You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 571 (You Really Know Nothing)

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Chapter 571 (You Really Know Nothing)

"Ye Hua, please take a seat," Qing Ya whispered. She noticed that her husband's expression wasn't good, probably due to her father.

Her father didn't know Ye Hua's true ident.i.ty and only thought he was a bar owner. It was inevitable that he would underestimate him a little, especially since she was so perfect, beautiful, and rich. is also a sin.

If it weren't for the sake of her wife and younger sister's face, Ye Hua would have left based on Qing Huaxuan's expression alone. When has he ever been underestimated like this? Who doesn't tremble in fear at his feet?

Ye Hua sat down slowly without saying a word, which made Qing Huaxuan and the others unhappy. They should at least greet him. He didn't say a word since he walked in. How could that be? Were they still waiting for the elders to greet him?

Qing Huaxuan wanted this man to know that the Qing family was very powerful now!

"Little Ye, are you still running a bar?" Qing Huaxuan asked curiously, leaning back on the comfortable sofa.

Little Ye???

Ye Hua was stunned.

Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were also shocked.

The Supreme Overlord was actually called little Ye by an ordinary person? This has never happened before.

Ye Hua felt like he had been struck by lightning and was about to explode. If it weren't for him being Qing Ya's father, this man would have disappeared by now. He was so disrespectful to the Supreme Overlord!

Little Ye!!!

Ye Hua was infuriated.

Qing Ya quietly held Ye Hua's hand, asking him not to be angry. Her father didn't mean it.

With his wife's comfort, Ye Hua calmed down a bit.

Seeing Ye Hua's poor expression, Qing Huaxuan was quite satisfied. Compared to my Qing family, your little bar is nothing. It will go bankrupt in a matter of minutes.

"Little Ye, it's not easy to run a business nowadays. If your bar isn't making enough money, you can come to Qing Ya's company to help out," Qing Huaxuan said seriously. Although this man was lacking in some ways, he had to teach him well, since he was his child's husband.

Fortunately, Qing Huaxuan didn't say these words out loud, or Ye Hua would have exploded. But now it's almost the same. He actually said that the Supreme Overlord could earn a few pennies and asked him to work at his wife's company!

"Dad, we don't need it," Qing Ya hurriedly intervened to prevent her father from saying more, otherwise Ye Hua would definitely argue with her.

But how could Qing Huaxuan understand his daughter's meaning? And seeing his daughter defending a man like this made him even more angry.

"Little Ye, life is not easy. There are many things you young people don't understand. This world is not as simple as you two think." After speaking, Qing Huaxuan even struck a boss-like pose.

Why did Ye Hua feel like he was looking like himself?

Qing Yutong had a hard time suppressing her laughter when she heard her father's words. Her father was showing off in front of her brother-in-law. Haha! It's so funny!

Qing Ya also looked helpless. What should they do now? Her father was so proud of himself.

Suddenly, Qing Ya had an idea. As long as she pleased Ye Hua, everything would be fine. She secretly communicated with Ye Hua.

"What's wrong?" Ye Hua asked coldly.

"Husband~ Don't be angry, my dad didn't mean it." Qing Ya begged.

Ye Hua snorted. If he had meant it, he would have lost his temper already.

"Husband~ Don't be angry, I will serve you well tonight." Qing Ya could only promise Ye Hua what he wanted most.

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Sure enough, when Ye Hua heard Qing Ya's promise, he calmed down a lot. "Any position is fine?" he asked.

Ye Hua said calmly, "I've never been scared before. Why don't you try to scare me?"

"Okay! Let me show you young people something new," Qing Hua Xuan said seriously.

Qing Yutong laughed so hard she couldn't breathe.

"Yutong, you're so disrespectful!" w.a.n.g Muqing scolded his daughter.

Finally, Qing Yutong stopped laughing and prepared to hear how her father was going to scare them.

Qing Huaxuan glared at his daughter and said in a low voice, "There are people in this world who can perform spells. They're powerful! They can move heaven and earth, haha..."

Looking at Qing Huaxuan's serious expression, Ye Hua and the others were a little surprised. Such a small matter had been exaggerated by his expression. Not bad!

Qing Hua Xuan was very satisfied with this expression. It seemed that his words had already impressed these young people.

"Just in my North alone, there are many powerful forces! Our Qing family is also a pillar of the middle cla.s.s."


Even Qing Ya burst out laughing at this. When did the Qing family become a pillar of the middle cla.s.s? Was her father just tricking children? It was too exaggerated.

The Qing family was not even a family now because Qing Huaxuan didn't know anything and couldn't be selected.

Seeing the att.i.tudes of his two daughters, Qing Hua Xuan was very angry and said in a low voice, "Do you know that I have seen the most powerful person in the North? The Empress! Do you know who the Empress is? She controls the entire Northern forces and can change people's fate with just one word. You young people don't know anything!"


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