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Chapter 1013 Circle Rounds Part 1

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Chapter 1013 Circle Rounds Part 1

Kana walked to the room and sat along the windowsill, and looked out over the destroyed town below. Many feelings welled up within her as she wondered what had happened to all the people here. The people of this demon realm had once treated her so kindly and never rejected her. Even when things happened and people died, they never treated her badly. She owed them a lot for the kindness they gave her.

As Kana looked out over the old ruined town, she spotted a figure down on the streets below. She flashed out the window and landed behind the person. They had horns and a pointy tail which meant they were indeed a demon. "Sir?"

"Ahhh!" The man yelled out in surprise. He turned to see Kana standing there, and his eyes opened wide. His expression turned from being frightened to that of worry as he hurriedly said: "Miss, you must quickly leave if the Circle Rounds find you here. They will take you back and sell you off as a slave."

"Hmmm? Circle Rounds?" Kana was confused. She had never heard of anything called the Circle Rounds before.

"Kana!" Creige quickly showed up. Although Kana was very powerful, he still worried about her. When he landed and noticed the man, he looked at him curiously. "This is?"

"I don't know, I spotted him from the window and came to take a look, but he said something about the Circle Rounds," Kana answered. Creige also furrowed his brow since he had never heard of any Circle Rounds before either.

"Sir, may I know your name?" Creige asked. He decided to start by understanding who he was talking to.

"My name is Neegal. I am nothing more than a lowly demon…." Neegal lowered his head. His entire body seemed to be shaking. Just seeing this and taking a closer look, Creige could see many whip marks on the man's body.

"Neegal. My name is Creige. This is my wife, Kana. I would like you to come back with us and tell us who the Circle Rounds are and why you seem to have been whipped." Creige did not even give the man a chance to answer before stuffing him through a tear in s.p.a.ce he made behind the man. Kana chuckled. Creige's way of doing things always ends up with him coming off as quite forceful.

When they came to, they were in one of the only furnished rooms in the palace. It was well lit, and Bi Ling and Mei Ling were currently was.h.i.+ng the walls. "Mama? Handsome Papa?"

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"Bi, Mei, can you get some tea and some food?" Kana asked. She could see that Neegal did not seem like he had eaten in a long while from how malnourished he was.

"Mmm… my Handsome Husband will make an amazing Demon Emperor," Kana said with a smile as she leaned against Creige. She then looked at Neegal and said: "Do you want to join us? Will you help us build an army and go against those who bring harm to the races?"

Neegal, who was staring blankly at the two, was stunned. He had no idea how to answer this question. He felt like ancient times were going to repeat itself once more. He suddenly felt a spark in his heart. It was a spark of hope that maybe the conditions of the races that were being suppressed would finally change. He looked at the husband and wife duo and felt that maybe just maybe, these two would bring about a new revolution within the Sea of Stars. She slowly and shakingly got down on his knees and bowed his head. "This lowly one will serve you two faithfully and will do my best to help you achieve your goals."

"Hehe, you will not regret the decision you made today. We will prove to you that we will change this realm." Kana smiled as she saw Mei Ling and Bi Ling coming back with food and drinks. "You should eat your fill and drink. You will need all the strength you can get. You will spend a period recuperating while you fill us in on everything you know about the current situation of the Sea of Stars. We need to know if there are more like you places we can bring others under our protection who wish for a change."

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