You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 458

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Chapter 458

"Let's all sit down together. We are all friends." Shui Gao greeted them, and the escort beside him walked out of the private room. After all, seeing such a beautiful woman, and then looking at the escort beside him, he was about to throw up.

Ye Hua sat aside with his wives in his arms, waiting quietly.

''What a beauty. They are real beauties. Beauties that I have never seen before in this life!'

'It's really uncomfortable to see them being hugged by this man. These two beauties are snuggling in the man's arms, acting obediently. It's unbelievable, they are so good. They shouldn't be matched with such a man.'

Xi Tingting stood by and was vigilant, feeling that something might happen.

And Si Wenxuan also sat down with his arms around Feng Lulan, with a contemptuous smile on his lips.

"Shui Gao, where did your subordinate Liu Qing go? Why didn't he come out with you today?" Zhao Gang asked aloud.

Shui Gao stretched his arms and leaned on the artificial intelligence sofa, and said lightly, "I let him go to She's house to do something."

The meaning is to say, look at us, grade-one samurais can be used, and warriors are just bodyguards.

Dai Anran chuckled: "My family recently hired a martial master from the imperial capital. He is very powerful. Next time I have a chance, I will bring him here for you to see him."

A slender hand caressed Si Wenxuan's thigh, implying madly.

Dai Anran shook his head: "The imperial capital is the place where experts gather. There are samurais and martial masters all over the place. If you don't go to the imperial capital, you won't even know how big Canglie is."

"Yeah, this Long'an City is just a small place. It's really embarra.s.sing that warriors can act dominantly here." Zhao Gang's words are saying that warriors are nothing, and you have never seen real power.

It is to remind the two beauties that you should plan long-term. Don't snuggle in the arms of a warrior. It is a very hopeless thing. With your looks, it is enough to be the president's mistress.

Maybe they can climb up to a martial king, and enjoy glory and wealth in the future.

"Young Master Dai, I have heard that your family is planning to move to the imperial capital?" Shui Gao asked lightly.

Dai Anran pursed his lips and took a sip from the wine gla.s.s: "All the families are sharpening their blades to drill into the imperial capital, but the water in the imperial capital is so deep, maybe the whole family will be ruined. Without sufficient resources, it isn't easy to go to the imperial capital."

"When Young Master Dai goes to the imperial capital to hang out, don't forget us brothers." Si Wenxuan picked up the wine gla.s.s, and the latter touched it with a smile: "Of course."

Then the four started talking about big things, who has developed, who has made a breakthrough, how much money they have, how many houses have been demolished, and the stock price will fall as they wish, which they don't buy anyway.

The meaning expressed is that you people in small places do not understand the lives of people like us at all, and I will tell you about it to let you gain some insight.

Feng Lulan was fascinated by what she heard. She really envied those who lived in the imperial capital.

Ye Hua wanted to leave, 'You have laid the groundwork for so long and still haven't done anything. This deity will go find someone else!'

It's really frustrating to be idle. Seeing that his wives are about to fall asleep, it's better to carry them to bed and sleep.

"May I ask what your name is?" Shui Gao asked suddenly.

Ye Hua suddenly regained his spirits, you finally stopped bragging!

"Just call me Boss Ye." Ye Hua said lightly.

Boss Ye???

The four of them are a bit confused. We are the sons of the imperial city. We have n.o.ble blood. Our own strength is at the level of samurai, and all of our subordinates are also samurais. Do you actually want a samurai to call you the boss? How dare you get such courage?

Such an arrogant man, I will take a good look at you later! Spicy chicken!

For the sake of those two beauties, bear with him now.

"Is Boss Ye interested in playing games?" Dai Anran asked indifferently, 'I'll beat you like a dog later. Pretending to act cool? Spicy chicken!'

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Ye Hua asked lightly: "What are you playing?"

"Boss Ye, you can come bid as much as you want." Shui Gao said in a contemptuous tone.

Ye Hua smelled the fragrance of Qing Ya's hair, and said lightly: "I like to gamble with family property."

After hearing this, Qing Ya really wanted to laugh.

The four of them were taken aback when they heard this and started laughing. Isn't this hilarious?

"Boss Ye really knows how to joke." Zhao Gang laughed. People who gamble with their fortunes are generally crazy.

Ye Hua said in a low voice: "Aren't you rich? You have said so much just now, don't you dare?"

Provocative! This is provocative!

How can they say no in front of such exquisite women? Even if it isn't optimal, they will!

"Boss Ye, Since you said you wanted to gamble on your family property, how much property do you have?" Dai Anran asked, 'This man was so arrogant that he even spoke so brazenly in front of the four princes in the imperial city. If you say you want to gamble with family property, we are afraid that you can't afford to lose!'

Ye Hua definitely doesn't count on Xi Tingting as he decides to do it himself.

He found a weapon in his ring, and threw it on the table: "This is my family property."

Looking at the big knife with a faint green glow on the table, the four young masters were stunned, their eyes widened. Their mouths can hold rough sausages.

Xi Tingting exclaimed: "Sir! This is a primordial divine weapon!"

'This Flowing Lotus Knife was s.n.a.t.c.hed from someone. It is a spicy chicken weapon that I forgot to throw away.'

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