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Chapter 666: Annan's Prestige

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Chapter 666: Annan’s Prestige

The information Longjing Tea brought was undoubtedly of great significance.

Combined with other evidence, besides serving as direct evidence of “the Northern Brotherhood’s crime”, it sparked new thoughts in Annan’s mind—

There might be a “King of Fallen” out there.

At the very least, among the Fallen in different countries, there existed a unique communication channel that had yet to be discovered.

This directly disrupted the players’ previous plans.

Next, Lin Yiyi’s party would probably have to stay in Saltpeter Ranch for quite a long time—or in other words, they could take advantage of the Bloodhand Brothers being eliminated to seize control of this area.

Anyway, this place was originally a helpless place that didn’t even meet the minimum standard of “establishing one Wise and one Digger”.

Instead of staying idle while the news of the elimination of “the Bloodhand Brothers” spread, attracting the Wise and Digger from other regions to take this area under their wings, it was more advisable to conquer this place immediately.

Achieving this task was not difficult for the players.

After the players stayed here for a while and established the teleportation waypoint, they could start summoning all other players.

And this meant that the mission of chasing “Captain of the Stone” Celecia must be handed over to a different group of people.

Meanwhile, Annan was about to hit the Northern Brotherhood. He urgently needed to get Celecia’s first-hand testimony… if gentle persuasion couldn’t persuade Celecia.

—Then, a forceful arrest might be needed.

To achieve this goal, Annan gave Longjing Tea the “Super Deluxe Edition Monthly Membership Card” for free teleportation within this month and reduced resp.a.w.n costs to one-fifth.

Longjing Tea could find reliable and well-coordinated teammates to form the strongest party.

They would need to teleport to the Papal Kingdom as soon as possible and take the airship to the Elegy Dukedom. At this time, the ship “Silver” probably hadn’t arrived at its destination yet… which meant they could lie in wait for it.

To ensure they had a smooth journey, Annan had Longjing Tea teleport back to the Swamp’s Black Tower first and asked Tower Master Hugo for a “pa.s.s permit”. Essentially, it served as his guarantee to rent an airship that “allowed an external route” from the Papal Kingdom.

The Churches of the Seven Deities had their airships.

He thought that he would end up borrowing an airship from Mr. Ray.

That was because Mr. Ray had the most friendly att.i.tude toward him among the seven deities of the Papal Kingdom.

Unexpectedly, the Grail-holding Lady whom Annan first asked readily agreed.

It was a free rental with no fee at all.

Annan got the right to use the most luxurious airship of the Grail-holding Lady Church for half a year. This meant that players had obtained another way of cross-border travel besides the teleportation waypoint and the subway.

“Thank you very much, everyone.” Longjing Tea bowed gracefully to the person before him, “Thank you very much for your help.”

“Not at all,” the lady standing before him said with a beaming smile. “It’s not like we requested the airship. This is part of our job. I’m just glad we could be of help to you.”

The great wizard standing before the lady was young and handsome, dressed in a black and red high-collared coat, with hands adorned in black and red mismatched gloves. He had a gentle smile, a clear and resonant voice, and courteous manners, looking every bit like the heir to some prestigious n.o.ble family.

However, if the great wizard really came from an aristocratic background, there would undoubtedly be an air of arrogance about him that couldn’t be shaken off. This welcoming aura felt more like that of someone who came from a scholarly background…

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However, in fact, the lady in front of him knew in her heart that this person’s status might be more n.o.ble than some n.o.ble heirs.

This was different from the “smile service” that Silver Sire required of His priests. Silver Sire focused on fostering a sense of “equality” and “respect” among traders.

The Grail-holding Lady believed a person could influence another person with just one action.

A smile, song, gesture, or gaze could immediately change another person’s mood and even indirectly change his life.

The high-level Grail-holding Lady priest could even make people relax their vigilance immediately through a smile and heal the other party’s spirit through short-term physical contact. The Grail-holding Lady’s envoy “Desire Evoker”, just relying on “talk therapy” was enough to reshape a person’s character.

Theoretically, the “Desire Evoker” could rekindle the “desire for ascension” in transcenders who once had the potential but, due to various subjective or objective reasons, lost hope or their intense desire and thus lost their qualification to advance to the Gold Rank.

—This was the most advanced application of the Desire Realm.

If a priestess could not immediately comfort an irritable individual through words and smiles, it suggested that this priestess did not have a deep enough understanding of the Realm of “Desire” and her professional skills were not up to par.

The low-level priests were sent to different places to exercise their ability to “soothe people’s hearts”, which was a ritual in itself for selecting talents.

But even so, they were still priestesses who came to this environment to hone their abilities, not genuine service staff.

Ultimately, the airship and the people were granted just like that.

They weren’t even explicitly requested. They simply came with the airship as a “bonus” thrown in with the deal.

In other words, Pope was afraid that the person who borrowed the airship from them could not drive it.

Who could possibly have that much prestige and influence?

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