You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 137.1 - How did your innocence get sullied? 1/2

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Chapter 137 – How did your innocence get sullied? 1/2

Ye Hua’s brows immediately wrinkled, “A woman is waiting for me?”

“En, and her emotion is very unstable.” Wei Chang was also very confused right now. Could it be that, this woman is someone who His Honor mingled with when he was outside of the bar? If this matter was to be known by the madam, things are going to become very bad.

Ye Hua snorted, in the past, it’s not like that this kind of woman has never appeared before, “Deal with this woman the same way as whatever way that you used to deal with those women in the past. For such a thing, is there even the need to report to me about it?”

“However, this time’s different.” Wei Chang said in a low voice.

“How is it different?” Ye Hua asked gravely.

Wei Chang said solemnly, “Your Honor, I think it’s better if you personally go downstairs and take a look.”

Ye Hua let out a breath, then gave Wei Chang a glare, “To not even be able to deal with such a small matter, have you gone foolish after getting a girlfriend?”

Wei Chang didn’t dare to speak. The reason that I am not able to deal with this matter is really not because I have gotten a girlfriend, but it is because that this matter is Your Honor’s problem…

Ye Hua walked downstairs. Aside from the beautiful figure of a woman sitting at the bar counter, there was currently no one else in the bar hall anymore as all of the employers had already left. The woman’s beautiful jet-black hair droop all the way to her waist. Just this back view alone, Ye Hua would have to give this woman full marks. And at this woman’s right hand side, there was a sword.

Right now, the woman was currently drinking alcohol, and from the looks of it, she seemed to be feeling quite distressed.

If it was placed in the past, Ye Hua would definitely go and hit on the woman, and obtain a wonderful night with the woman.

Thinking up to here, Ye Hua couldn’t help but think back to the past. During a few years back, that woman also seemed to be in the same state that the woman over there is in right now.

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Ye Hua indicated to Wei Chang to go ahead, and Wei Chang nodded his head and walked forward, “Miss, our boss is here!”

As Cloud Sect’s sect master, I actually got sullied by a skeleton… This is practically worse than taking my life!

And during yesterday, the rumors that were spreading around became even more shameless and vulgar. Because of that, Cloud Sect’s elders could not stay seated anymore and implored Xun Fang to step down from being Cloud Sect’s sect master. If not, Cloud Sect’s thousand years of foundation would soon become a matter for everyone to ridicule.

Xun Fang herself knew the seriousness of the matter and did not blame the elders for their actions. After all, everyone is just thinking for the sect!

Thus, yesterday, Xun Fang left Cloud Sect, the home that she had lived in for such a long time. In her mind, Xun Fang had thought of killing herself and use her death to prove her innocence!

However, Xun Fang was not willing to just die like this. Even if I die, I am going to drag that skeleton along and die with me!

My reputation and innocence have all been destroyed by that skeleton. In this rest of my life, there is only one thing that I am going to do, which is to kill that skeleton!

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