You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 447

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Chapter 447

Her little fist struck out!

There was a bang, which wasn't that loud, reached everyone's ears.

Everyone admired the little guy's ability. This posture is very good, and she will be a good martial artist in the future.

Donghuang Baizhi was relieved to see that her daughter was calm.

"Ah Li is in a good mood." Ye Hua said lightly, taking out a cigarette and lighting it.

Qing Ya poked Ye Hua, and then pointed to her stomach, do you want to poison your son?

Ye Hua shook his head helplessly and put out the cigarette.

Ziche Qingyi off the field felt that Donghuang Li's posture was pretty good, but she was too young...

"She's pretty good." Fei Bai was surprised and praised.

However, as everyone was amazed, something even more surprising came!

The huge device actually emitted blue smoke, and then began to shake violently. Cracks appeared on the surface!

With a bang, it was torn apart!

Donghuang Li snorted, liking everyone's shocked expressions.

It seems that like father like daughter. They like to see other people's surprised expressions as if they had eaten s.h.i.t.

The three old men were stunned. This device could withstand a single blow from a samurai. How could it explode? There must be something wrong with the device itself.

A staff member came out and explained: "I'm sorry, there is a problem with this device."

"What about me? What level?" Donghuang Li pointed toward herself and said.

The staff laughed and said, "You can strike again."

Donghuang Li pouted, because he didn't believe Ah Li… well then! Ah Li can only make a bang!

Donghuang Li walked to the side of the device, still in the same posture as before.


The small fist hit it hard, and then…




The whole device flew upside down, punching a hole in the wall.

The audience was silent, rubbing their eyes, are they dreaming?

How could it be possible!?

A little girl actually blows the instrument away, which can block the blow of a samurai! Incredible! Too fake!

Donghuang Li was very satisfied with the effect. She clapped her little hands, and waited to hear the announcement for her grade.

But they don't know s.h.i.t.

The staff came out with a smile and said, "Everyone, I'm so sorry, both devices are broken. Please come back next time."

"Ah, what about Ah Li's level?" Donghuang Li was unwilling and asked. After so long, why didn't they a.s.sign her a grade?

The staff member smiled and said, "My little friend, there is no way to judge your level. When we buy a new device, you can come and test it again."

Donghuang Li let out a sigh in relief. 'Is it so hard for daddy to pretend to act cool? It seems that Ah Li still has to learn a lot from daddy and strive to have half of daddy's demeanor as soon as possible.'

The helpless Donghuang Li stepped off the stage, looked at Ziche Qingyi in front of her, and sighed deeply.

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'This kind of feeling is like saying, Ah Li is really depressed, if I knew it, I would hit it lightly, so as doesn't fly away.'

Ye Hua nodded to the polite old man in front of him.

Kang Yu was overjoyed: "Donghuang Li is very good, if you let this old man teach her, she will definitely be extraordinary in the future!"

'Does this deity's daughter still need you, an old man, to teach her? But seeing your att.i.tude, forget it.'

"No." Ye Hua said indifferently, hugging his wives and watching his daughter and others talking.

Kang Yu frowned and motioned to Xi Tingting next to him to say something nice. Xi Tingting shook her head. Although she had just contacted them, Xi Tingting felt that this gentleman didn't like to say stuff for the second time, otherwise, he would get angry.

'I had to beg this Sir to stablize this relation. I can't disturb or make him angry now!'

Kang Yu stood for a while, this matter needs to be notified to the top management, this Donghuang Li is so amazing!

A perfect material for Martial King!

The people at the scene were almost gone, and Donghuang Li was also about to return to her parents, but she had two big friends now and wanted to hang out with them.

"Ah Li, brother will take you out to play, will you go?" Fei Bai grinned and said, in fact, this person's heart is not bad at all, he just likes to make jokes.

Ziche Qingyi frowned and said, "Where do you want to take Ah Li?"

"Qingyi, look at your eyes, where else can I go? Of course, I will go to Zhou's house to watch a good show."

Donghuang Li was also interested 'Oh, it's boring to play with mommy and daddy, sometimes I'm not allowed here or there.'

"Ah Li wants to go, but Ah Li is afraid that daddy and mommy won't agree." Donghuang Li looked worried and secretly glanced at her parents not far away.

Fei Bai smiled and said, "Ah Li, when I was your age, I already went out and walked around alone."

"Hehe, and was beaten every day." Ziche Qingyi's sudden revelation made Fei Bai very embarra.s.sed.

Donghuang Li felt that she needed to talk to her daddy and mommy: "Brother Fei, Sister Qingyi, Ah Li will go and talk to daddy and mommy. You come with Ah Li, otherwise Ah Li will be afraid."

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