You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 138.1 - Your Honor, you have to be the judge for me! 1/2

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Chapter 138 – Your Honor, you have to be the judge for me! 1/2

Death Mage stood up while trembling with fear. This is still the first time that I have seen His Honor’s face. I am truly so fortunate! I feel so excited right now! We both belong to the same race, and yet, His Honor is able to be so outstanding. I am truly far inferior, truly far inferior…

Lie Gu grinned, “Little skeleton, not bad, your luck with women is not shallow.”

Death Mage lowered his head and did not dare to make any unnecessary movement, and also did not dare to anyhow speak.

Ye Hua said faintly, “Come out and take a look!”

Everyone walked out of the toilet.

“Do you know that woman?” Ye Hua asked gravely.

Death Mage did not dare to be slow in responding, “Your Honor, I know her.”

“She said that you sullied her innocence, is there such a matter?” Ye Hua continued and asked.

Death Mage went into a daze. I sullied her innocence? How do I even sully her innocence? With my fingers?

“Your Honor, she is outrightly falsely accusing subordinate! Your Honor, please be the judge for me and help me defend my innocence. Subordinate’s innocence cannot be ruined by this woman!” Death Mage immediately kowtowed to Ye Hua. This woman is too shameless, to actually went and tell on His Honor about me. Isn’t it just because I withdrew your t.i.tle as my slave! Did you have to actually come all the way to His Honor’s place and make a nuisance! This vile human! If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have betted with her! I actually lost again…

Ye Hua took out a stick of cigarette, and Lie Gu immediately went up to light up the cigarette. Lie Gu placed his finger below the cigarette, and a fire appeared on his finger.

Exhaling out a mouth of smoke, “Do you dare to talk things through face to face with the woman!”

“Subordinate dare!” Death Mage said gravely.

“Good. We will be the witnesses. If you dare to fool me, do you know just what the consequence of it would be!” Ye Hua said indifferently. There was a boundless prestige contained within his tone, which caused Death Mage to not even dare to move in the slightest bit at all.

“Subordinate understand, subordinate will confront with this woman right now!”

Death Mage himself was feeling quite angry right now. I didn’t kill this woman, and yet this woman actually ran here and disturbed His Honor’s peace. It is fortunate that His Honor did not blame me for it. If not, even I were to die ten thousand times, it also wouldn’t be enough for me to escape the blame!

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“F**k, this underling of yours is not bad, the show that will be coming up is definitely going to be a good show to watch.” At the side, Lie Gu said in a low voice. Tonight’s trip has been worthwhile.

“It is indeed a good show.” Ye Hua mumbled.

Death Mage was feeling very panicky. This feeling is not coming from the woman, it is coming from His Honor who is at the side!

Xun Fang was completely dizzy right now, and the sword that was within her hand had long dropped onto the floor. Currently, Xun Fang was. .h.i.tting onto Death Mage’s chest with her small fists.

Ye Hua and his two subordinates went into a daze. Why is this action so familiar…?

“I am going to kill you! I am going to kill you, you this skeleton! To actually kissed me by force and ruined my purity, I am going to kill you!!!” Not only did this tone not have any destructiveness, the tone even seemed just like that of a woman who was acting coquettishly.

Ye Hua himself has experienced such a tone countless of times. Qing Ya would often say some unrealistic words like this when she talked to me.

Right now, Wei Chang finally understood what happened. From the looks of it, my subordinate kissed this woman by force, and this woman is someone who views her own chast.i.ty like her own life. And in the end, because this woman was angry with Death Mage, she came and look for His Honor for an explanation.

“I am going to kill you…” While speaking, Xun Fang suddenly pa.s.sed out. These few days had been too exhausting for her.

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