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万劫火 - 等到夜深

Chapter 45 Cosplay

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Chapter 45: Cosplay

After sending away Wilde, Lin Jie pulled out a book from the shelves, The Interpretation of Dreams, and began to browse through it.

This book was one of Freud’s famous works as well as a groundbreaking piece on psychoa.n.a.lysis.

As an unorthodox work published in an era way behind its time, many of the theories were discredited by scientists and caused a great deal of dispute.

Now, he was rereading this book to view it from a different line of thought and reasoning.

The theory in this book suggests that dreams were the unconscious desires and stimuli from childhood memories.

Dreams were also a truthful exchange between a person and his heart as well as the process of learning from himself.

Lin Jie had read this book before but he now wanted to do a little revision because of the recent dream he had.

As he browsed for a bit, Lin Jie felt idle and wondered if he should grab other relevant books to read as well.

At this time, the door to the bookstore was pushed open.

Hmm? Are there winds of fortune blowing? Why are customers coming one after another?

But thinking of it, this change seemed to occur on the day Old Wil gave me that stone gargoyle.

Could it be that besides warding away ill-fortune and evil, it also has fengshui properties of inviting wealth?

[TL note: Fengshui is the practice of Chinese geomancy. It claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with surrounding environment]

Tsk, just borrowing books would do. Why give me a local specialty?

This makes me even busier than before and I’m even frequently being interrupted from my reading.

This… this is simply un…refusable! Bring on more troubles!

Lin Jie put down the book in his hand and put on his professional smile as he glanced over. “Welcome! Would you be borrowing, reading, or buying books? Also, feel free to ask if you have any queries.”

“Can I really ask any question?” The lady that entered had a voice that was both gentle and pleasant.

From what Lin Jie saw, this new customer’s nice and gentle appearance matched her voice.

Fair skin, blueish jade eyes, and a head of luxuriant gold hair gave her an air of astounding beauty. The entire gloomy bookstore seemed to light up with her appearance.

Lin Jie’s gaze lingered on her ear. The pair of sharp, long ears definitely captured his attention.

His eyes continued downwards and noticed she was wearing a lengthy and white gown, its many layers of creases reminding Lin Jie of the togas that ancient Romans wore.

On a whole, she seemed just like a beautiful and graceful elf that had mistakenly wandered into a mundane world.

Could… could this be…

A cosplay with a high degree of originality?

Lin Jie was pleasantly surprised and even felt a wave of ‘nostalgia’.

The activity of cosplaying was very common back on Earth that dated back to the times of ancient wandering minstrels putting on plays for the public.

And in the current era, cosplay thrived thanks to anime, movies, and games.

However, in Azir, this aspect wasn’t really developed despite there being a television and entertainment industry. Furthermore, it lacked an even more important hub for subculture nor leaders.

Cosplay here was still stuck in the primitive stage of ‘masquerades and costumes.’

Wanting to see accomplished levels of cosplay was really difficult. However, this customer before Lin Jie actually had a rather excellent standard.

Her makeup was on point and she even had the remarkable air of n.o.bility that an elf ought to have.

For a moment, Lin Jie even thought that an actual elf was standing in front of him. Moreover, in this heavy rainstorm, a beautiful, blue-eyed, golden-haired elf entering the bookstore was like a scene from a fairytale.

Impressive indeed, young miss.

But of course, it was life-like and that was all to it.

A normal person like Lin Jie definitely wouldn’t think that it was an actual elf standing before him.

After all, would an actual elf strut around a large city like Norzin without any worries about being captured and put on display as a rare specimen?

Nevertheless, Lin Jie found the type of question posed by this young miss somewhat familiar.

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Upon further pondering, Lin Jie realized that this seemed like the sort of question asked by Melissa… the zealous bratty kid whom he had recommended a half-set of Five-Threes not too long ago.

Doris surveyed the surroundings, but didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary besides the stone gargoyle sculpture. Thus, she continued using the aether to probe out the entire bookstore, including the bookstore owner himself.

He was practically just an ordinary person…

But as Doris smiled sweetly and made her way to the counter while still harboring doubts, her pupils suddenly contracted as she got close and saw the owner’s appearance.

Even though he looked ordinary, if one was sharp enough, they would realize that this young man had teeth that were more tightly packed than most people.

Without a doubt.

Doris believed that she hadn’t perceived wrongly.

According to the degree of density, this bookstore owner had full forty teeth.

This wasn’t a disease nor was it fabricated. This was definitely something that violated the physiology of humankind.

He was definitely human!

But she had no way of determining what sort of ent.i.ty he was at the moment…

“As long as it’s within the bookstore’s operations…”

Doris repeated this once and suddenly felt enlightened.

If the bookstore owner really possessed an all-knowing power as what that hunter mentioned, then perhaps being confined to the bookstore was the price he had to pay?

An unknown and ancient ent.i.ty with the appearance of a human, possessing longevity and great power. However he was trapped in a small corner and hidden beneath the ordinary.

Then, surely, someone like him would have once known a certain ent.i.ty of the Iris Clan?

While deep in thought, Doris suddenly sensed an aetheric flow. There was a primordial aura coming from the second floor of the bookstore!

This was…

Primordial Witch Lady Silver’s aura! The name etched into the soul of the Iris Clan was shaking!

Her dream realm is here!

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