You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 599 (Boredom to the Extreme)

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Chapter 599 (Boredom to the Extreme)

Suddenly! w.a.n.g Dabao seemed to have remembered something!

The girl in the coffin!

Wasn't there a coffin dug up last year when they fought over the ancient divine artifact? She's almost identical!

At that time, almost everyone who witnessed Ye Zizi's appearance had died, and only w.a.n.g Dabao was still alive, so he had doubts.

But w.a.n.g Dabao was not sure either, maybe she just looks like that girl.

But looking at the current situation, it is obviously not a good thing!

A moon-level expert from the Justice League stood up and shouted, "Who are you? Let the person go!"

Ye Zizi didn't say anything, a strand of hair slipped out quietly, penetrated the man's head in the midst of everyone's surprise, and lifted him up directly!

Ye Zizi yawned lightly and said, "Even ants dare to look at me."

The three people hanging in the air were sucked dry, and the corpses were thrown aside by Ye Zizi.

As for this "cattle feed", Ye Zizi no longer cares, it's easier to suck deities.

A little girl running to such a scene, killing three people at the first disagreement! How arrogant!

Well, that's just what they were thinking. No one dares to speak out now because they are too intimidated. Even looking at her will make you die.

Bai Cixin and Jiu Ye were also shocked. Who is this?

"Isn't there a negotiation? Where are the people?" Ye Zizi didn't even walk over, stood still and shouted.


This little girl is here to negotiate!

So, this little girl is the person from Voidless Realm!

Voidless Realm is really not a good ent.i.ty. They kill people indiscriminately. Such an organization should be wiped out!

Everyone just thinks so, but still no one stands up, because everyone is afraid of death. Even the moon-level experts died without resistance.

So terrifying!

Ye Zizi took out a lollipop and put it in her mouth. "Are we not going to have the negotiation conference?"

Feng Di sneered, "You? A yellow-haired girl? Is the Voidless Realm out of people?" ["Yellow-haired" carries a derogative connotation to describe a person as young, inexperienced, immature, silly, rash, and the like.]

Ye Zizi looked at Feng Di, and a wicked smile appeared on her lips. "Do you have any objections, little brother?"

"Hmph! You're pretending to be a deity." Feng Di twisted his fist and exuded a strong killing intent.

Ye Zizi suddenly opened a small pink umbrella, and smiled, "Come here, little brother."

As the leader of the Justice League, Feng Di couldn't stand such ridicule, and punched with a tiger's roar, attacking Ye Zizi.

The clothes on Ye Zizi's body danced wildly, showing how violent this punch was.

The people standing next to her exclaimed.

"What a powerful punch!"

"Indeed, this is the most awesome punch I have ever seen."

"I estimate that everything will turn into dust under this punch."

Everyone was saying one thing or another, as if Ye Zizi was about to die under this punch.

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Ye Zizi shrugged her shoulders. Why did they think like that? She was really unhappy.

Feng Di's death left Bai Cixin and w.a.n.g Dabao stunned. He was the younger brother of Feng Tian!

But what could they do now? There was nothing they could do.

Jiu Ye and Bai Cixin breathed a sigh of relief as they stood up. This person from the Voidless Realm really didn't play by the rules. She killed people the moment she arrived, and they could only negotiate face-to-face. In terms of face, it was very depreciative.

But what could they do? This was a world where the strong were respected, and the weak had no right to speak.

Ye Zizi saw the two of them approaching and had no intention of killing them because they were "important" figures.

"What do you want to talk about?" Ye Zizi's crimson eyes frightened Jiu Ye and Bai Cixin. At this point, negotiations seemed like a joke.

"The Voidless Realm... " Bai Cixin didn't even finish her sentence when Ye Zizi cut her in between.

"What business do you have in meddling with the affairs of the Voidless Realm? Do you really think the heavens have changed?" Ye Zizi chuckled softly, her sweet melody was so pleasant to listen to that it made people feel like sleeping.

Everyone thought to themselves, 'Wow, this little girl is so dominant?'

Bai Cixin, summoning her courage, said, "Even the Emperor is subject to the law, let alone the Voidless Realm."

Ye Zizi sneered, "Voidless Realm is the law!"

Everyone gasped in shock, 'Wow, that was a bold statement, isn't she afraid of getting in trouble?'

Jiu Ye remained silent, pondering in his heart, letting Bai Cixin speak for him.

"Are you saying that if the Voidless Realm killed a thousand of us, it would just be swept under the rug?" Bai Cixin still had some courage and was able to speak such words in this situation, a true heroine among women.

"Voidless Realm must face the corresponding punishment, or suffer the consequences!" Bai Cixin shouted in a high-pitched voice. w.a.n.g Dabao next to her was ready to come out and protect his wife at any moment, his vest already drenched in cold sweat.

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