You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 385

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Chapter 385

"Brother-in-law, we have to eat later."

"Someone else is treating."

Wei Chang and others were a little puzzled. Your Honor, are you hungry?

Ye Hua seemed to realize his words and said in a low voice: "This deity likes fruit recently."

I see...

Qing Yutong smiled without saying a word. She took the apple and carefully cut it.

After half an hour, the meal was finally ready. The sky outside gradually dimmed.

"Your Honor, can we have dinner?" Tang Wei came over and asked respectfully.

Ye Hua stood up: "Let's go."

Qing Yutong also helped them serve food.

'I haven't seen such a sumptuous dinner for a long time. Since they left, my life seems to have returned to the past. I feel very weird.'

Three women sat on one side, while three men sat on the other side, with Ye Hua on the main seat.

"Eat. What are you waiting for?" Ye Hua said lightly, taking the first chopsticks to taste it, 'Good… A woman's life is comfortable.'

Qing Yutong was not polite anymore as she was starved to death alongside Ye Hua these days.

Qing Yutong can eat indiscriminately without an image, but Ye Hua can't. He has to eat with respect. What is the method of eating with respect, you ask? It is to eat slowly with style.

As a result, Ye Hua saw his sister-in-law gobbling food. He glared fiercely at her. 'This deity has not even started to eat, and here you have eaten a bowl.'

However, Yi Hong and Zi Shan, at the dinner table, had no appet.i.te.

Ye Hua looked at them but didn't say anything.

It's their own choice.

However, for Wei Chang and Tang Wei, this was the most boring meal.

It should be said that when someone sits and eats with Ye Hua, they can't be informal. Even the sound of chewing has to be suppressed, for fear of affecting ye Hua's appet.i.te.

After half an hour, the dull meal was finally over.

Except for Ye Hua and Qing Yutong, everyone else felt extremely depressed.

Qing Yutong didn't feel depressed like others. Of course, this is thanks to Qing Ya, otherwise, how could Qing Yutong have the t.i.tle of a sister-in-law, and have a strong backing?

After the meal, Ye Hua sat on the sofa and ate fruit while the girls washed dishes in the kitchen.


There was a sound of shattering plates in the kitchen. Ye Hua turned his head and glanced, and saw Zi Shan standing there blankly.

Tang Wei said: "Zi Shan, let me wash the dishes. You can go and rest."

"No need."

Qing Yutong on the side sighed. 'Is face really so important? The same is true for my sister. It seems that shamelessness can be invincible in this world, just like myself, haha.'

After more than ten minutes, the bowl was finally washed, which also meant that something bad will happen.

Zi Shan didn't seem to want to face it, so she picked up the mop and mopped the floor.

It seems that even if she dies, she must clean the house.

Of course, it might just be her procrastinating and wanting to stay a little longer.

Qing Yutong and Tang Wei seemed to feel it. They looked at Ye Hua who was sitting on the sofa. He was quiet as well.

An hour later, Zi Shan finally cleaned up and said softly, "I'm going to take a shower."

Ye Hua didn't stop her.

When she reappeared, she was wearing the same clothes she wore on the first day. So she could return as she came.

Ye Hua took out a cigarette and lit it, looking at Zi Shan standing in front of him. Yi Hong was standing with a tense face, while his elder brother was also frowning.

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"Yi Hong, do you still remember what I said at the beginning?" Ye Hua said aloud.

"This is voluntary."

Ye Hua nodded, seemed to agree with this sentence, and then said: "Yi Hong, this deity can agree to your request and even lift the constraints between you both."

It was too sudden and unexpected for Yi Hong. They all were shocked and didn't know what to say.

Zi Shan didn't expect Ye Hua to let her go.

They all are still too young. Ye Hua just changed his mind.

"Yi Hong, are you willing to use your strength in exchange for her freedom?" Ye Hua asked aloud.

Such a choice is really difficult for people.

Strength. This is a world where strength is respected. Without strength, Yi Hong would still be a little gangster from before, but with strength, he could surpa.s.s many people.

However, to use all the strength in exchange for the freedom of a woman who doesn't love him back? It seems that many people have their answers ready.

But Yi Hong is still the same. He was not inflated by strength.

"Your Honor, I am willing!"

"Yi Hong, think about it clearly, she might go back, and you will be nothing!" Ye Hua reminded again.

"Your Honor, I have made up my mind. Thank you for your care during this time. It was I who failed your expectations!"

Big Brother Lu sighed. How many men will give everything for their woman? He didn't know that his younger brother would do the same.

Ye Hua said in a deep voice, "Okay!"

He stretched out his hand and immediately sucked out the power from Yi Hong's body. Some black mist emerged from Yi Hong's face, making him howl in pain.

Only then did Zi Shan react, and she shouted desolately: "No!"

Sucking the black mist out of Yi Hong's body, Ye Hua lifted the seal of Zi Shan and said coldly, "You are free."

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