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Chapter 830 - Drink some wine to calm down

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Chapter 830: Drink some wine to calm down

Tears rolled down his face.

He had a long dream. Everything that happened in the dream was filled with pain, but there was also brilliance. His adoptive mother, Caitlin, his lover, Xiao Li, and his mother, who was clearly weak but took his place at the critical moment and went to jail to atone for his crimes.

Just as the second personality had said—

The demon in the darkness stretched out its fangs and hands. He grabbed us and tried to take us to h.e.l.l.

However, there was still light and angels by our side.

Zhuang Long suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were red and filled with blood tears.

He sat up slowly and rubbed his sore head. For a moment, he had a feeling that he could not tell reality from a dream. However, he knew very well that he was not seeing a dream, but reality. His original name was Herbert and he lived in Monterey Bay. His father was a neurologist, but he was a perverted killer.

His mother was weak, but she loved him deeply. She had wasted her life in prison for him.

As for Xiao Li, she had always been the one who gave silently.

From the beginning to the end, he had wronged her.

It was just a nightmare that seemed like a dream, but Zhuang Long was actually covered in cold sweat. He filled the bathtub with water and took a hot bath. Only then did his cold body warm up a little. He borrowed a set of clothes from the butler and changed. Zhuang Long rested in the villa for the night and left the next morning.

As soon as he left, Xi Bo picked up the phone and called Xiao Li.

“Miss Lawson, Mr. Zhuang has already left.”

Xiao Li nodded and hung up.

She did not ask Xi Bo if Zhuang Long had found the truth. She was afraid that she would be disappointed if she asked too much.

June 27th was a very lively day.

Xiao Li and Bruce booked the Plaza Hotel. Almost all the guests who received their wedding invitation were present. Yan Nuo and Ji Yinbing, who were supposed to be on their honeymoon in Italy, rushed back to New York to attend Xiao Li’s wedding. They met Fang Yusheng’s family on the way and went to the wedding venue together.

On the way, they sat in their respective cars. The adults were very quiet and their expressions were serious. Only Fang Zikai and Fang Zicheng were filled with antic.i.p.ation. They could see the beautiful bride again.

Suzanne did not attend Xiao Li’s wedding. She had actually received an invitation, but she refused to attend the wedding. Although she and Zhuang Long usually loved to argue and looked like they had a deep hatred for each other, in fact, these two people had the best relations.h.i.+p among them.

Suzanne felt that Xiao Li was being unkind. If you want to get married, you can do it yourself. Why did you invite Zhuang Long as a good friend?

Wasn’t this trampling on Zhuang Long’s face?

Suzanne did not come herself, but she could not stop Fang Yusheng and the rest.

Fang Yusheng and the rest felt that Xiao Li wanted to use this wedding to do something else, but they were not sure. They were afraid that if they all attended, she would only want to hold a lively wedding. Then, when they saw Zhuang Long in the future, it would be difficult for them to explain.

Just like that, the few of them were a little nervous and arrived at the wedding venue with their own thoughts.

There was a driver at the entrance of the hotel who helped them park the car.

The moment Qiao Jiusheng and Fang Yusheng got out of the car, they waited for the two little fellows to jump out before walking into the hotel hand in hand. Bruce and Xiao Li’s wedding photos were especially beautiful as they stood at the entrance of the hotel.

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Their hearts sank when they saw the name of the bride, Clarice, and the groom, Bruce.

She heard Fang Yusheng say, “I’m a traditional person. If you want me to choose a gift, the wedding gifts I want will definitely be valuable goods. Like sports cars, pure gold decorations, or antiques.”

Upon hearing this, Qiao Jiusheng tried to undermine him. “Then you won’t even attend your wedding.”

Fang Yusheng thought about it and felt that it made sense. That was why he did not feel so regretful.

The venue of Xiao Li and Bruce’s wedding banquet was decorated extravagantly. This room had been made into a sea of roses. The exquisite roses that had been flown over from Bulgaria were arranged into a huge half-moon shape. In the middle of the moon was a red carpet covered in rose petals.

The bride would walk over from here later.

Fang Yusheng and Yan Nuo’s families’ seats were arranged together. From the arrangement of this seat, it could be guessed that Xiao Li had spent all her energy on this wedding. Qiao Jiusheng could not help but take a sip of red wine. She did not know what would happen later, so she had to drink some wine first and be mentally prepared.

At the side, Ji Yinbing imitated her and took a sip of wine.

At the table, only Fang Zicheng and Fang Zikai, the two little fellows, did not have any psychological burden at all. They looked up and sized up the roses above their heads. Fang Zikai said to his brother, “When I get married in the future, I want a sea of roses bigger than the moon.”

Fang Zicheng nodded.

“Brother, what about you?”


“What will your wedding hall look like?”

Fang Zicheng actually thought about it seriously. Then, like an old adult, he glanced at Fang Zikai and educated him, “How old are you? Why are you talking about marriage?”

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