I'm Really Not The Demon God's Lackey

万劫火 - 等到夜深

Chapter 123: Swordsmanship and Aether

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Chapter 123: Swordsmanship and Aether

A sloped field full of irises greeted Lin Jie. A giant tree stood tall nearby, its luxuriant canopy held up by vein-like branches seemed as if it was blocking out the sky.

Even though it had almost been a month, the dream which Lin Jie had still remained fresh in his memory.

At this moment, Silver, the 'person in his dream', was currently standing before him once again.

Just like they had agreed before—to meet again the next night.

Although this 'next night' seemed a little late, on further thought, Silver hadn't specified 'next' and it didn't matter that much after so many days.

However, the most critical issue now was that Lin Jie had really dreamed of the same scenario once more.

Having experienced the dream of Candela's ghost, Lin Jie felt that something wasn't right this time.

Lin Jie had read Freud's book as well as other books and examples related to dreams. There had indeed been some explanations for this sort of phenomenon for serial dreams. 

But dreaming of the exact same scenario and character twice in a row and both being lucid dreams was somewhat inexcusable...

On top of that, in retrospect, it seemed like his bodily changes had started after consuming the fruit from this tree during the previous dream.

This notion hadn't come across Lin Jie's mind before this, but upon returning to this dream now, he was suddenly enlightened and drew a connection between the two.

If the fruit he had eaten was transforming him into a perfect human, then what exactly was Silver as well as this dream...

While continuing to ponder, Lin Jie smiled at Silver and greeted her. 

"h.e.l.lo again. How was the book I gave you?"

Previously, Lin Jie had given Silver a copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales which he had produced in the dream by 'imagining it', hoping that Silver wouldn't be so lonely and would be able to pa.s.s time by reading.

Back then, it was all Lin Jie's inner romanticism at work. After all, the other party was a mere fictional character in his dream and he wouldn't have to bother about her.

But now that something about this whole scenario seemed off, Lin Jie felt that Silver might have probably read it.

At the same time, he discovered that the sacred sword extricated from Candela's body was in his hand right now.

Bright and dazzling like a brilliant white flame, the cross-shape hilt embedded with exquisite crystals appeared just like a gorgeous work of art. 

Having heard his question, a gentle smile appeared on Silver's face. "It's a very interesting book. A world I've never seen before, both romantic and beautiful where humans and monsters can live in harmony, and a clear distinction between good and evil... 

"I really enjoyed your gift. For the first time, it made me feel like I had someone by my side."

She turned around, slightly raising her white gauze skirt and started strolling towards the giant tree.

Then, she turned around and asked, "Do you long for a world like that too?"

Lin Jie wanted to reply, but once again felt that something was wrong. Upon further thought, he realized the sword in his hand left him at a loss.

After all, he was just chatting with someone else, and holding a sword as if he wanted to slash at her didn't seem too friendly.


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He casually planted the sword's blade into the ground full of irises, then replied with a nod, "Who wouldn't want a world like that? But in reality, it is truly impossible. Humans are weak yet have the wisest minds and most vicious hearts. Monsters... let's call them monsters for now. They possess great strength yet can't be described as good or bad as the book depicts, nor do they help people unconditionally. In truth, they're hopelessly stupid."

Silver flipped the sword upside down, placing the hilt in Lin Jie's hands. She then walked over to his side, fingers brushing against his.

Instead of replying to his question, she gave a smile and said, "Candela gave you his memory, but you can't see all of it. Only the swordsmanship is intact, am I right?"

Being in such close contact revealed the discrepancy in height between the two.

"Yes, it's like a memory I had from the beginning, but I haven't tried it out yet."

Lin Jie kept his gaze straight, his line of sight approximately at Silver's chest level.

Silver inched closer, holding Lin Jie's hand and raising it up, pointing the sharp and gleaming blade forward.

"Let's have another exchange. I'll teach you swordsmanship and when you have mastered it, I will tell you what they were confused about," Silver said with twinkling eyes.

Lin Jie was a little lost for words. "...Sure."

He was extremely curious with regards to the history of transition between the Second and Third Era as well as the memories and abilities Candela had entrusted to him. Lin Jie longed, more than anything, tobe able to have a chance to delve into it cleanly.

Moreover, this exchange was completely to Lin Jie's advantage and he felt he had no reason to refuse.

However, Silver's first question in her teachings surprised Lin Jie.

She asked, "Do you know about aether?"

At the same time, the 'Truth-seeker' faction from the Truth Union had started their operation.

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