You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 583 (One Trouble After Another)

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Chapter 583 (One Trouble After Another)

Ye Hua glanced at Brittany and said in a deep voice, "That blow almost killed him. Now we can only keep him alive. Perhaps he can transform into human form in a few hundred or thousand years."

The crowd looked horrified. They never expected it to be so serious.

Brittany fainted on the spot after hearing this.

It was such a blow that even Brittany, one of the Seven Sins, fainted. What kind of impact did it take to do that?

Ye Hua shook his head. He really didn't expect that Jue Tian would have the determination to risk his life to save Brittany.

This situation was not like that of Zi Shan and Yi Hong, where just a wisp of black mist from Wei Chang could make them come back to life. Jue Tian's strength was terrifying, and even Ye Hua could only temporarily save him. If there were two more injuries just now, Ye Hua wouldn't be able to save him.

Ye Zizi suddenly came down from upstairs, took a look at the dying Jue Tian on the table, then looked at the fainting Brittany, shook her head, and immediately carried Jue Tian in her arms and went upstairs.

This stupid cat was actually risking his life for a woman. It was really embarra.s.sing.

Ye Hua sat on a high chair and said nothing, drinking in silence.

No one dared to speak up. They all stood obediently, while Zi Shan and Tang Wei supported the fainting Brittany.

This was something that no one had expected. Jue Tian actually had the determination to risk his life, which was unimaginable.

Especially Wei Chang and Lie Gu, Jue Tian was not the kind of man who died for love. He didn't even care about women before. Now they knew that Jue Tian was just pretending to be cool. Actually, Brittany had been in his heart for a long time.

It was just because of his face that he didn't accept her.

Now, he was almost dead, what's the use of face?

If they knew what would happen today, why did they even bother in the first place?

After a while, Brittany woke up quietly and saw that Jue Tian was gone, leaving behind a pool of blood. She burst into tears, as if she had lost her husband.

"That's enough! Why are you crying? He's not dead yet!" Ye Hua frowned and shouted coldly. He just wanted to scare her. Now she regrets it.

"Your Honor, I'm sorry..." Brittany heard that Jue Tian was still alive, she steadied herself and quickly apologized.

"What's the use of apologizing to me! Look at what Jue Tian has become because of you! He was already kneeling before you, yet you were still stubborn!" Ye Hua angrily shouted. If it were his old self, he would have slapped Brittany a few times for being so immature!

Brittany knelt weakly on the ground, tears falling on the floor.

People only knew how to cherish something after they lost it.

Yi Hong looked at Brittany and thought of herself and Zi Shan. If Jue Tian could be saved just like him, it would be great.


"Wei Chang, go and inform the family of Jue Tian," Ye Hua said solemnly. Such a big thing happened, and they needed to be informed.

"Yes!" Wei Chang disappeared from the Leisure Bar, and soon brought Dongfang Yuer and Guan Yanxin with him.

The two of them didn't know what had happened, so they knelt down and respectfully greeted Ye Hua, "Greetings, Your Honor."

"Please rise," Ye Hua said in a low voice.

Dongfang Yuer and Guan Yanxin stood up and noticed that something was wrong. There were bloodstains on the table beside them, and Brittany was sitting on the ground crying.

Moreover, Jue Tian was not in the team.

A bad feeling lingered in the minds of the two women.

"Jue Tian is injured and needs to rest here for a while," Ye Hua lit a cigarette and said in a deep voice. He didn't know when Jue Tian would recover.

Dongfang Yuer and Guan Yanxin couldn't believe that Jue Tian had been injured. He was the subordinate of the Supreme Overlord, who could hurt him!


The two women looked at Brittany crying on the ground.

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"Your Honor, how is Jue Tian?" Guan Yanxin trembled, her red lips and pretty face tightening.

Even Brittany and Dongfang Yuer choked up.

"What's going on?" Qing Ya walked over and asked.

Ye Hua didn't expect his wife to show up, and casually said, "Nothing, Jue Tian had some trouble."

"Jue Tian is in trouble?" Donghuang Baizhi was even more puzzled, as if saying, "Your subordinates are so powerful, how can there be trouble?"

Seeing them crying so sadly, it seemed like it wasn't a small matter!

"Is there a strong enemy?" Qing Ya asked in a deep voice.

What kind of strong enemy, it was caused by himself.

"Wei Chang, you speak, I don't want to talk!" Ye Hua was very depressed. He had lost one of his powerful warriors in one shot, and he was really angry. The key was that he caused it himself.


Wei Chang responded, speaking in a low voice, "Today the deity arranged for Jue Tian and Brittany to meet."


Ye Hua was confused.

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi almost knew what had happened after hearing this, and they looked at their own men. Wasn't this just worrying for no reason!

After hearing the explanation, they felt even more so.

Seeing the unfriendly looks of the two wives, Ye Hua changed the subject and asked, "Why did you suddenly come here?"

Qing Ya said weakly, "Ah Li and Yan'er are missing, so we came to ask you."

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