I'm Really Not The Demon God's Lackey

万劫火 - 等到夜深

Chapter 115 Scumbag Gang

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Chapter 115: Sc.u.mbag Gang

Lin Jie felt that his own speculation couldn't be any more reasonable.

Firstly, to cause a reaction of incredulity meant that the letter contents were beyond what Ji Zhixiu expected.

Say, what could a lady hurt by a sc.u.mbag expect from letters left behind by him?

Two things. Either blackmail, or a confession of regret. These two sides would have been within young Miss Ji's scope of expectations.

If it weren't even these two scenarios, then there was definitely a deeper and more warped story behind it.

However, after that it seemed like Ji Zhixiu received an epiphany, meaning that the doubts in her heart were answered. That meant the truth behind it was in line with logic.

And following that was the most crucial bit. Dread and lingering fear!

Why dread? Naturally, it was from seeing the actual conspiracy of the letter which was many more times worse than the sc.u.mbag playing with her feelings. If she hadn't enacted her revenge at that time, who knows how severe the consequences would have been.

Something capable of making Young Miss Ji feel dread was definitely an issue that played on her emotions.

And the lingering fear showed how serious it was.

The influence of the matter had already risen to a level where it was beyond personal.

Then, for Young Miss Ji, it could only mean that it involved her father, Ji Bonong, and Rolle Resource Development.

And the part of pity was because the sc.u.mbag was swiftly gotten rid of by Young Miss Ji and buried in concrete before he could even enact the true conspiracy.

So, at the end of this roller-coaster of emotions, there wa.s.still a happy undertone.

A series of emotional twists and turns seemed rather consistent with Lin Jie's speculation.

In a way, some of Lin Jie's own doubts were answered.

What sort of people had the gall to have designs on the young miss of Rolle Resource Development and eventually jilt her, causing Ji Zhixiu to walk in the rain and wander into the bookstore with a look of disappointment on her face?

With this reasoning, the whole matter became a lot clearer.

This wasn't a mere betrayal. Instead, it was a conspiracy of fraud and murder by a syndicate!

That sc.u.mbag's true target was Ji Bonong, and behind him was a 'sc.u.mbag syndicate' who had plotted this entire thing. What they truly targeted wasn't the affections of women, but wealth.

Moreover, it wasn't any small fortune they were aiming for. With such a great appet.i.te, they were going for Rolle Resource Development Corporation.

Lin Jie thought that perhaps the monopoly Rolle Resource Development held had lasted far too long, leading to dissatisfaction from other enterprises.

And so, they tried to use Ji Zhixiu as a breakthrough point...

Ji Zhixiu's reactions ascertained Lin Jie's guess.

Young Lady Ji nodded gravely. "Yes, this organization is incredibly powerful and well hidden. I'm afraid Heris was merely just one of their p.a.w.ns. Just the thought of them being able to control a person's life in their hands scares me.

"However, things will be even more terrifying than I thought.

"My revenge has a long way to go. But this time, it's not just about me."

She folded the two pieces of paper and put them back into a slit within the box.

Her gaze fell on the tube of scarlet liquid.

Her power would truly be established with the original formula now in her hands.

Is Heris the name of that philandering scoundrel? Lin Jie couldn't help picking up his cup and having a sip of tea. It seemed that this fellow wasn't merely being used, but he was an entirely molded tool at their disposal.

It was no wonder Young Lady Ji had an expression of pity.

However, saying that it wasn't just about her this time meant that Rolle Resource Development was going after this organization now.

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Lin Jie pondered for a moment. This sort of corporate warfare was something he didn't have much knowledge on.

If this was all according to Mr. Lin's plans, this original formula was her reward.

Lin Jie interrupted her chain of thought. "Oh, by the way, since you are here, I still have one more thing to ask of you."

"It's my honor to do anything for you," replied Ji Zhixiu at once.

"It's like this." Lin Jie cleared his throat. "A customer of mine, Burton Ackerman, lost his job recently and is in poor spirits. Perhaps you could offer him a new job."

Ji Zhixiu was momentarily stunned for a moment, then reacted.

'Pale Night.w.a.tcher' Burton Ackerman? The hunter who recently took on Wilde's bounty as a test for ascension to Destructive-rank?!

Ackerman's decision to abandon the Wilde mission had only been announced by the Truth Union a few days prior. This previously obscure hunter had gained near an instant reputation, but it was largely infamy.

Many people reckoned that this fellow was a coward who chose to run from a fight, but there was hearsay that Wilde wasn't actually badly injured and got his Destructive-rank prowess returned so Ackerman's decision to give up was far-seeing and rational.

But in any case, among the hunter community, Ackerman was well and truly famous.

Is this what the bookstore owner meant by 'lost his job’?

But Wilde is a customer of the bookstore too. That means to say, this entire matter is secretly manipulated by Mr. Lin!

To call this ‘unemployment’... Mr. Lin is really humorous.

"I'm more than happy to offer him a new job!"

Ji Zhixiu would be foolish to give up on a hunter on the verge of Destructive-rank. Now, her organization had a formula to act as its pillar as well as a high level fighting force.

As expected of Mr. Lin to have taken everything into consideration.

"Very well, give me a suitable address and I'll get him to seek you out," said Lin Jie with a nod of his head.

As expected of Young Miss Ji. Providing a job at once. Rich people sure are decisive indeed, Lin Jie thought to himself.

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