You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 358

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Chapter 358

Jue Tian was very stressed 'weren't you the one who said you couldn't do it, yet now you are thinking of doing it again? How is this possible?'

"Professor Jue~, come quickly; I don't even know what it's like." Guan Yan felt unwilling. It was the most important moment of her life.

Jue Tian frowned slightly; he was worried about Guan Yanxin not listening to his words. According to what Lie Gu said, she had to be obedient.

Thinking of that, Jue Tian felt a little nauseous, but fortunately, he didn't eat anything.

Jue Tian stood up, and Guan Yanxin's beautiful eyes lit up 'Professor Jue's was so strong!'

Dongfang Yuer, beside him, turned her head. She had already repaid him.

Enduring the slight pain, Dongfang Yuer stood up, but Jue Tian pressed her onto the bed again.

Guan Yan, who was beside him, swallowed her saliva; for some reason, seeing the way Jue Tian acted with Dongfang Yuer, she felt inexplicably excited.

"Yuer, where are you going?" Jue Tian asked in a cold voice.

Dongfang Yuer didn't dare to look at Jue Tian's eyes and said weakly, "I'm going to cla.s.s."

"I'll give you a good lesson today. You're not allowed to go anywhere." Jue Tian said in a deep voice, making them both obedient.

'Just say it.'

Dongfang Yuer's pretty face was surprised, and she felt like her body was about to break, and her slender palm pressed against Jue Tian's chest.

"Dear…" Dongfang Yuer let out a seductive gasp.

After two minutes.

"Professor Jue... I can't do it anymore." Dongfang Yuer's physical strength couldn't keep up with him. Jue Tian was too ferocious. Dongfang Yuer's delicate body couldn't stand Jue Tian's tossing.

Jue Tian asked coldly, "Will you be obedient in the future?"

"I listen... I listen to you." Dongfang Yuer felt dizzy.

Hearing Dongfang Yuer's answer, Jue Tian was relieved.

Guan Yanxin on the side couldn't wait; it was too exciting: "Professor Jue, come and get me~"

Ten minutes later.

"Ah!!! No!!! I don't want it!!! I surrender."

Under the indiscriminate bombardment, Guan Yanxin persisted for ten minutes before finally fainting.

However, Jue Tian didn't feel anything at all. He stood up and glanced at the two people on the bed before disappearing into the room. There is important information to report to Your Honor!

Ye Hua got up very early today, and Qing Yutong also changed a bit. She actually got up early to make a loving breakfast for her brother-in-law!

How could Ye Hua not know what Qing Yutong wants? She wants him to spare her sister. How is that possible?

"Brother-in-law, is this porridge hot? Yutong will help you blow it~"

"Brother-in-law, is the temperature of the milk okay~ Would you like Yutong to help you heat it?"

Ye Hua, who was watching Detective Conan, turned his head and asked, "Yutong, why are you so idle?"

"Everyone is responsible for serving brother-in-law."

"Then give birth to a child for brother-in-law."

"Ah, brother-in-law, you are so annoying; you always want to do bad things." Qing Yutong said delicately.

Ye Hua said lightly, "Then get out of here."

"Bad brother-in-law~ It's been a whole night; your anger is almost gone. Let's go and bring my sister back together." Qing Yutong made so much foreshadowing, not thinking about whether they could reconcile.

Ye Hua took a sip of the warm milk: "No."

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"Don't you want Ah Li, brother-in-law?"

Is it because he did not do them well?

'Thinking about it, Donghuang Baizhi moved here three years ago, and Qing Ya a few months ago. After tasting the wonderful taste, they must have thought that this deity would favor them again, but I did not give it to them. They got angry! It is possible that the theory of Lie Gu is good and captures the main point. They are too energetic and have complaints against this deity.'

'But nonetheless, am I this kind of casual person? You both can do whatever you want. It is your honor that this deity favors you both. Yet you even quarreled with this deity over this kind of thing. After teaching you both a lesson, this deity will make you unable to get out of bed! Let's see how much energy you will have to trouble the deity!'

"By the way, what will you do with the two women?" Ye Hua asked curiously. Is the flower finally blooming?

Jue Tian bowed his head slightly to show respect, and said, "I will fulfill their wishes afterward."

"And then?" Ye Hua continued to ask.

Jue Tian frowned: "No more."

Ye Hua took out a cigarette and lit it, and said lightly: "Jue Tian, ​​I have to criticize you in this place!"

Jue Tian's face tightened. Immediately knelt in front of Ye Hua and accepted the criticism from the Supreme Being.

"This subordinate knows his mistakes; please forgive me!"

"Wait for the deity to finish talking."


Ye Hua didn't mean to call Jue Tian up, yet he leaned over to listen. He said lightly, "A man should be responsible. Although you are playing a show, you have taken away their first time, and it was taken away under your deception; you can see how sad it is!"

"But Your Honor, I really don't like women." Jue Tian hurriedly explained.

Ye Hua's face froze: "Did you correct me?"

"Your Honor, forgive my sins."

"My subordinates can do any evil! They can be unscrupulous! They can bully the weak! But they must be honest; look at the deity! How honest."

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