You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 712 (Future Wife, You Have a Lot of Water)

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Chapter 712 (Future Wife, You Have a Lot of Water)

At this moment, Yue Hua had no idea what was going through Lie Gu's mind. She thought his astonished gaze was a reflection of her own strength.

"How many can you transform into at most?" Lie Gu asked with a trembling voice, feeling that this woman was extraordinary.

'With such a talent, she is tailor-made for me, Lie Gu, who can handle a hundred of her.'

Hearing Lie Gu's tone of "apprehension," Yue Hua smiled lightly, almost making Lie Gu drool, as if he had turned back into the l.u.s.tful dog he used to be.

"As many as you want," Yue Hua said casually.

Lie Gu's heart raced, feeling that she was crazily implying something to him. 'Goodness! She's even more eager than me, Lie Gu. Why don't we find another place to have a contest? If I fall to the ground, I'll admit defeat!'

"From now on, you are my woman!" Lie Gu said boldly, no longer suppressing his power, bursting out madly.

The violent spiritual pressure spread out, shaking the entire Nanwu Banner. The towering stairs cracked and collapsed with a thunderous roar.

The golden barrier also shattered under Lie Gu's oppressive force.

At this moment, Lie Gu's face showed a look of madness, as if he wanted to crush the woman in front of him into the ground!

Terrifying gusts of wind lifted the roof of the Nanwu Banner's main hall. Lucifer and Mir on the stage immediately went into defense, and Nakata Kandai did the same. However, even so, their bodies were slowly moving, as if they were about to be blown away by the gusts of wind.

Kai Yun turned to look at her own palace, which had lost its roof...

"Ah ah ah!!! My house!!! You're going to compensate me!!!" Kai Yun yelled at Lie Gu, as if he wanted to kill him, but the Lou Hu behind her held her back.

However, they were also surprised by the aura released by Lie Gu.

Because Lie Gu had yet to reveal his true form, but the power he generated was already so immense. If he were to release his true form, it would be even more terrifying!

It turned out that this guy had been hiding his true strength all along. How sinister!

The people of the Nanwu Banner were indeed astonished, but not terrified. It seemed that they still had some confidence in Yue Hua.

Donghuang Baizhi was also somewhat taken aback. Lie Gu's strength exceeded her expectations, and...

'Why does this aura feel so familiar?'

Ye Hua probably still didn't know that the aura released by Lie Gu had already made his wife suspicious, but luckily, her suspicion was only momentary and didn't go further.

Yue Hua, standing in front of Lie Gu, had a calm expression. The man's strength exceeded her expectations, and he was very powerful!

Seeing Yue Hua's astonished gaze, Lie Gu grinned and said, "Future wife! Are you trembling under my power?"

"After you defeat me, then you can boast like that!" Yue Hua said calmly, seemingly unafraid.

"Good! Today, I'll show you the power of your man and teach you how to be a married woman!" Just as Lie Gu finished speaking, his body suddenly erupted, and the ground collapsed instantly!

Kai Yun covered his face. "My Nanwu Banner... You have to compensate me!"

Lie Gu, who took the risk, was indeed formidable, both in speed and power, gaining excellent enhancements.



The number of Yue Huas in the scene kept increasing!

With every split, Yue Hua divided into two, then four...

It was endless!

But Lie Gu didn't feel discouraged; on the contrary, he grew more excited. 'So much water... this woman belongs to me, Lie Gu!!!'


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Ye Hua wasn't happy at this moment.

This was just an improvisation by Lie Gu. He spun in a 360° circle, unleashing a chilling gust of claw wind that swept across the entire platform, cutting through everything.

Including the 100 Yue Huas!

However, this time, Yue Hua didn't continue healing. Instead, she transformed into clear water flowing on the ground.

This made Lie Gu furrow his brows. What did this mean?

Did she give up resistance?

Yue Hua knew that her attacks were ineffective. Instead of endlessly fighting like this, it would be better to take the initiative!

Lie Gu watched as the clear water on the ground gradually merged together, but it didn't form a human shape. Instead, it flowed towards him.

"What the h.e.l.l are you doing!" Lie Gu's claws wildly struck the water, but it had no effect.

In fact, neither of their attacks could harm each other. Yue Hua seemed immune to all physical attacks, while Lie Gu relied on his immense strength to withstand Yue Hua's attacks. It was a stalemate.

But from their strength and defense capabilities, Lie Gu still held the advantage.

However, seeing the current situation, Lie Gu felt a tingling sensation on his scalp. He couldn't get rid of the water that Yue Hua had transformed into. It was rushing towards him as if it wanted to swallow him whole.

Just as Lie Gu started to panic, a ma.s.s of water appeared from behind him, sticking to his body, and then it transformed into a water stream connecting with the ground!

"What are you doing, future wife!" Lie Gu panicked a little, trying to slap away the water on his body, but it had no effect. Instead, his hands got wet.

Lie Gu couldn't help but say, "Future wife, you have a lot of water."


Not long after, Lie Gu was enveloped by Yue Hua.

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