You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 388

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Chapter 388

"I know what you mean." Zi Shan's tears were like bursting a dike. Zi Shan has never shed so many tears in her life, but today she shed tears for an ordinary person.

Yi Hong smiled stupidly: " money is hidden behind your dressing table. I originally wanted to save it for your birthday. It seems that I can't use it now, but even if I can't use it, you can keep it. Big brother used to cheat my money. Although I know it was for my own good...Is this joke not funny? I'll change it."

"Yi Hong, don't say anything."

Lin Hong's giant blade hand shook, making Yi Hong spit out a mouthful of blood. He looked at Zi Shan weakly, trying to tell a joke to make Zi Shan happy.

Lin Hong said in a deep voice, "Madam Zi Yuan, Lord Hou will be very angry!"

After he swung the giant blade in his hand, Yi Hong's body slammed into the ground and smashed a groove.

How could Yi Hong, an ordinary person, be able to withstand such a force? Yi Hong, who was deep in the soil, had no trace of life. His eyes were open, filled with reluctance. But there was a slight smile on the corner of his mouth, thinking with such an action Zi Shan will not be so sad.

Zi Shan looked at Yi Hong. Her tears stopped, and her pretty face was extraordinarily calm. But the depths of her beautiful eyes were burning with anger.

"Lin Hong, not only Hou Xuelin will be angry, but I will also be very angry!" Zi Shan slowly turned her head, and her beautiful eyes stared at Lin Hong, exuding a cold air, giving people a feeling of being hated.

Lin Hong said with a smile: "Madam Zi Yuan, I know you are very angry, but this bundle of spiritual ropes is not a toy."

Zi Shan chuckled, 'let's try it then!'

Suddenly, Zi Shan's pretty face exuded a lot of killing intent, akin to a thousand horses running side by side. Without Yi Hong, and his love, what's the point of living?

Boom boom boom.

There were bursts of thunder in the sky, which made people have tinnitus. The aura between the heavens and the earth gathered towards Zi Shan, forming a vortex. The air seemed to boil. Zi Shan was like a dazzling sun, exuding the aura of heaven and earth.

The huge net of blood reappeared behind Zi Shan again.

Suddenly, a ghostly aura erupted, making Lin Hong and the others take a step back!

Madam Zi Yuan actually broke through because of her sorrow!

"Let's go!" Lin Hong gave the order. After the breakthrough, Zi Shan can kill them like a chicken.

Zi Shan shouted: "Where are you leaving? Stay here!"

Under the strong pressure of Zi Shan, the binding rope vibrated violently and suddenly broke apart.

And the blood net behind Zi Shan turned onto them.

Sanqi and Li Li looked at each other with determination.

"Brother Lin, leave!"

"Brother Lin, Li Li can't follow you anymore!"

Sanqi and Li Li both knew that if they didn't make sacrifices, they might not be able to leave!

Lin Hong looked back at his subordinates who had been following him, but now is not the time to be hypocritical: "Prince Hou will avenge you!"

The two smiled, and then looked at the oncoming blood net.

Nature's Dark Will!

G.o.d Sealing the Devil!

Li Li and Sanqi simultaneously used their strongest moves. The sky was flickering with cyan and golden light. It was dazzling and gorgeous. They attacked the blood net at the same time with huge destructive power!

However, when it hit the blood net, their moves could only stop the net for 1 second. Although they could only stall for a second, this gave Lin Hong enough time to return to Tianfu to report today's situation.

The two looked back and breathed a sigh of relief. Brother Lin is saved!

Sanqi and Li Li watched him leave, smiled, and then b.u.mped their fists.

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"Let's be brothers in the next life!"

"Save Yi Hong." Zi Shan shouted weakly.

Ye Hua stood up, walked over, looked at Yi Hong, and frowned: "What happened?"

"It's all my fault, please save him. I will absolutely listen to you in the future! I dare not treat you disrespectfully, Your Honor!" Zi Shan knelt in front of Ye Hua after saying that.

"I'm asking you what happened!" Ye Hua shouted coldly, his own subordinate's subordinate was killed. Isn't this the same as slapping him in the face?

'I thought that Zi Shan's ability was enough to protect Yi Hong, but I didn't expect him to die!'

Zi Shan told the tragedy.

This made Ye Hua very upset.

"Your Honor, let me destroy them! After all, Yi Hong is my subordinate!" Wei Chang took the lead in asking for orders. These deities have gone senile after living for a long time! Not even looking at who they are offending.

Tang Wei also respectfully said: "Your Honor, I am willing to go with Wei Chang."

"Your Honor, I am going to take revenge too!" said Lu Hong with red eyes.

Ye Hua took a deep breath, looked at Zi Shan, and said, "What about you?"

Zi Shan slowly raised her head. Her beautiful eyes were full of coldness, and she said: "Your Honor, I'm willing!"

"Okay, Zi Shan. I'll give you this opportunity to avenge Yi Hong! This is a blood tank. When you fill the blood tank, I can resurrect Yi Hong! But if you can't, you should know the consequences." Ye Hua stretched out a white container.

Qing Yutong looked at how it looked like a bottle of red wine. Looking at the dining table, and sure enough, it was gone!

Zi Shan heard there was a way to revive Yi Hong she hurriedly stood up: "Who should I kill?"

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