Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System


Chapter 1012 The Place Where She Opened Her Heart

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A golden light enveloped Bi Ling's body. Mei Ling stared at her sister in shock. Within that golden light, Mei Ling could see golden armor covering her sister's body along with a silverish golden transparent barrier that surrounded her in a hexagonal pattern. While this was all truly surprising, the thing that surprised Mei Ling the most was the gentle nature of the light. It felt soothing and made Mei Ling remain calm even though this shocking scene was placed in front of her. It seemed very holy….

This scene did not last long. Soon the light diminished as if what had just happened never happened. The armor and barrier were now both gone. All that was left was Bi Ling peacefully sleeping on the bed with a smile on her face. Mei Ling looked at her sister and also smiled. She had a feeling, a feeling that maybe just maybe, her sister would now have a path of her own.

Sometime later, the s.h.i.+p arrived over a certain mountain range. Kana and Creige looked out the window down at the rundown palace that was now in ruins with soft expressions. "It looks like they ransacked the place pretty good."

"Either way, we will rebuild it. We will rebuild what you once built with your own hands. Creige. We will take back everything that was taken from us. From start to finish, we will show the Sea of Stars that we are a family that can not be messed with." Kana was firm on this matter. She would not let those who made her and her Handsome Husband suffer all those years back, even to the point that they were forced to give their son away.

"Mama, Father…. I will make this place my home once we have taken everything over," Devan suddenly announced. Kana turned to Devan, who was standing next to them with an unwilling expression. She wanted to bring her baby boy. She owed so much time and wanted to spend more time with him. Devan smiled as he continued: "I had already decided this. I will take up residence here in the Sea of Stars and look after the things you are about to build up to make sure that no one will ever suffer here again."

He also had another reason for this. He did not wish to leave the mortal realm too far behind. He would watch over everything his Mama and Father had worked so hard for. He had a feeling once they entered Aurora, things would not be simple as they had been up until now. So he wanted to stay here and watch over things.

"We will also be staying with brother." Mana suddenly announced.

"Mana? Nana?" Kana turned to look at her daughters in confusion.

"Mama, we know about what happened here and how much this place holds such importance to Mama and Handsome Papa. We would like to stay and protect it. While we are not as powerful as brother, we should be able to help him if there is ever a need. Plus, we have decided to settle down. The places where you will be heading next will be chaotic. We were never fighters to begin with. And only fought when we needed to. Mama, you and our Elder sisters have trained us, and we know how to protect ourselves now. Plus…." Nana smiled as she continued: "If there are three of us, we can a.s.sist our family in all realms at any time."

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Kana looked at her three children and was about to say something when Bell suddenly interrupted: "I will also stay…. If it is okay with you…. I know Ganjo is one of your Elementals, but…."

"First, we need to rebuild this palace back to what it was." Creige was really raring to go. He wanted to handle this quickly and begin forming a new force as soon as possible. He was not going to rampage through the entire continent. He did not want to harm the innocent. While he knew war was inevitable since he planned to start a new conquest, this was something he could not back out on. To take revenge for both his past life as well as Kana's, he had no choice but to go to war.

That day the entire family was busy with either cleaning or rebuilding. No one slacked off as they worked on the grand palace that once housed hundreds of servants and guards. They worked around the clock, only stopping to eat and sleep before returning to fixing the place up. A month later, the entire palace looked brand new but at the same time nostalgic. Kana walked to a certain room and opened the door. It did not have any furnis.h.i.+ngs yet, but this room had meaning for her. It was the place where she opened her heart.

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