You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 118.1 - Little Ah Li is online 1/2

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Chapter 118 – Little Ah Li is online 1/2

Lie Gu raised his head and drank a mouth of beer, then shouted out, “Is there still anyone who wants to play?

Everyone revealed out fear within their eyes, and all of them crowded together into a pile. No one was willing to come out. If any of us were to come out, it would basically be a fate worse than death!

Look at how smart those Jiangnan four marshals who are stuck in the wall are, they straightforwardly pretended like they were dead.

Wei Chang asked, “How about we change to another game.”

Lie Gu remained silent for a while, then said, “Let’s play mahjong then, four players, whoever wins, we will let you leave.”

Everyone gasped, if playing Fight the Landlord was already so terrifying, wouldn’t it be even worse when playing mahjong!!!

Seeing that no one came out, Wei Chang shouted out coldly, “Is there not a single person who knows how to play mahjong!”

With a frightened expression on their faces, everyone shook their heads with all their strength.

“Gluttonous Monster, I think it’s better to play something that is simple, the kind that everyone would know how to play.”

“Lie Gu, are you talking about that?” Wei Chang’s eyes lighted up.

Lie Gu revealed out an unfathomable smile.

Wei Chang walked to the storage room, and very quickly, he brought back a big box with him. While holding onto the big box, he said to everyone with a smile, “Happy airplane chess, come and try it out?”

Upon seeing that gentle smile, everyone knew that this was definitely not happy airplane chess, and that this was most likely death airplane chess.

It was very seldom that Wei Chang and Lie Gu would have the mood to play games. For such an easy game like this, anyone would be able to play it. Since all of you are not willing to come out, we will just pick two people by ourselves then…

Another frightening spectacle was happening in the bar again, and the three who were upstairs were totally unable to hear it at all. The two sisters were currently eating chicken with Little Ah Li. Whereas when Ye Hua entered into the room and heard that Little Ah Li was playing, he decisively chose to lie on the bed and play with his phone.

Qing Ya smiled and remained silent. This man just dead on want face. Looking at that sulky look on his face, I really want to pinch onto his face, he looks just too adorable…

“Little Ah Li, is your mother not at home today?” Qing Yutong asked curiously.

“En, a lot of people came to find mother today, therefore, mother won’t be able to attend to Ah Li today.” Ah Li’s tender voice rang out from the earphones, her voice was very pleasant sounding.

Qing Ya asked curiously, “Little Ah Li, did your mother not beat your little b.u.t.tocks last night?”

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“How would mother be willing to beat Ah Li, mother only punished Ah Li to kneel on the keyboard, it hurts so much~” Ah Li said pitifully, how tragic the sight must have been.

If it was not for Ah Li being so sensible, Qing Ya and Qing Yutong would have thought that Little Ah Li had been kidnapped.

“What do your surroundings look like?” Qing Yutong asked.

“En… there are clouds… waterfalls… palaces… and also mountains… and people… However, they would not play with Ah Li, they are all afraid of Ah Li.”

What kind of freaking place is this, the sisters were both completely confused, could it be that Little Ah Li is joking around with us?

“Then, why are they afraid of Ah Li when Ah Li is so adorable.” Qing Ya asked.

“Ah Li don’t know why too. Perhaps, it could be because of mother.”

Right now, Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were like children, with a face full of curiosity on their faces. Women’s desire for gossiping was insatiable.

“Is Ah Li’s mother very formidable?” Qing Yutong asked.

Speaking of her mother, Ah Li’s tone was filled with pride, “Of course, Ah Li’s mother is not only pretty, she is also very, very, very formidable.”

Both Qing Ya and Qing Yutong smiled. The child would of course always side towards their mother.

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