I'm Really Not The Demon God's Lackey

万劫火 - 等到夜深

Chapter 114 Two Secret Letters

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Chapter 114: Two Secret Letters

Out of caution, Ji Zhixiu didn't immediately check the contents of the letters.

Since this was a box sealed by a white magician, it was possible those letters were too. She would be falling into a trap if there were sigils on them as well.

Like the books in the bookstore, a white magician's sigils also possessed the power to affect the minds and souls of those who even glanced at them.

Ji Zhixiu stared at the two letters in her hands, her expression grave.

In the dim light of the bookstore, she momentarily lost herself in thought.

The fact that Heris placed them in the box containing the original formula suggests that the letters must have been important, or even on par with the formula.

However, the sordid blood formulation already represented the basis of a hunter organization as well as the source of all the hunter's power.

Putting herself in the shoes of a hunter, as well as the founder of a hunter organization, Ji Zhixiu couldn't imagine anything that could match the importance of a sordid blood formula for a leader.

Much less two letters.

What Ji Zhixiu found strange was that these two letters could be destroyed to keep the contents secret and there wouldn't be a need to hide them away in this box.

As a hunter on the verge of reaching Destructive-rank, Heris couldn't have been so forgetful that he would need to read the letter so often to remember its contents.

Ji Zhixiu had some suspicions, but as her thoughts flowed, a notion popped up in her mind and it got stronger by the minute.

Unless... The source of the original formula is written on this letter!

Ji Zhixiu's heart pounded rapidly and she licked her lips subconsciously. She glanced at Lin Jie and saw that the bookstore owner had picked up a book to read and wasn't paying any heed.

Since there was no activity from the bookstore owner, did it mean that it was... safe?

Ji Zhixiu nodded slowly, taking it as a sort of tacit approval from Lin Jie. However, her face darkened after she picked the letters and read them.

The two letters were written exactly 30 years apart.

And they were both sent from the same place.

— The same faint, red watermark, a symbol of a sword and a surrounding spiral of flame, was printed on both letters.

These letters were sent to the same person.

—The Heris from 30 years ago who had just become a hunter, and the White Wolf leader Heris from 30 years later.

Heris was once very famous amongst hunters.

This was partly due to the White Wolf's steady growth in the three decades of his leadership, and partly because of his strength and intelligence.

Even though Heris ultimately met a horrid demise, it couldn't erase any of his former glory.

Most importantly, he had started from nothing, a nameless hunter without any background who inadvertently obtained the original formula and climbed to where he was.

However, n.o.body knew where he got the original formula from.

Most people put this as a 'fortuitous occurrence,’ since it had happened quite a long time ago and it was very difficult to know what had happened unless they were the ones involved.

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Also, n.o.body truly bothered with such a tiny detail.

And at that time, Heris wasn't going to get rid of the Magic Ovum Mirror. From the beginning, his intention was to acquire and use it to rise up to Destructive-rank.

However, he never imagined that the ending of his story would be rewritten the moment he touched it.

This mysterious organization must have made Heris do other things in these thirty years, grooming him every step of the way before leading him towards destruction.

Heris had only placed this letter along with the original letter into this box. Could he have already foreseen his impending demise and thus kept these two letters hoping to expose this organization...

Or rather, drag them down along with himself in his desperation.

Ji Zhixiu recalled the deranged manner of Heris, arms raised in the last moments of the rain.

It was hard to imagine what exactly was going on in his mind at that time.

Between sobriety and madness, discovering that he was a mere puppet, a pitiful creature manipulated by fate... yet could only rush towards that gigantic rain G.o.d...

Out of respect, Lin Jie didn't peek at the contents of the box. However, he could see the expression on Ji Zhixiu's face.

Incredulity, followed by enlightenment, then turning into panic and pity appeared on her face.

Lin Jie raised an eyebrow, as he imagined the twists and turns of the plot.

It seems like the sc.u.mbag who intentionally cheated Miss Ji's feelings had quite the complicated background.

"Gang criminal activity?" Lin Jie put down his book as he displayed his life mentor, chicken soup distributor and relationship guru side for himself and asked with a tad of curiosity, "He was being instructed like a chess piece, with greater benefits behind it all, am I right?

“Looks like your revenge is far from concluded..."

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