Esper Harem in the Apocalypse


Chapter 897  Dominating Jane

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Chapter 897  Dominating Jane

Jane's eyes locked with Rudy's intense gaze as the forcefulness of his thrusts continued. The raw desire in his eyes mirrored her own, fueling her determination to please him. With each motion, she met his gaze head-on, never breaking eye contact, a silent declaration of her submission and unwavering devotion.

Without taking his d.i.c.k out of Jane's mouth, Rudy pinned her on the bed. His hands firmly pressed against her wrists, holding her captive beneath him. Jane's heart raced with a mixture of fear and excitement, her body trembling with antic.i.p.ation.

Rudy's dominant aura only intensified as he leaned in close, his voice laced with a commanding tone.

"You belong to me, Jane," he whispered huskily, the words sending a shiver down her spine. With a firm grip on her wrists, he began to slowly pull out of her mouth, the drag of his d.i.c.k against her tongue sending waves of pleasure through her.

Rudy's dominant grip on Jane's wrist tightened as his desire swelled within him. With a surge of newfound power, he resisted the urge to c.u.m in her mouth, reveling in the sensation of her warm and skillful tongue pleasuring him.

He didn't want to c.u.m just yet. He didn't know when will get a chance to be so rough again.

As Jane's lips and tongue worked tirelessly to please him, Rudy's control began to slip. The intoxicating mix of pain and pleasure spurred him on, his thrusts growing more urgent and forceful.

Jane's body, pinned on the bed, surrendered to his pa.s.sionate onslaught as he f.u.c.ked her mouth and throat with an unyielding fervor.

The room was filled with the sounds of their connection, a symphony of moans and gasps, as Rudy pushed Jane to the limits of pleasure and submission within the next few intense and electrifying minutes.

Rudy's eyes locked with hers, an unspoken connection of desire and surrender. With a forceful thrust, the electrifying tension in the room heightened. Jane held his gaze, her eyes filled with a mix of submission and raw pa.s.sion, as Rudy face f.u.c.ked her with an unyielding fervor.

Rudy's thrusts became more desperate, and Jane met each one with equal fervor, her moans mingling with his grunts of pleasure.

With a surge of pa.s.sion, Rudy released his hot essence deep into Jane's waiting throat, his hot load filling her completely. The sensation sent waves of ecstasy coursing through her body, intensifying the pleasure they were both experiencing. Her senses overwhelmed, Jane gasped for breath, her body trembling in the aftermath of their first BDSM experience.

Rudy pulled his d.i.c.k out from Jane's mouth, his breath heavy as he gazed into her eyes. His voice was filled with concern as he asked, "How are you feeling?"

Jane caught her breath, her body still trembling from their pa.s.sionate encounter. With a hint of a smile, she replied, "Don't worry about me, Rudy. Despite the restraints, I was enjoying it. I am sure you knew that already since you were reading my thoughts"

"Yes. That is why I was willing to be so rough, because you showed no sign of resistance."

"I am honestly surprised you can speak properly," Rias quipped in with a baffled expression on her face.


"The way he grabbed your head and f.u.c.ked your throat made me feel anxious. I thought his d.i.c.k was going to come out from the back of your head or something!"


"And then when he pinned you on the bed and went full rough… I was afraid your head was going to be crushed. But here you are, completely fine and enjoying yourself…." she said in disbelief.

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"Oh, come on. He wasn't that rough. In fact, it felt good not being able to do anything. I felt helpless, as I couldn't even touch Rudy or control my moments. I felt like my mouth was being raped~"

"It was a taste sample," Rias shrugged.

'I am glad Rias didn't think of revenge against Jane for now. I can't image what would have happened if Rias had asked me to release my load in her mouth after I f.u.c.ked Jane's mouth so roughly.' Rudy uttered inwardly.

"If it was a taste sample, I can't complain," Jane nodded. "But believe me, it tastes better when you suck his d.i.c.k for ten minutes and get a mouthful of his load as a reward."

"I will do that soon."

"And you are right about the taste. For us vampires, the delicacy is in blood, but the red moon fruit was always held supreme. We royals had an advantage at that, as we had the control over the production and distribution over the red moon fruit.

When I tasted his c.u.m for the first time, it left a mark on me and I got addicted to it. Somehow, it tasted better and better every time and it eventually became better than the red moon fruit."

Rias squinted her eyes at Jane and uttered, "I didn't need to hear your scandalous s.e.x tale."

"You don't know Rias…" Jane licked her lips seductively and gulped down. "I have done something no one else has in the history of the vampire world."

"Stealing lovers and incest is common in the vampire world— just like all the other races, so I am curious to know what you are talking about."

"I have drank Red moon fruit juice mixed with Rudy's c.u.m. And I had many of that."

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