You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 524 (Arrangement)

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Chapter 524 (Arrangement)

Back in the boudoir, Qing Ya felt relieved when she saw that Ye Hua was still sound asleep. She quietly took off her clothes and lay down gently on the bed, leaning against Ye Hua's arms. Her mood was complicated; she didn't know if what she did was right or wrong.

"I'm back," Ye Hua said calmly with his eyes closed.

Qing Ya exclaimed, "Ye Hua, you haven't slept."

"My wife goes out in the middle of the night, how can I sleep?" Ye Hua said lightly, holding Qing Ya in his arms.

"I..." Before Qing Ya could finish speaking, Ye Hua said in a low voice, "Qing Ya, there are many things you can't help yourself with. Maybe the good things you do are bad things in the eyes of others, but the bad things you do are good things in the eyes of others. If you're different, you look at the problem differently."

"Xiao Yi is dead, his relatives are naturally suffering, but if Xiao Yi was alive, more people would die in the future, won't their relatives feel heartbroken? You just did what you should have done. This world has always been this way, either you die or I live, although it is cruel, this is life."

Qing Ya didn't know these truths, but it was very difficult to do it, especially when the other party repented.

"Ye Hua, I promised Xiao Yi to keep their family safe, you won't blame me," Qing Ya asked worriedly. "Don't talk about the benevolence of my wife again."

But this time Ye Hua did not reprimand, and even said, "Leave this matter to me, don't worry. Your word is my promise."

"Others?" Qing Ya asked.

Ye Hua said calmly, "Don't worry about the others, I want to see what else they want to do."

"I see," Qing Ya said.

"Go to sleep, you are tired too," Ye Hua said.

Qing Ya was indeed a little tired. Although she didn't do anything, she felt tired physically and mentally.

Ye Hua hugged Qing Ya lightly, it was just a small incident that caused Qing Ya to be hurt so much. If she had been there during the Tianfu ma.s.sacre, she would have fainted.

As for Xiao Yi's family members, Ye Hua doesn't plan to put them on Earth, but was planning to put them on Canglie Star, where no one will know them so they can start a new life.

He let Brittany handle it, as she is familiar with Canglie Star.

Although it was already late at night, Ye Hua still asked Brittany to handle the matter immediately. Xiao Yi died and his family members might be in danger soon.

'This deity will not break his promise to others. Qing Ya's every move outside represents this deity.'

After Brittany received Ye Hua's order, she immediately started the proceedings.

At this time, the Xiao family was silent. Shu Nan was waiting to sit slumped in the room, his face was not bright at all, and Xiao Nian was still crying loudly...

Following the sound of high-heeled shoes coming from the door, everyone in the room became vigilant.

Brittany easily broke the barrier set by Xiao Yi and then opened the door to enter.

Shu Nan looked at this strange woman and tightly protected Xiao Nian in her arms.

"Who are you?" Shu Nan asked coldly.

Brittany glanced at her and said lightly, "The one who will take you away."

After hearing these words, they understood that their husband would never come back again.

Seeing these weeping women, Brittany became a little impatient. "Men don't have a good thing, they only make women cry."

"Hurry up! Those people are coming!" Although Brittany was not afraid, she didn't want to ruin Ye Hua's plan.

Shu Nan was a sensible woman. For the sake of the descendants of the Xiao family, she must leave.

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She hastily woke up Xiao Yun, who was sleeping.

It seems that the employee death subsidy has also been saved, and they won't have to pay any extra money.

Not long after Wu Liu left, another man arrived, and he was Qing Tiandi.

Qing Tiandi, who was walking in the living room, took out a tissue and wiped his hands with a slight smile on his lips.

"Oh, it's a pity that he was killed. It's interesting. It seems that we still need to recruit some talents." Qing Tiandi folded the tissue in his hand, put it on the table, and walked out of the door slowly, not knowing what to do.

On the other side, Brittany brought Xiao Yi's family members to Canglie Star, and found Xi Tingting.

This is the territory of the Supreme Being. Ye Hua has his own force here, so they can rest a.s.sured. If they were left in another place, it would be tantamount to leaving them to fend for themselves in disguise.

But Shu Nan and the others' eyes went dark, and then they felt as if they had come to a science fiction world. When they looked up, there were actually two huge satellites, as if they would fall down at any time due to the stock pressure.

Xi Tingting ran out of the big villa in a hurry and shouted respectfully: "Lord Brittany."

Shu Nan and the others didn't come to their senses. This Brittany must have been called by Qing Ya, but there are forces in this strange place. Who the h.e.l.l is this Qing Ya?

"You just need to make arrangements for these people to ensure their safety," Brittany said lightly.

Xi Tingting, of course, accepted the order unconditionally: "Don't worry, Lord Brittany, I will definitely make good arrangements."

Bright nodded, and then disappeared in place. She really came and went quickly.

Xi Tingting also wanted to ask when His Majesty would come, but she didn't get a chance. She sighed deeply and looked at those women and children.

"Come in with me first, and I'll arrange your accommodation later," Xi Tingting's momentum changed instantly. After all, she is Ye Hua's spokesperson now. Who dares to be in her way?

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