You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 432

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Chapter 432

The death mage was confident in himself. He betted all his family's money. After winning, he'll get hundreds of thousands. After winning, he would act cool in front of Xun Fang and say: "If you want to recharge in the future, you have to call me uncle, otherwise there is no money for you."

This mage takes pleasure in cheating.

Wei Chang turned on the TV in the hall and put it on the TV5 channel. It's about to start!

The four men were very excited, it was a gamble that they couldn't lose.

The three women sitting at the side were curious. Why did the four men start watching football? Are you all so bored?

However, Xun Fang doesn't know about the dark history of Death Mage, because when she met him, Death Mage had sworn that he would never bet on football again, and henceforth has always been fishing.

So, without thinking much, the three women continued to chat about "vulgar" topics.

No way, this is a common topic, and the more they talked, the more energetic they got.

Little did they know that the men had begun to gamble.

Lu Hong was okay. He was alone and no one would care if he lost everything.

Yi Hong is different. A family man who has to support his wife.

The same is true for Wei Chang. Although he is not married, he has already regarded Tang Wei as his life partner.

The death mage was still the same, mysteriously confident.

"Goal scored! Manchester United scored the first goal of the game!"

With the high-pitched voice of the commentator, the four men hammered the table.


The three women frowned and looked over. 'What are you excited about scoring a goal? I have never seen you watching football before.' They instantly became suspicious.

Wei Chang said in a low voice, "Calm down. Isn't it just to score a goal? Look at your appearance. Keep calm!"

The three subordinates were silent, 'Just now Uncle Wei, you hammered harder than us.'

Soon, the first half was over, and since the goal was scored, there was no other...

The mood of the four men was a little low.

The death mage said: "Don't worry, there is still the second half."

The second half began. Manchester United scored a goal instantly. 2-0!

The four men suppressed the excitement in their hearts.

Another goal and they would be able to turn their bicycle into a motorcycle.

Yi Hong began to fall into fantasy. He won the bet and got a lot of money. Will Zi Shan kiss him?

He was excited to think about it.

Yi Hong wasn't the only delusional one, as the other three were the same.

Seeing that 90 minutes are going to end, and the goal has still to be scored.

Death Mage cannot not cheat now! If they don't score after 90 minutes, then…

For the master, he has to cheat!

He emphasized that it was not for him, but rather for his master.

"3-0! Manchester United scored yet another goal!" The sudden news shocked the four. They won!

Death Mage: "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh~ "

Lu Hong and Yi Hong also joined in the celebration very quickly. Now the Leisure Bar isn't facing bankruptcy anymore.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh."

Wei Chang was still calm. As the boss, how could he turn his b.u.t.t to celebrate? He should tell Xiao Tang the good news.

The three women were speechless when they saw their sudden excitement. How old are they? They still act like children.

"Xiao Tang, come here, I'll tell you good news." Wei Chang waved to Tang Wei.

"Jie Jie Jie..."

Imperial translator: "Ugly woman, come here. Your brother has won money. Millions!"

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Yi Hong was also very excited: "Zi Shan, I also have good news for you."

The men were silent.

"Uncle Wei, why are you betting on football?" Tang Wei said resentfully, 'Uncle Wei, you are already infected with gambling, why don't you want to touch me?'['Infected' and 'to touch' use the same word.]

The three pointed directly toward the death mage.

Death mage was stunned. 'In the beginning, I was the only one who started to bet. You were asking me what this was for. In the end, you couldn't help but be tempted to join. If you didn't join, would I have bet hundreds of thousands? At most one or two thousand.'

Xun Fang was furious and shouted: "You gamble all day long, but at least don't influence the others! Let me see how much you lose!"

Xun Fang lifted his phone and looked at the screen, feeling all dizzy.

Now they don't have any income left. This guy lost hundreds of thousands at once. Seems like they'll be sleeping at the bottom of the bridge.

She pulled up death mage's robe and picked up the scythe of death next to him, and scolded as she walked: "Well, you skeleton dared to lose so much money. Let's see how I will kill you when we return. Don't think about money for playing games in the future!"

The three men swallowed when they saw that the death mage was dragged away by Xun Fang. Fortunately, they gambled less...

But what is the difference? In the end, they gambled all their belongings.

Tang Wei glanced at Wei Chang's phone and felt a little dizzy...

But she didn't blame Wei Chang like Xun Fang did, and walked to the side and sat down.

Zi Shan also picked up Yi Hong's mobile phone and looked at it. The corner of her mouth twitched: "Yi Hong! You are getting better and better! You dare to bet 5,000 yuan!"

"Do you want to eat soil every month? You don't have to pay property fees, electricity and water bills, and gas bills? I don't need to pay for cosmetics as I don't use make-up, but I have to have one or two pieces of clothes! I don't think you have a successful career, so go back and give birth to the child first." Zi Shan is still quite clever, so she took advantage of the topic.

Yi Hong felt that his face was lost since he was despised by his wife... He must do something to make her not look down on him.

"Lu Hong, as the elder brother, why don't you persuade him?" Zi Shan said.

Lu Hong was a little embarra.s.sed, but he quickly covered it up: "Zi Shan, do you think I can persuade him?"

"Forget it, let's pay for this month's expenses first."

Lu Hong's was a little green... 'If I had known earlier… I lost everything.

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