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Chapter 1411

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Chapter 1411

?1411 Chapter 1,419, the final showdown!

“You’ve underestimated me, so you’ll have to pay the price.”Ye Chen shouted coldly as he turned around and swung his sword down, striking the Black Dragon King in the chest.


Immediately, the Black Dragon King’s back was stained with blood, and his dragon scales were sent flying. Fresh blood spurted out, and even his head was almost chopped off.

“You’ve underestimated me, so you’ll have to pay the price in blood.”Ye Chen gripped the xuanyuan sword tightly, and sword after sword, each and every one of them fatal, attacking the Black Dragon King’s primordial spirit.

“Lowly reptile, you dare to fight with me?”The Black Dragon King was furious and wanted to use his dragon breath to destroy ye Chen. However, his dragon breath was ineffective against ye Chen and was dodged by him.


With a buzzing sound, a seven-colored immortal light shot out from between Ye Chen’s brows. It was a fusion of his immortal wheel talent, Samsara Eye technique, and immortal wheel bloodline power. It was a fusion of eternal sword might, Dao principles, and origin energy.

This was his most powerful sword attack.

His heaven-defying battle record was enough to prove how domineering this sword attack was. Even if the quasi-imperial capital was terrified, this sword attack was enough to destroy Heaven and Earth, sever the universe, and break the laws. This sword attack created a ravine that spread out from the side of the Black Dragon King, it spread out to a distance of three hundred meters, and even the void was split in half.

“How is this possible... ?”The Black Dragon King’s dragon body trembled, dragon blood was still flowing from the ravine that had been slashed open. The remaining sword Qi within it was wreaking havoc, causing the dragon body to explode one by one. The dragon bones on it also emitted cracking sounds.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

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Ye Chen did not stop. He continued to attack crazily. Each sword was faster than the last, and each sword was stronger than the last. The sword was sharp, and the sword was deadly. No matter how strong the Black Dragon King’s physical body was, it was still difficult for him to block a single attack.

“Get... out of my way!”The Black Dragon King roared. His dragon eyes turned scarlet, and he burned his lifespan to increase his battle strength. He thrust out a finger, and Ye Chen was sent flying.

“Kill, Kill, Kill!”The Black Dragon King was like a mad demon. He opened his mouth and spat out flames, ice, and haze. All of his negative emotions exploded in an instant.


Ye Chen was covered in blood, and he was sent flying all the way. Before he could stabilize his footing, the Black Dragon King pounced again. His enormous dragon body covered the sky, and he was like an immemorial demon mountain pressing down.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The starry skies trembled as ye Chen was covered in blood. He could no longer block the Black Dragon King’s attack and was sent flying over 80,000 meters.

“Suppress him for me.”The Black Dragon King’s killing intent towered into the skies. He pressed down with his palm and the palm imprint was extremely huge. It covered the entire heaven and earth, blocking out the Starlight and moonlight. It sealed the heavens and earth, wanting to force ye Chen to the ground.

“You really overestimated your own combat strength.”Ye Chen coldly snorted as he descended into the void. With a single sword strike, he destroyed all living things, creating a resplendent immortal river. With a single sword strike, he destroyed the Black Dragon King’s Palm imprint as he continued to attack.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Blood splattered in all directions as another awe-inspiring sword scar appeared on the Black Dragon King’s dragon body. Dragon blood gushed out, every single drop was crystal clear, and every single drop was filled with a mysterious power.

“You’re courting death.”The Black Dragon King was enraged as he swept his tail over, carrying the might of a dragon. Like a battle spear, it pierced through the skies, catching ye Chen unprepared.


Ye Chen raised one arm and drew a mysterious trajectory. With a sword, he slashed off the Black Dragon King’s tail.

However, before he could stabilize himself, the Black Dragon King’s other Dragon Claw arrived. With a palm, it shattered his sacred body. Five Dragon Fingers went deep into his shoulder and dug out one of his arms.

Ah... !

Ye Chen cried out in pain. Suppressed by the Dragon Bloodline, he could not use any secret techniques. His abilities could not be brought into full play. At this moment, he was like a mortal. His combat strength was not even 10% of his peak.

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“An ant deserves to be killed.”The Black Dragon King roared and opened its mouth. Its devouring power was terrifying, and it wanted to eat ye Chen alive.

“d.a.m.n it.”Ye Chen’s face was ashen as he hurriedly fled. He was unable to escape because that pitch-black star was formed from the Black Dragon King’s Dragon Soul. Once he was entangled, he would be crushed to pieces.

Hong! Hong Long Long!

The pitch-black star chased after ye Chen Like a dead star. It carried the power to crush everything in its path. Every inch it fell, a huge hole would be created.

Ye Chen, on the other hand, was like a duckweed swaying in the wind and rain. Under the pressure of the star, he was bleeding profusely. One wrong step and he would be doomed forever. The Black Dragon King’s divine ability was not to be trifled with.

The Black Dragon King’s attack became more and more violent. Wisps of pitch-black murderous aura surrounded his body, making him extremely terrifying.

His dragon soul also became more and more solid. Like a demon, he bared his fangs, wanting to tear ye Chen apart.


Once again, the Black Dragon King’s claw pierced through ye Chen’s chest, almost tearing him apart. Ye Chen Fell and crashed into the ground, creating a huge crater.

The Black Dragon King arrived and bit down, heading straight for ye Chen’s neck.

“Break... For me.”Ye Chen hissed. His entire body was covered in blood as he sent the Black Dragon King flying with a punch.

The Black Dragon King was furious and swept his tail over.

Ye Chen lifted his eyes and closed his eyes tightly. He allowed the dragon tail to sweep over, but he did not move at all.

When the dragon tail swept over, he opened his eyes wide. His eyes were deep and boundless, and there was a flash of golden light. He listened carefully, and there was also the sound of thunder that resounded through the nine heavens. That was the lightning of heavenly punishment.

Wu... !

The Black Dragon King groaned. His enormous dragon body was actually reduced to a small size by the lightning. His dragon eyes were prominent as he looked at ye Chen in disbelief. The supreme-grade Dragon Soul of the dragon race had actually been destroyed by a bolt of lightning.

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