My Doomsday Territory


Chapter 626

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Chapter 626

The next day.

“It’s simple, five law fragments are already in my hands. It’s like Origin Star’s glorious lucky chance. Law crystals are all extremely rare treasures. Only a peak Domain stage expert can obtain one or two of them.”

Five law fragments floated in front of him. They were five different colors: gold, green, blue, red, and yellow. They represented five different laws: gold, wood, water, fire, and earth.

There was also white wind and purple thunder that combined into seven different colors of crystals.

“Only two are smaller than the metal elemental law fragments I had before. The other three are bigger.”

The size of the crystal almost represented the number of law fragments contained in it.

He naturally didn’t think that Anxia was being generous. The five law fragments had been negotiated between the two parties for a long time.

It was obvious that the five pieces that Anxia had sent were the smallest.

But in fact, even the smallest of the five, the power of laws contained in them was not weak.

Tang Yu left behind the law fragments that represented the fire element. Even if they were both fire element laws, the key points of laws contained were different. They complemented each other and increased the speed of his comprehension of laws.

He threw the other law fragments to Tree Shade’s warehouse number one.

As long as there are enough law fragments, not only me, but Elaine and the others can also increase their strength by a hundred or a thousand times more than ordinary Rank Two Transcendents. The increase in the realm of rank three, and even if they become saints in the future, the difficulty will be much lower.

Western Jiujiang Park.

Tang Yu didn’t bring many people with him this time. Apart from Xiang Jinghong, there were only two other disciples of the immortal sect accompanying him.

Yuan Hu and the other higher-ups of Anxia were already waiting outside the defensive line.

“Sect Leader Tang, we have already prepared a welcoming banquet for you.”

“There’s no need. Let’s get down to business.”

Tang Yu glanced over and felt a hidden hostility coming from an old man not far away.

He did not care.

In Anxia’s country, were there still too few higher-ups who had objections to the immortal sects?

They couldn’t just go against each other one by one, could they?

Wouldn’t that lower their level?

He didn’t know this old man at all. Even the awakened ones weren’t ordinary people.

The instant the sinister old man saw Tang Yu’s gaze sweep over, his heart suddenly jumped.

He was truly a bit worried. If the Immortal Sect’s Sect Master were to attack him at all costs, he was afraid that even with his Awakened One army, they would not be able to stop him.

“Fortunately, it seems that the Immortal Sect’s Sect Master still has some misgivings.”

The sinister old man’s gaze would occasionally linger on Tang Yu before he quickly left.

He was secretly annoyed by his cowardice, and he imagined that one day, he would be able to control the entire power of Anxia and nurture countless experts. When that time came…

However, he never expected that Tang Yu had no idea who he was.

“Let’s go. We’ll follow them. We can take this opportunity to find out more about the sect master of the immortal sect…”

It would be even better if they could suffer heavy losses with the wolf pack!

“Sect Leader Tang, we can use our cannon fire to deal with those ordinary beasts later. Furthermore, our Division 13 and the awakened ones in the army can also intercept a portion of the wolf pack elites. You only need to kill a few troublesome existences among the wolf pack.”

Yuan Hu said as he walked.

As one of the big shots who had been to the other side, he was very clear about the strength of the wolf pack. The number was secondary, but there were many powerful mutated wolves in the wolf pack.

There were hundreds of them who were stronger than him. Even the mutated wolves above the tenth level of awakening were not only the Wolf King.

That time,

If not for the leader being a big shot who had been cultivating in the military for many years, they would have died there.

Sect Leader Tang is indeed very strong, but there is only one person after all…

“No need. Since I have collected the resources, I will naturally handle it properly.”

As soon as he stepped through the black crack, the suppression force of the plane enveloped him once again.

His body sank imperceptibly.

In this aspect, Yuan Hu and the others were not affected at all.

They were too weak. To the entire plane, they were just insignificant dust. On the other hand, he himself was already a Second Order Transcendent. In the universe, he was an expert that could influence a star region. If an ordinary life planet were to explode at full power, it would only take a few hours to completely destroy the surface of the planet.

Even for the huge plane known as the ‘new world’, it could still be called a pebble sized rock.

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Dust fell into the water without any waves, but there were rocks.

The Wolf King’s hair stood on end, but in the next second, the sea of fire extended in front of it, swallowing it up, leaving not even a corpse behind.

In just a short moment,

All the beasts and wolves in the entire valley were gone.

However, the other plants and rocks were intact. If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, no one would believe that thousands of beasts had just wandered in this mountain valley.


It was unknown who it was, but he couldn’t help but let out a gulping sound.


All sorts of exclamations sounded endlessly, and all of them let out awesome sounds.

Tang Yu didn’t want to say that it was just a basic operation. He didn’t care about the amazement of these people after experiencing so much.

After all, Great Lord Tang was always so low-key.

He stepped on the void like a flight of stairs and arrived at the valley.

He released his perception. Although he was suppressed, he could still cover the valley.

But soon, he frowned.

“No, I don’t think so.”

In his perception, there was no such hole as before.

“Could it be that there are no law fragments around this black crack? Or was it taken by Anxia?”

No, that’s not right.

The birth of a law crystal has a lot to do with the black crack. A stable black crack has a high chance of producing a law crystal.

It is not likely to be obtained by Anxia. After all, the existence of the wolf pack limited the range of movement of Anxia. If the crystal is conspicuous, then he should have found it the last time he came.

They flew all the way around the valley. Perhaps it was because of the wolf pack, but there were no signs of other beasts around.

But it was also too normal.

“Huh? Wait!”

Tang Yu suddenly stopped and glanced into the distance. There, he could vaguely see a folded s.p.a.ce.

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