You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 537 (The Deity Appears)

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Chapter 537 (The Deity Appears)

He thought about the Emperor's rescue of the South. 'Isn't she a heroine by my side? Why is she still pregnant... It looks like she's about to give birth!'

Among the southern forces, Wu Hao, the patriarch of the Yun Sect, still had a fresh memory of Qing Ya, the heroine who saved his life that day. 'I've always wanted to repay her, but I can't think of a way to repay her. I originally wanted to promise her my body, but seeing Qing Ya walk out with her big belly, why does my heart hurt, like being stabbed a few times?'

Chen Xuanzong among the northern crowd also felt the same way. He stared blankly at Qing Ya as she walked out. He hadn't seen her for a few months and her belly was so big...

Angry... so angry!

Qing Ya glanced at everyone, her expression not stoic.

You must know that Qing Ya is also a woman who has seen the world. When she was in Cang Lie Planet, the Federation President sent a powerful army, but it was trampled by her man. These scenes are no longer a cause for fear.

It's just that what Donghuang Baizhi said next shocked everyone, and their jaws almost dislocated!

Donghuang Baizhi took Qing Ya's hand and said lightly, "We are good sisters and have a common husband!"

There was a deathly silence. The Emperor and this extremely beautiful woman serve the same husband!

How can this be? If you hug one of them, you would have boundless potential, let alone two! And both women have given birth for the man.

Ying Kangshi was seeing Qing Ya for the first time and was deeply attracted to her beauty. They are simply two incomparable women. If possible...

Although Ying Kangshi extinguished the fire in his heart now, he still couldn't stop himself from being crazy and fantasizing about various things. Ying Jingshan was very calm when he heard this, as he knew it a long time ago.

But all the aristocratic families were stunned. They didn't expect the Emperor to be willing to serve the same husband along with another woman. After all, the Emperor's status is that of a n.o.ble, how could this be possible?

Everyone felt deeply disappointed, and her position in their hearts plummeted. The members of the northern family were delighted, as the Emperor was digging her own grave.

Wu Hao, the patriarch of the Yun Family, couldn't believe it and covered his forehead. The heroine and the Emperor serve the same man, oh my G.o.d!

'What kind of man is he to be so favored by them... It's too fake!'

Chen Xuanzong felt like he was not well.

'Unexpectedly, Long Aotian harmed Qing Ya and even the Emperor, how could this be possible? Just because of Long Aotian's stupid appearance, he could also win the Emperor's favor? It must be a lie!' Chen Xuanzong doesn't believe it, 'it's all fake, it's all fake. Qing Ya is mine…'

Donghuang Baizhi continued, "Next, I will invite my husband, Ye Hua!"

Ye Hua, who was standing behind the stage, was fixing his hair. A mirror floated in front of his eyes as he wiped pomade in his hand and applied it to his head.

Then, take care of his hair to ensure that a gust of wind won't ramble his hairstyle.

Hearing his wife's call, Ye Hua pondered on how to go outside.

'Recently, I've seen a few good sets of steps that come with their own background music, walking with grace.'

'However, that type of pace isn't suitable for this deity; it's too playful. This deity shall walk a more composed path.'

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"Forget it," Ye Hua decided, "let's do it the usual way."

"No wonder the Emperor and Qing Ya fell in love with him. If I were them, I would too. What a perfect man."

Ying Jingshan swallowed hard, unsure whether he should salute or not. 'If I salute, I would have to bow down.'

When Ying Kangshi saw Ye Hua from the back, he clenched his teeth. 'It's this demon who stole my fiancé and killed so many people in the Ying Family. Even if he has a child, I won't forgive him.'

In reality, Ye Hua wanted to say a few things, for example, "Do you want to die? You dare to approach the women of this deity, and with just a snap of my fingers, you'll be reduced to ashes!"

But this was Donghuang Baizhi's territory, and Ye Hua was just a guest. He'd watch his wife play the aggressive role and not steal the spotlight from her.

It seems that they have learned the deity's style and enjoy creating big scenes.

Even if it wasn't a big scene, Ye Hua was still impressed by everyone's reaction, filled with surprise and confusion.

"When the tournament is over, you'll see what true cruelty is!"

"I didn't expect Her Majesty and Qing Ya to serve their husband together," said Xin Ba, clutching his chest. "I don't know why, but my heart hurts so much."

Qi Xuewen looked at Ye Hua, feeling as if he had seen him somewhere before, but he couldn't remember. He realized that to have such a woman, the man must have extraordinary strength.

"Xin Ba," Qi Xuewen said, "only by working hard can you get what you want. Otherwise, you will only be envious." Qi Xuewen now has a goal: to become a man with both handsomeness and strength in his arms, overlooking the world from the top.

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