I'm Really Not The Demon God's Lackey

万劫火 - 等到夜深

Chapter 107 Please Give Me Guidance

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Chapter 107: Please Give Me Guidance

"An addiction? There's a problem... with these cigarettes?"

Vincent quickly returned to his senses. He looked at Lin Jie's solemn expression and shook his head vigorously. "Impossible!"

Lin Jie wasn't surprised by the priest's reaction. For him to ignorantly accept such cigarettes and be unaware of his own withdrawal symptoms meant that the source of these cigarettes was from a trusted source.

It was this exact reason that made it all the more chilling. Whether it was the shop he got it from, or whoever had given it.

Such an exploit was extremely black-hearted.

"h.e.l.l is other people. (quote by Jean-Paul Sarte) You can never know what other people think, and no one can be completely trusted."

Lin Jie's arms remained folded as he spoke slowly, "There's nothing that's really impossible. Father, how about answering a few questions first?"

Like I even have a choice?! Vincent thought to himself.

But of course, there was no way he could say it aloud.

Indeed, Lin Jie didn't wait for a yes or no and started on his questioning, "Where did this cigarette come from?"

Vincent eyed the cigarette in his hand, hesitated for a while, then emptied out the hard case.

A vague printed image of a silver tree crown could be vaguely seen on the center of the surplus sticks of cigarettes.

Although transactions of supernatural objects were supposed to be confidential, there was probably no need for secrecy seeing that he was dealing with a transcendent being of at least Destructive-rank.

"Ash Chamber of Commerce."

Vincent closed the cigarette case once again and took a deep breath.

"I got this from the Ash Chamber of Commerce. It's called 'Holy Moon Essence' and only started selling recently... It's still experimental in nature and only offered to selected clergy members of the church.

"The Seventh Apostle has already approved of its effects and believes that it is helpful in meditation and fostering a strong connection with the Moon."

Because of this, when his meditation efficiency fell, Vincent a.s.sumed it was an issue in himself and had never once suspected that these cigarettes were the problem.

For clergy members, 'obedience' was also a compulsory lesson.

Apostles had jurisdiction over priests and ranked third in the clergy hierarchy, representing a part of the moon's will and possessed absolute authority.

But now, after the bookstore owner had spoken up about it, a whiff of doubt had started to creep over Vincent.

Could there really be a problem...

Vincent shook his head again. "But that's impossible!

“The credibility of the Ash Chamber of Commerce has never been in question. Moreover, the Apostle himself and all other priests I know say that the Holy Moon Essence works very well..."

It seemed that he was the only one that had adverse symptoms.

Ash Chamber of Commerce? Lin Jie was slightly surprised. He never expected to hear such a familiar name come out from the priest's mouth.

However, it wasn't that difficult to understand either... The Ash Chamber of Commerce had a great deal of resources. Being able to provide false ident.i.ties within Norzin easily was one such example.

They might not be on the same level as Rolle Resource Development, but they were definitely a big player.

To put it in a modern-day a.n.a.logy, Rolle Resource Development was a huge enterprise producing goods in all kinds of fields while the Ash Chamber of Commerce was Taobao.

On such a sales platform, it wasn't surprising to find items specially provided for clergymen.

Lin Jie could understand why the priest opposite him had unconditional trust in the quality of these cigarettes if it was from the Ash Chamber of Commerce.

Even if he hadn’t encountered Cherry, Lin Jie would still know that the Ash Chamber of Commerce was a very reputable and reliable sales platform.

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On top of this, the priest had mentioned this was approved of by an apostle and there were also others that used it.

It was sort of cruel for a clergy member to question his church.

However... The pangs of independent thinking were inevitable.

If the Church of the Dome did really have internal problems and were continuously tormenting this good priest who had traveled a great deal just to help a member of his parish with an 'exorcism', then that was truly cruel indeed.

"Relax. Other things can be put aside first, and the investigation can be done later on. What's most important right now is your current physical condition,” comforted Lin Jie.

"You probably don't smoke much," Lin Jie continued his a.n.a.lysis.

"According to what you said, your colleagues don't have any negative effects. On the contrary, they smoke more frequently and are very normal when under the effect of 'Holy Moon Essence.’

"How do you feel right now?"

Vincent looked up, calming himself down with a deep breath before finally speaking, "I saw the Moon in my imagination. But this is something impossible."

A blind person seeing was impossible indeed. This was either a dream or an illusion.

But having reached such a point, it did seem a little severe.

"Halting the consumption of 'Holy Moon Essence' might cause you to have these strange effects and make you jittery.

“Try doing something else to divert your attention away."

Lin Jie stood up and picked up a braille copy of Three Days to See.

"I feel that this book is very suitable for you. Perhaps you will be able to ‘see’something different inside."

Vincent stared blankly at the book within his field of vision that was illuminating brightly like a fiery white blaze.

Something very different... Indeed.

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