You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 734 (Anyone Oppose?!)

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Chapter 734 (Anyone Oppose?!)

Dragons, by nature, have a bad reputation, and Lie Gu is aware of that. However, Yue Hua still chooses to believe in him. He won't let Yue Hua and the other three wives down. He will treat them well in this lifetime, love and protect them. Otherwise, they would be heartbroken...

As the four brides approach the stage, Ye Hua takes the microphone and smiles, "Lie Gu! Do you know where you went wrong?"

The whole audience looks confused. Ye Hua's change of att.i.tude is too sudden.

Lie Gu shakes his head, suddenly understanding.

Ye Hua solemnly says, "As your leader, I have only two wives! But you went and married four at once! Are you trying to steal my thunder?"

Everyone: "..."

Zi Shan chuckles softly, "Recently, Your Honor has become bolder, not afraid of the Madams."

Yi Hong bites her lips. 'Your Honor is truly a man, unlike me…'

He gets "abused" by Zi Shan every day.

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi also feel helpless. Qing Ya shouts, "If you think you have too few wives, go find more!"

"Yeah, do you want me to introduce some beauties to you?" Donghuang Baizhi adds.

This causes everyone to burst into laughter. Your Honor and Madams have such a good relationship, and they're so down-to-earth, without any sense of superiority.

Ye Hua doesn't back down. When has he ever backed down?

"Baizhi, you said it yourself. I need three more wives." Ye Hua jokes. He should have more than his subordinates, right?

Donghuang Baizhi remains composed. "Three? That's too few. How about thirty? Then you can draw lots at night."

Ye Hua laughs loudly. "Qing Ya, did you hear that? Act quickly and have Gorefiend capture it on video. That's evidence."

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi pout. He have taken it too far and now wants thirty wives, big pig~

His ability to make such jokes surprises everyone and reveals another side of him that is quite amusing.

This especially amazes the newly joined members of Nanwu Banner, who have now gained some understanding.

"My harem plans can be set aside for now. Today's main focus is not me."

This statement elicits laughter from the audience. It turns out Your Honor can be so entertaining.

Ye Hua became serious and addressed the four brides, "Lie Gu has followed me for thousands of years, devoted and risking his life on the brink of death. No one is perfect, including Lie Gu and myself. But since you have chosen each other, you should face both challenges and triumphs together."

"Lie Gu, do you have anything to say to them?" Ye Hua pa.s.sed the microphone to him.

Lie Gu takes the microphone, appearing nervous, his hands trembling.

It's the first time the subordinates have seen Lie Gu in such a state. He's usually carefree, but now he's nervous like this—a pure dragon.

The four wives on the other side smile, finding their husband adorable.

Lie Gu suddenly laughs, "I'm sorry, I'm so nervous that I almost wet myself."

"Hahaha!!!" The whole crowd burst into laughter, even Ye Hua joined in.

Lie Gu uses this laughter to ease his nerves. He takes a deep breath and says sincerely, "I... I know I have a difficult personality, but you all know that. I am changing, and I will cherish you for the rest of my life, being a good husband and father!"

The audience erupts into warm applause, their applause echoing throughout the entire Voidless Realm.

Ye Hua then pa.s.sed the microphone to Lie Gu's first wife, Yi Ran.

Yi Ran is excited and nervous at the moment...

Remembering her first encounter with Lie Gu, she was terrified. At that time, Lie Gu was still a dog...

But what surprised Yi Ran was that Lie Gu was not a dog but a dragon!

Initially, she trembled under the dominance of this dragon and even dragged her two good sisters along.

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But because of this coincidence, she slowly fell in love with this dragon... It's quite dramatic.

As the person involved, Lie Gu wipes away tears with his sleeve. A year! He pursued Yue Hua for a year!

Today, he finally hears Yue Hua say that she loves him. It wasn't easy!

Ye Hua also feels content. His subordinates' happiness is his happiness. Lie Gu has truly gone through a lot this time.

Looking at himself, when has he pursued Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi? They were the ones who willingly offered themselves. He reluctantly accepted.

Thinking of this, Ye Hua discreetly glances at the two wives, and they look back at him with resentful eyes.

The message is clear: You never pursued us, but we ended up having two children for you just like that, you big liar~

Ye Hua quickly took the microphone and changed the topic.

"Everyone, quiet down. We should move on to the main theme."

As Ye Hua's voice falls, the whole venue becomes quiet in an instant. It's the pressure from the Supreme Overlord.

Compliant and adaptable.

"Lie Gu, do you want to marry them?"


Lie Gu is about to say he wants to, but Ye Hua interrupts, "Wait, I forgot a step."

Lie Gu: "..."

Your Honor, stop playing around and let me marry my wives in peace.

Ye Hua looks at everyone and asks, "Does anyone oppose?"


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