I'm Really Not The Demon God's Lackey

万劫火 - 等到夜深

Chapter 141: Husky

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Chapter 141: Husky

Grr... Snarl!

Hearing such a ferocious sound coming from behind the wall, Lin Jie turned his head over subtly.

Then, a long bushy tail peeked out, swaying slightly before darting back. Moments later, it was replaced by a furry grey head.

It had two erect ears, a tongue sticking out, and pale blue eyes full of ferocious contempt. Its tail wagged from side to side and it raised a paw from time to time, seemingly exuding an intense desire to tear the house apart. 

However, it had a silly-looking face.Clearly, this was the so-called ‘silly-but-cute,’ ‘chief-destroyer,’ and ‘never-let-it-go’ husky!

Being one of the ‘three foolish sled dogs’ indicated as much. [TL note: In Chinese, the Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, and Samoyed are known as the foolish sled dog trio because of their silly and loveable nature that makes them endearing.] At first glance, this was indeed a fearsome wild beast… Moreover, it was standing at almost a meter tall and double the size of an ordinary husky. In truth, it even looked more like a ferocious wolf.

However, the Siberian Husky was a primitive dog breed with a lineage close to that of a wolf. Thus, the similarities between the two were of no surprise. Many of the wolves shown in dramas on television were actually played by huskies.

Despite how intimidating it seemed, those endearingly silly eyes revealed its goofy nature.

Lin Jie observed this ‘husky’ which was a breed known for its astonishing ability to wreck and make a mess of things. Finally, he turned towards Wilde and asked, “Is this what you got at 52nd Avenue?”

Wilde nodded solemnly, clearly sensing the powerful and concentrated power of s.p.a.ce and time from the lithe body of this explosive silver-furred dream beast. It was just like a small black hole, with a tremendous power contained within.

Without a doubt, this was an actual Sky Wolf!

A dream beast capable of traversing freely through time and s.p.a.ce, tracking, pursuing, and hunting down any creature it takes an interest in.

“Yes. This was my objective for going to 52nd Avenue.” Wilde was somewhat proud of his most successful and best creation to date even though it was largely in part due to Lin Jie’s sacrificial method and direction.

This Sky Wolf was a true Destructive-rank, similar to himself.

It couldn’t fully reach Destructive-rank as it was still in its infancy and hadn’t fully developed its abilities yet, but as long as it continued to feed on the flesh and blood of transcendent beings, it would eventually become Wilde’s greatest a.s.sistance. 

But right now, the most important thing was to make a binding pact with it and thoroughly turn it into his familiar. Wilde walked over and squatted down beside the Sky Wolf.

Placing one hand on its forehead and the other on the back of its head, Wilde used the aether to firmly suppress the Sky Wolf’s minute struggling.

However, the process was much smoother than he imagined and any antic.i.p.ated danger didn’t occur. 

In fact, after the initial restless stirring at the beginning, this fellow had entered an inexplicable ‘dumbed’ state. 

It’s because Boss Lin is here… thought Wilde to himself as he understood why the Sky Wolf was in this state at the moment the pact was formed.

Subtle trembling, a stiff gaze, a swaying tail, and the inability to raise its claws… All this represented its fear!

This vicious dream realm predator that would terrify most others was actually cowering in fear at the sight of that young man facing it, as if it wished to flee right this instant.

Wilde shuddered as he stroked the Sky Wolf’s neck to placate it. Lin Jie felt at ease seeing the old man smiling kindly as he petted the dog.

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Oh… Looks like Joseph was mistaken. The reason Old Wil lingered at 52nd Avenue was to pick up this stray dog.

Lin Jie’s attention was drawn to the cute dog and he reached out to pet its head in curiosity. “That’s a cute name.”

Wilde nodded. Having the ‘sinner of avarice’ as a sacrificial offering gave the Sky Wolf an insatiable thirst for blood. Thus, the name of Grady (Greedy) was most suitable.

The originally restless husky fell silent as Lin Jie caressed its head. Its eyes turned completely dull and it sat on the ground, not moving. It even withdrew its protruding tongue and kept making a soft whimpering from its throat. 

“This dog is rather well-behaved…” said Lin Jie.

While it still had the temperament of a husky and did have a scary appearance, it was actually much meeker than Lin Jie had imagined. Staring at those feeble and innocent eyes, Lin Jie rubbed its head twice more and chuckled. “Haha, this dog is really suitable for a pet. Old Wil, you have good taste.”

“Ha… You really know how to crack jokes,” replied Wilde cautiously. Only you would call a Destructive-rank Sky Wolf a pet dog. 

With a wide smile, Lin Jie extended his hand. “Shake hands?”

Grady stiffly raised its paw and placed it in Lin Jie’s hand, then shook it a few times. Then, Lin Jie switched hands. “This side?”

Grady didn't dare make a sound. He raised its other paw and wagged his tail.

A Sky Wolf like him had actually been reduced to a pet dog. Wilde’s lips twitched and looked away, choosing to disregard Grady’s imploring eyes that were begging for help. Since Boss Lin likes you, just bear with it for a while.

Grady: “...”

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