You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 568 (Will You Die If You Don't Show Off?)

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Chapter 568 (Will You Die If You Don't Show Off?)

Feng Tian and Feng Di remained silent, while w.a.n.g Dabao and Bai Cixin had gotten used to it. But Chen Xuanzong, who had just arrived, was not used to it.

"Survival of the fittest, the strong naturally come out on top!" Chen Xuanzong said seriously.

Qing Tiandi patted Chen Xuanzong's shoulder and said with deep feeling, "Young man, you have lived too short. If you had lived as long as I have, you would understand."

Seeing that Chen Xuanzong was unconvinced, Qing Tiandi planned to use his own words to persuade him, to make him understand a truth: being long-lived is very useful.

The other four people ignored him directly. This Chen Xuanzong, he's about to be brainwashed again.

However, the online forum of the cultivation world was exploding at this time.

The Justice League really killed Xiao Yi!

They even killed him with one move!

There's also a guy with bra.s.s knuckles who seems to be able to defeat Xiao Yi, it's really terrifying!

The previous post was immediately dug up, and the comments reached tens of thousands, and the moderators even highlighted it.

"The Justice League is so awesome! How do I join? I want to go too!"

"Oh my G.o.d, I want to join the Justice League too, this is the place I aspire to be!"

"That's right, since the Voidless Realm and the Ying Family don't care about us, we might as well join this Justice League!"

"That's right, finally a powerful organization has stood up and ended this ridiculous monopoly!"

"Joining the Justice League guarantees life, I want to quit the South!"

"I want to quit the North too!!!"

A large number of withdrawals floated on the forum of the cultivators, and Qing Tiandi was very satisfied with everyone's att.i.tude. This is the correct choice, you don't have to rely on those two giants.

Want to know more about the Justice League?

In the Voidless Realm, Ye Hua and his two wives were also watching the posts on the forum, a little surprised. For Ye Hua, he quite liked this kind of surprise. Qing Tiandi is not bad, he has some brains!

The original can play with you, bullying you with strength is nothing, after all, everyone is a thinking person.

"Qing Tiandi is a schemer." Qing Ya said in a low voice, holding her sleeping son.

Donghuang Baizhi also held her sleeping son, A'li, and said in a low voice, "Yes, he exchanged such a big value for just one Xiao Yi."

Ye Hua took out a cigarette and lit it, then said lightly, "Xiao Yi killed so many people. Whoever killed him would be a hero, especially if it was an organization. The Qing Tiandi that killed Xiao Yi makes people blindly admire it. Besides, this person has a good, down-to-earth att.i.tude, it's strange if he doesn't gain some fans."

Donghuang Baizhi gave her husband a white look, "Then why are we still waiting? If we killed Xiao Yi, wouldn't the reputation of the Voidless Realm be even greater?"

"Exactly," Qing Ya said softly, not understanding why her husband didn't take credit for this.

"Women have long hair but short sight," Ye Hua said casually, feeling proud. He liked to bully his wife.

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi immediately looked at their husband, as if asking, "Do you want to lecture us again?"

Ye Hua stopped there and said softly, "If we take action, what reason do they have to do so? If they want to make a name for themselves, let them have the opportunity. Moreover, I'm afraid that he wants more than just that."

"What does he want?" Qing Ya asked curiously.

Ye Hua flicked the cigarette ash and took a puff, exhaling smoke that made his two wives furrow their brows.

"Some people like power, some people like money, some people like supreme strength, while others like to play."

Listening to her husband's meaning, Donghuang Baizhi asked in confusion, "Which one is he?"

"Playing," this was Qing Ya's feeling.

Ye Hua nodded, "Yes, this kind of person likes to control the overall situation and enjoys the feeling of having everything in their hands, thinking that they are very clever."

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Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi looked at Ye Hua together, as if asking, "Isn't this you?"

"But it's just us here," Meng Meng sighed.

Long Aotian suddenly thought of something, "There's one more!"

"The person who's been chasing after you? Yesterday on New Year's Eve, you asked him to have a meal, but he refused. He's been chasing you for half a year."

Long Aotian: "..."

"I'll go out for a moment and be right back."

"Be careful. If you can't beat him, come back."

"I know."

Long Aotian ran all the way, it had been several months since he last fought the skeleton, and he didn't know if it was still there.

"I'm here!!!" Long Aotian shouted loudly.


A black figure instantly appeared not far away, it was the death

It seemed that everyone had forgotten about the death because the mission had not been completed, so he had been guarding here, even on New Year's Eve, he was contemplating the future under the big tree.

"Skeleton! My Divine Dragon Secret Technique is already on the fifth level! Let's play today!!!" Long Aotian shook all over, and a burst of spiritual energy suddenly erupted.

The death looked on indifferently and exhaled softly.

"Kekeke... you're not dead yet..."

Long Aotian couldn't understand and shouted, "Come on!"

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