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San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 566 (You are all ants)

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Chapter 566 (You are all ants)

However, Xiao Yi had never seen these strange gloves before. When he killed the Tang family that night, Feng Tian was just messing around and still had all of his cards hidden.

Feeling the terrifying aura emanating from the gloves, Xiao Yi's face darkened. He didn't think it was an ancient artifact. What kind of thing was it?

Could there be something even more perverse than ancient artifacts?

"Xiao Yi, kill yourself now and I'll leave your corpse intact!" Feng Tian shouted coldly. He looked extremely fierce and mysterious with his half-mask on.

Unexpectedly, this statement made Chen Xuanzong laugh. "Hahaha! Xiao Yi, you didn't expect that, did you? Got slapped in the face! Hahaha!"

"Shut up!" Xiao Yi's Xuanyuan Sword immediately drew out a sword energy and attacked Chen Xuanzong, who was laughing.

In the background, Qing Tiandi whispered something. Feng Tian seemed to resist a bit, but he still disappeared from the spot!

Just as Chen Xuanzong was preparing to block the sword's energy, he suddenly felt as if his body had fallen into a warm embrace.

The picture froze at this moment.

w.a.n.g Dabao took out his phone, turned on the flash, took a picture of the scene, and posted it on the cultivation forum.

The t.i.tle was "The Justice League Saves Chen Xuanzong From Great Danger!!!"

Underneath was the picture they just took, which looked very spiritual. With Chen Xuanzong's panicked expression and Feng Tian's condescending att.i.tude, it felt quite gay.

It was true. Feng Tian leaned down slightly, hugged Chen Xuanzong with his right hand, and Chen Xuanzong was lying half-propped up in his arms. The two were looking at each other.

It's time for that BGM again.

Chen Xuanzong looked at the golden-red eyes and the mask, feeling a little fl.u.s.tered.

'What the h.e.l.l is he doing?'

"You've been saved," Feng Tian said with a painful heart. w.a.n.g Dabao recorded this sentence and posted it on the forum. What a touching and heartfelt phrase!

'Saved my a.s.s! Can't I block it myself? You shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d!'

Feng Tian felt like he was going to vomit and yelled at Qing Tiandi, "Is it over yet?!"

Qing Tiandi watched the forum replies, "Okay, let's get back to business."

Feng Tian suddenly let go of his hand, and Chen Xuanzong was thrown to the ground. "Are you crazy?" he exclaimed.

Feng Tian slowly turned his head, and a pair of eyes shot out a chilling killing intent. Chen Xuanzong immediately shut his mouth. This man was even more terrifying than Xiao Yi!

"Xiao Yi! You have killed innocent people indiscriminately. Today, I will represent justice and bring you to justice!" Feng Tian recited his lines, and w.a.n.g Dabao's job was to record the battle. Of course, they would still edit out what was necessary.

Xiao Yi didn't say anything, and a powerful aura gathered in the clouds.

"Today, I'll show you my true strength, Xiao Yi!" he said.

Suddenly, the spiritual energy in the clouds fell, covering Xiao Yi entirely. The terrifying spiritual energy was like a raging sea, penetrating through heaven and earth.

There were many people who came to see the battle, and when they saw such a terrifying scene, they dared not approach. If they were killed, it would be a great injustice.

After a while, the darkness was restored between heaven and earth, and Xiao Yi emitted a pure white light, standing tall and proud, making people want to worship him.

"I didn't expect you to have such strength in just a few months. No wonder you're so arrogant!" Feng Tian said softly. The fists on both his hands did not weaken. This was a prehistoric ancient divine weapon, which had amazing combat power.

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Xiao Yi's demeanor had already become ethereal in that one moment.

In reality, this Xuanyuan sword was just a high-quality imitation. The real Xuanyuan sword was still inside the Voidless realm.

"Xiao Yi, you're overestimating yourself. You're just an insignificant p.a.w.n under the heavens," Qing Tiandi chuckled lightly.

Xiao Yi suddenly retreated, dropping his Xuanyuan sword. Otherwise, that punch would have injured him.

The Xuanyuan sword, like sc.r.a.p metal, fell to the ground, but even Feng Tian didn't mind. The golden and red intersecting light was absorbed into the Xuanyuan sword and instantly drained, and the aura on the punch gloves increased again.

"You, what kind of weapon is this!" Xiao Yi panicked. The momentum from earlier was immediately thrown away, and he was no longer arrogant.

The other person had destroyed his weapon with a single punch and even absorbed it. How could he not be surprised?

"Xiao Yi, I told you that I'll leave you with a complete corpse if you commit suicide!" Feng Tian once again held up his fist. This time, Xiao Yi couldn't escape death!

Chen Xuanzong on the side was also shocked to the point where his jaw dropped. Xiao Yi's weapon was an ancient divine weapon. Could he have been seeing things? This man's punch gloves could actually break an ancient divine weapon?

Xiao Yi's expression became serious. He suddenly looked at Qing Tiandi, who was still smiling. This d.a.m.n guy, there might still be some hope if he killed him!

As for strength, Xiao Yi felt that Qing Tiandi's strength wasn't very strong, especially since he didn't join in the fight last time.

With this thought in mind, Xiao Yi didn't think any further. He turned around and attacked Qing Tiandi.

Feng Tian, on the other hand, saw that Xiao Yi had changed his target, yet he didn't chase after him. He even had the appearance of watching a show.

Xiao Yi's hand transformed into a spiritual sword, striking directly at Qing Tiandi. The sword released a colorful glow, and the sword aura was rampant, like a fleeting glance of a beautiful swan.

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