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Chapter 1211 - 1211 The Odd Divine Soul

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Chapter 1211 - 1211 The Odd Divine Soul

1211 The Odd Divine Soul

Both the evolved beasts were staring at the warriors as if they were warning them.

However, after hearing what Lin Xiu said, they ran in the opposite directions after a slight moment of hesitation.

Then, they completely disappeared.

The rest of the warriors did not go after them since the only people that they wanted to kill were Lin Xiu and Baili Haoling.


“d.a.m.n it…”

The warriors who were hit earlier by Lin Xiu’s ‘Heaven Breaking Strike’ noticed that there were cracks on their ‘spheres’.

“Haoling, I will be killing that old man first. Be careful!”

Lin Xiu held onto his long spear as his eyes were locked onto the old man.

From the information received through the a.n.a.lytic eye, this old man was the strongest amongst them.

Once he killed this old man, everything else would be easy.

“No problem.”

Baili Haoling nodded her head. With the control of her mind, there was a large amount of energy released from her body and they gathered at both her short daggers.

Both the daggers turned blood red.

Then, Baili Haoling immediately released the spirit power that she had just acquired!

There was a red energy that gathered above Baili Haoling’s body and there were in the shape of two short daggers.

Xiu – –

At the same time, Lin Xiu suddenly disappeared into thin air.

The old man’s eyes narrowed with shock. Then, he could only move forward with his long sword by instinct.

Clang – –

Lin Xiu suddenly appeared right in front of him and the long spear collided with the sword that the old man had.

There was a huge impact that followed and the old man’s body was thrown into the distance!


How did this young boy suddenly get so powerful?!

The elder’s pupil shrunk uncontrollably.

Even if Lin Xiu had killed all the other warriors, he still felt that Lin Xiu was just average but the strength that Lin Xiu was showing right now was so much more powerful than he had expected!

Lin Xiu did not give him any chance. He quickly released ‘flas.h.i.+ng souls’ and stood right in front of the old man.

With both hands on his long spear, Lin Xiu aimed it at the old man’s ‘sphere’!

Boom – –

With a loud sound, the ‘sphere’ that was already covered with cracks instantly exploded.

Pfft – –

As the ‘sphere’ exploded, the elder suffered from the backlash and a mouthful of blood came flus.h.i.+ng out of his mouth.

The elder’s eyes were filled with fear.

“How dare you?!”

Seeing how Lin Xiu was continuing to attack him with the long spear, the old man roared and his body was covered with a golden glow.

The glow then slowly turned into particles and they formed a golden panther that stood behind the old man.

The Divine Soul of a Golden Panther.

The old man seemed skinny and weak but as the divine soul appeared, the muscles on the old man’s body started expanding.

When Lin Xiu’s long spear got close to him, the old man moved. As he dodged the attack, he also managed to catch Lin Xiu’s spear.

The strength that came from the old man felt as if he was able to s.n.a.t.c.h the long spear away from Lin Xiu!

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Such strong energy!!!

However, Lin Xiu did not waste anything thinking about it. He quickly stood before the old man and swung his long spear.

The old man’s head was chopped off from his body!

“Elder Jiang!”

Fu Tianling, who was still levitating in the air, was waiting for Lin Xiu to turn weak so that he could finish Lin Xiu with only one strike. However, what he saw was the opposite and he was shocked as well.

Fu Tianling has brought along one of the strongest warrior G.o.ds and he ended up getting killed?!

Lin Xiu did not have the time to check how much EXP he had received from killing the old man. He soon realised that the black dragon that he had released was chasing after the golden panther.

What were they doing?

Lin Xiu was stunned. It felt as if the divine soul of the black dragon had a thought of its own.

But….it’s something that was formed by particles?

When Lin Xiu looked at it, the black dragon opened its mouth and started biting the golden panther.

Soon, the entire panther was torn into pieces and was swallowed by the black dragon.

Lin Xiu’s eyes were stretched wide open when he saw such a peculiar scene.

However, he did not waste anything here and rushed forward.

There were still 6 other warriors who were attacking Baili Haoling. It seemed like they wanted to kill Baili Haoling first before helping the old man kill Lin Xiu.

But, they did not think that Lin Xiu would kill the old man first!

“d.a.m.n it!”

All six warrior G.o.ds a.s.sumed that they would be able to quickly kill Baili Haoling first but they didn’t expect for her to be just as strong as them!

Especially that pair of red eyes. It felt devilish. When they looked into it, their speed would get slow and their reflexes would slow down as well.

Even so, with so many warriors attacking her at the same time, Baili Haoling was still wounded.

“Go to h.e.l.l!!!”

One of the warriors found the opportunity and attacked her from the back!

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