You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 138.2 - Your Honor, you have to be the judge for me! 2/2

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Chapter 138 – Your Honor, you have to be the judge for me! 2/2

While bringing along Wei Chang and Lie Gu, Ye Hua walked over to Death Mage and said, “Do you know your crime!”

Death Mage was greatly startled and he kneeled down immediately, “Your Honor, please spare subordinate’s life, subordinate… subordinate just merely lowered his head, and she also didn’t resist at all. Furthermore, subordinate did not sully her innocence!”

“Then, before you kissed her, did you receive her permission?” Ye Hua asked gravely.

Death Mage was actually sweating. After a while, Death Mage said, “Subordinate knows his crime!”

Ye Hua snorted, and Wei Chang and Lie Gu immediately became well-behaved and stood up straight.

“I told all of you before in the past! We are here to cultivate humanity, towards people and towards matters, we have to look at them with the viewpoint of a human! How could you kiss the woman without her consent! You are lucky that you are my subordinate’s subordinate, if not, I would have stewed you.” Ye Hua criticized strictly. If a matter like this was to get spread out, would it be glorious? The underling of an underling of mine actually kissed a human by force, and that human ran all the way to me to look for an explanation. If words of this matter were to spread out, where would my face be at!

Death Mage was exulted, “Thank you Your Honor for not killing subordinate!”

“Bring me through the entire process of the matter. Lie Gu, go and get beer and peanuts.” Ye Hua sat down and said.

Wei Chang added, “Get melon seeds too.”

Death Mage stood up and wanted to first throw the woman who was within his embrace to the side. However, Death Mage was stopped by a meaningful glance from His Honor.

Ye Hua said indifferently, “As an undead race, when you did something, you have to have the guts to admit it. Since you sullied the woman’s innocence, and this woman came looking for me for an explanation, I won’t side with anyone, from today onwards, you will have to take good care of this woman.”

“Your Honor…” Death Mage really wanted to cry. Why did I meet with such a thing like this, I am currently already close to the point where I am not able to even take care of myself, and now, I have to even bring a woman along with me.

“Do you want to go against order!”

“Subordinate wouldn’t dare.”

At this moment, Lie Gu brought the beer, melon seeds, and peanuts over, and Ye Hua said indifferently, “You can go ahead and bring us through the entire process of the matter.”

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Within the next half an hour, Death Mage began his performance, and when Death Mage spoke to the climax, he practically wasn’t able to control himself anymore.

Listening to what Wei Chang said, Lie Gu’s eyes lighted up, “Your Honor, what Gluttonous Monster just said is extremely right, this will be a romance that had overcome the barrier of belonging to different races!”

The moment Lie Gu finished speaking, all three of them were into a daze. Soon after, the three looked towards Death Mage’s face, then looked towards the Xun Fang who was within Death Mage’s embrace.

This fellow actually made a female human fall in love with him while using his true body, and even more, the female human is a beautiful sect master too. This female sect master’s taste sure is unique.

If Ye Hua and the two were to reveal their true body, it was reckoned that others would pa.s.s out from shock, what romance would there even be.

Ye Hua coughed lightly and said, “It’s quite late already, that’s it for this matter. All of you can leave now.”

After finish speaking, Ye Hua turned around and headed upstairs. My subordinate’s subordinate has come all the way to the bar to look for an explanation, and my subordinates’ women are all so considerate to them. And yet, my own woman is like that. Thinking about it, it is truly unbalanced.

If Xun Fang who had pa.s.sed out heard the conversation that happened earlier on, she would definitely cry and pa.s.s out again. Originally, she was already being pointed at by lots of other people, and yet right now, she was even being treated as a love-struck fool, and the person that she was a.s.sumed to be love-struck with was a skeleton.

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