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Chapter 1700 - 1700 Island Wedding

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Chapter 1700 - 1700 Island Wedding

1700 Island Wedding

“Ah Zheng, my mother’s death anniversary is in a month. Let’s return to Li City. I don’t like the capital,” Qiao Xi said softly as she leaned into Gu Zheng’s embrace.

“Alright.” Gu Zheng’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he hugged her tightly.

At this moment, Gu Zheng’s phone suddenly rang. When he picked it up, his eyes widened. “Alright, we’ll be right there.”

Qiao Xi raised her eyes to look at him. “What’s wrong?”

Gu Zheng took a deep breath, his deep eyes filled with smiles. “I have good news for you. The divine physician has woken up.”


Qiao Xi’s breathing stopped, and her heart trembled. She suddenly stood up and pulled Gu Zheng out.

The two of them got into the car and sped all the way to the hospital. When Qiao Xi saw the weak old man in the ward, her eyes could not help but turn red. “Grandpa!”

“Xi Xi,” Shang Xiao shouted hoa.r.s.ely.

Qiao Xi could not stop her tears from flowing. This was the first time Gu Zheng had seen her lose control.

The first thing Shang Xiao did after waking up was to tell Gu Zheng and Qiao Xi what he had seen and heard in the laboratory during this period of time. He also got them to organize everything on a piece of paper and hand it to Cheng Juan as evidence to defeat He Weinian.

A month later, Shang Xiao’s injuries had basically recovered. Qiao Xi and Gu Zheng returned to Li City to pay respects to Xia Yunqiu.

Qiao Xi stood in front of Xia Yunqiu’s tombstone, her slender fingers caressing her photo. Tears welled up in her eyes. She turned slightly to look at the man beside her. “Ah Zheng, let’s get married. I want a unique wedding.”

“I’ve already arranged it.” Gu Zheng looked at her with a smile. His deep light brown eyes seemed to be filled with stars.

Qiao Xi leaned into his embrace and closed her eyes. She quietly felt the wind around her and muttered, “In novels, they say that parents love their children a lot, so their plans are far-reaching. Only today did I understand my mother’s good intentions. She doesn’t want me to live in hatred forever, so she deliberately hid what happened back then.

“She wrote in her notebook that I should cherish my lover and not be blinded by hatred. Those were the words she left for me. Now that I’ve found my lover, shouldn’t I let go of my hatred?”

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The surroundings were silent. Qiao Xi could clearly feel Gu Zheng’s heart beating faster and faster.

At this moment, Gu Yao, who was as busy as a dog, sneezed and roared angrily. “d.a.m.n it! Gu Zheng is busy going out on dates and has left the company to me. I have to date too! How inhumane!”

Half a month later, Qiao Xi and Gu Zheng held their wedding on the island. Others would choose to hold their wedding during the day when it was bright, but Qiao Xi liked dark nights. The fragrance of flowers and the aroma of delicacies blended together in the open-air wedding, and light shone on every corner.

Qiao Xi was wearing a pure white wedding dress and holding a white rose in her hand. A ray of light scattered from the top of her head and landed on her body like a thin veil. She was like an angel who had descended to the mortal world. She was so pure and dazzling that it made others not dare to breathe as they were afraid of disturbing her.

The man beside her was tall, with a well-defined face. His eyes were deep and affectionate as he looked gently at the most beautiful bride in the world.

“Please kiss your bride!”

Gu Zheng lifted the veil and bent down to plant a kiss on her beautiful lips. At this moment, he felt that all the pain and humiliation he had suffered previously were worth it. Being able to meet Qiao Xi was the greatest blessing in his life.

Qiao Xi’s cheeks were slightly red. She finally understood her mother’s words in the notebook. She was only by her lover’s side for five years before pa.s.sing away while still in her most beautiful years, but she had no complaints.

Perhaps if she could not find the antidote, Gu Zheng would only have ten years left to live. However, with these ten years of companionship, Qiao Xi would be able to live a happy life. She did not want to worry unnecessarily. She only wanted to enjoy the present and cherish every second she was with him so that she would not have any regrets.

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