad tidings back, the declining Iris Clan could rise up once again.

On the contrary, if she failed to do so, she could become the sinner that leads to the clan’s demise.

She needed to proceed carefully.

Doris calmed herself mentally and tried not to reveal any sign of weakness.

She maintained her gentle smile and put on her most friendly display. “It’s like this… I heard of the existence of this bookstore from Ji Zhixiu. She told me that she had received help that enabled her to resolve her own problems and that you were practically a G.o.d.”

Lin Jie was somewhat surprised. He never expected that Ji Zhixiu would place him on such a high pedestal.

But for these youngsters, encountering relationship setbacks, especially the experience of being dumped by a sc.u.mbag, was undoubtedly like falling into an abyss.

Moreover, chancing upon the bookstore in a heavy rain and meeting a life mentor to point her in the right direction was like a plot straight out of a drama.

This inevitably caused Ji Zhixiu to develop a sense of dependence and reverence towards Lin Jie.

However this sort of mentality of idol-like reverence was undesirable of Lin Jie and he decided he needed to tell this affluent young miss the importance of thinking for oneself the next time they met.

Viewing the world from a scientific and rational view should be the correct mentality.

Being overdependent on others was not a good thing.

Lin Jie shook his head and chuckled, “A G.o.d? I’m not that great. That’s quite some over exaggeration. I’m just an ordinary person that runs a bookstore and she probably relies on me a little too much.”

Doris’ impression of the bookstore owner opposite her had completely changed.

Originally, her speculation from Ji Zhixiu’s words was that this fellow was excessively claiming himself to be omniscient and G.o.dly.

But looking at things now, this bookstore owner was really modest and it was Ji Zhixiu who viewed him as a G.o.d after being taken under his wing.


Since he is someone close with Lady Silver, there isn’t anything wrong with saying that he is comparable to a G.o.dly being.

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“You are too modest,” Doris said. “She expressed her respect for you very well. Upon knowing the predicament my clan and I are in, she asked me to come over and consult with you for any means to resolve my problem.”

This bookstore owner opposite Doris had absolute clout, and she definitely needed to satisfy his requirements…

Lin Jie raised an eyebrow. Oh? Doesn’t this question concern his old profession?

Folklore. But it wasn’t something that could just be simply summarized by the words ‘customs and traditions’.

It referred to the long term ethnic group or societal community produced over time that gradually formed their own traditions and culture pa.s.sed down for generations.

This included arts, beliefs, family, calendar systems, and many other aspects.

This clan of hers had probably gone through some unforeseen accidents like war in their long history and their conviction had gradually gotten indistinct.

The failure to restore the significance of their clan’s crest had cost this n.o.ble clan to have lost their status.

Then this lady was saying all this…

In hopes that Lin Jie would help her look up the clan’s history and rediscover the significance of the family clan’s crest. Or to put it simply, she needed a professional to help them ‘fabricate’ a relatively complete family clan history that they could concur with.

Followed by once again establishing themselves.

However, this required a reliable professional. Otherwise, if anyone were to perceive that something was amiss, it would become a problem for the clan’s prestige.

However, this would no longer be just any small dose of chicken soup…

I’ve got to request for more money.

Lin Jie flashed a really dazzling and professional smile. “Nota problem, however…”

A strange expression appeared on Doris’ face when Lin Jie was halfway through his sentence.

At this moment, a blinding beam of light from the outside illuminated the bookstore via the windows.

“However… it looks like I have new customers again.”

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