I'm Really Not The Demon God's Lackey

万劫火 - 等到夜深

Chapter 409: Invitation

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Chapter 409: Invitation

The moment Lin Jie said that, the black-robed man trembled as if he had just learned a shocking secret.

The Witch of Life?

Isn't that one of the Four Primordial Witches?!

In fact, in the legends of Norzin, the Witch of Life was the first of the Primordial Witches to fall and dissipate, or rather, to completely leave the continent of Azir and fall into slumber within the dream realm.

However, the theory of the Witch of Life's fall wasn't accepted by most. After all, the witches came from chaos and were so powerful, so how could they die?

Thus, many said that the Witch of Life hadn't perished. Instead, she had merely scattered her tokens around, waiting for an opportunity to resurrect and resist the darkness that had never dissipated.

So, could this fragment before him contained a powerful force and a wisp of the ancient soul belonging to the Witch of Life?!

For a moment, the man in black robes nearly forgot his reverence toward Lin Jie.

However, he came back to his senses and started wondering whether he should be rejoicing for sacrificing the right thing or not.

After all, it was said that the Witch of Life was most resistant to the darkness and loathed it. She had once gathered a bonfire boundary which linked life and destruction to provide a shelter for humans to resist the darkness and false G.o.ds.

In other words… this witch was an enemy.

While the robed man was deep in thought, Lin Jie took out a magnifying gla.s.s from the counter drawer and carefully observed the patterns on the fragment. Once he entered work mode, Boss Lin was quite reliable. After all, this was a part of his old profession.

"As expected of you. Seeing through these false disguises so easily," the robed man praised cautiously.

This witch actually dared disguise her aura and give herself an opportunity to be resurrected. She set up a net of destiny, hoping to return to the human world one day. Unfortunately, these arrangements had probably been seen through by the great existence before the robed man.

Lin Jie waved it off and remarked casually, "It's not a disguise. How can this even be considered a disguise."

Although few people would recognize the characters, it was just difficult to piece together and there wasn't any additional encryption.

That's right. Ridiculous. Just ridiculous. How can this even be considered a disguise in front of Boss Lin... The robed man ridiculed in silence. What Primordial Witch? What Ancient Soul. All of which is just being toyed casually by Boss Lin now.

"Why I'm able to tell that this is the Witch of Life's token is all thanks to a friend."

"Friend?" the robed man blurted out. He was just surprised that the true G.o.d actually had friends, but he knew that he had gone overboard immediately after asking.

However, Lin Jie pondered for a moment, Silver and I can be considered friends, right? Or do we have a closer relationship than that? Never mind, it's better to be more conservative till I'm reunited with her.

"Ah, a friend of mine, Silver," Lin Jie said. "I heard some things about the Witch of Life from her."


The Witch of Snow, one of the four Primordial Witches?

The robed man gulped. His tentacles would squirm non-stop once he became nervous and nearly peeked out from beneath his black hood. Realizing that, he quickly pulled his hood tighter.

It was reasonable for the Silver Witch and Boss Lin to be friends. The Silver Witch was different from the Witch of Life and the Witch of the Night. She was the leader of the dragons and elves and the guardian of all mythical creatures.

She loathed lowly, evil, and greedy humans and would even punish them.

The robed man subconsciously stroked the tentacles on his jaw while in thought. I, as well as the hardworking and brave people of the Lower District, have ceased to be humans since a long time ago. Moreover, we are always oppressed and exploited by these weak, lowly, and arrogant humans of the Upper District.

Everyone in the Lower District has toiled for the trash humans of the Upper District from the moment we are born. Though I have long heard from the bishop of the Church of Pestilence that we have always been oppressed, I learned that this truth was way more exaggerated and frightening than what the bishop said in my two trips up to the surface.

Now, we should receive the protection of Boss Lin and the Silver Witch, so it's time these d.a.m.ned lowly humans pay the price.

"Alright." Lin Jie put down the magnifying gla.s.s in his hand. "From the broken fragment of this stone tablet and the other piece, given by my friend, I deduce that there should be a total of three fragments.

"There's still one that's missing. Based on the information, it should be an anchor point left behind by the Witch of Life. As for what this stone tablet does, I'm afraid we'll have to gather all three pieces to know."

"Rest a.s.sured, Boss Lin. The Church of Pestilence will gather the strength of all our believers to find the third fragment for you," the robed man expressed his determination at once.

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"It's merely a slight thought I had, why trouble everyone and mobilize so many?" asked Lin Jie earnestly.

Lin Jie pointed at Myths & Legends and continued without breaking his stride, "I put in a lot of effort into this book, so it's best if everyone can read it."

The robed man was stunned for a moment before he gazed down at Dream of Chaos in his hands.

This book contained extreme power. Most ordinary Lower District residents that couldn't withstand this power would lose their lives or turn mad after reading it. Therefore, the Church of Pestilence's bishop had listed it as the highest of scriptures. Ordinary people couldn't read it haphazardly, yet Boss Lin wanted everyone to do so?

"By the way," Lin Jie asked with a straight face, "do you all have printing equipment there?"

"Umm, yes."

"Then that's even better. Reprint hundreds of copies of this book and distribute one to everyone so they can all read it."


"That's right," Lin Jie said matter-of-factly. "Actually, I tried to make this book as easy to understand as possible so that the public can experience the joys of knowledge."

The robed man gulped. While this book would cause many Lower District residents to lose their lives, not everyone would die. Once they survived, they would obtain great power and become purest believers of Boss Lin, like himself!

I understand now… The robed man came to the understanding that Boss Lin wanted to choose powerful and pure believers through this book!

I see now! I see now!

The robed man could not help but lament the cruelty and benevolence of this True G.o.d.

The Witch of the Night and the Witch of Life protected all humans regardless of their characters, allowing many cancerous tumors to reproduce and fester. Compared to their hypocritical approach, Boss Lin's methods were truly benevolent!

It seemed cruel, but was, in fact, eternal!

"I understand. I'll convey your intentions to everyone. You're really generous!" praised the man before he took the book with him and made the return journey.

Lin Jie watched him head into the thick fog and waved his hands in satisfaction.

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