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Chapter 441.1 Constant Changes

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Chapter 441.1: Constant Changes

The Jiao didn’t care if Tianmen City Lord was angry or not, he just dashed up and fought!

In an instant, a ma.s.sive beam filled with power of heaven and earth appeared at the city’s gate.

The Tianmen City Lord was enraged, and with a single shot, he released a force of the power of heaven and earth, thwarting the Jiao’s attack.

He still hesitated at this point, seeing the two monster beasts behind him, and he did not dare to launch a full-out attack on the Jiao.

This slight hesitation also provided the Jiao an opportunity.

On the cunning golden giant horn, a few light beams filled with the power of heaven and earth shot out in an instant as the Tianmen City Lord blocked the first attack!


With a loud noise, the Jiao didn’t attack the city gate this time, but rather dispersed his attack on the surrounding city walls, which got blown down instantly!

That was not enough; the cunning mental power suddenly burst forth with all its might, and some armored soldiers at the city’s gate instantly turned to meat piles.

“You will pay for this!”The City Lord of Tianmen, who had previously hesitated, was now furious!

A king should not be treated like this!

The Golden Horn Beast King is killing his soldiers and destroying the city right in front of him; if this goes on like this, Tianmen City will lose its foothold in the Southern Seven Regions!

In the next moment, the sky trembles in front of the Tianmen City Lord as he released invisible strike waves at the Jiao.

The Jiao did not want to fight him face to face. It’s figure suddenly swelled with a roar.

While it’s original size was about the same size as the seventh-rank Hedgehog Beast before, in the blink of an eye, it swelled several times with a head and tail that were more than ten meters long.

He screamed and slammed into Tianmen’s city lord the moment his body swelled.


The loud noise resounded, and two huge monster beasts whispered a few words behind them.

The Jiao screamed angrily despite their words.

What was he to do now that his home has already been destroyed?

Bang, bang, bang!

There was a series of explosive sounds, and the city’s gate collapsed as the Jiao fought without hesitance with the Tianmen City Lord.

Some of the people in the surrounding Tianmen City who did not reach the high-ranks were almost immediately killed by the aftermath.

“You are trying to die!”

The City Lord of Tianmen was enraged, he could not take it any longer!

There was no longer invisible mental power fluctuations in front of the City Lord of Tianmen, and a towering giant tree appeared out of thin air.

Countless branches drew towards cunning as soon as the giant tree appeared, and some branches began to bind cunning.

Inside the city, in the middle of the inner city, a towering tree that appeared to be silent before is now swaying slightly, and the mental power fluctuations are quickly transmitted from afar, it mixed with anger, as if questioning what happened!

Two tall ninth-rank beasts, standing behind the Jiao, replied using their mental power.

The Jiao became worried as it noticed the two sides starting to negotiate!


A ma.s.sive roar shattered all mental power fluctuations, and the next thing they saw was a brilliant golden light bursting from the Jiao’s giant horn.


The two giant beasts behind them roared loudly as well; the Golden Horn Beast King is about to fight with his life!

When the eighth rank fights, the forces of heaven and earth collide; this is a typical battle.

When indestructible matter erupts, it becomes a battle of life and death.

The City Lord of Tianmen was still waiting for the outcome of the two parties’ negotiations. He did not want to go to war with the Forest of Hundred Beasts in such a hazy manner.

While he may be willing to go easy, but he wasn’t sure about the Jiao.

When the golden indestructible matter exploded, it shattered countless branches both imaginary and real, and strands of energy fluctuations dissipated between the sky and the earth.

This isn’t enough to force the other party to fight for their lives yet.

The Jiao exploded with indestructible matter, and the next thing they saw was him das.h.i.+ng across Tianmen City Lord’s defense line and straight up to the top of the city!

Mental power erupted with all its might, and giant pillars of golden energy erupted like thunder in the city.


“Save me!”

“Wood King!”


The weaker people inside Tianmen City died instantly, and some of the stronger ones bled and screamed bitterly.


“G.o.dly wood, kill it!” roared the Tianmen City Lord.

Before the words are heard, the City Lord pierced the void, appeared in front of the Jiao in an instant, and slammed it into the ground with a palm from the sky!

The Jiao’s golden armor erupted in brilliant light and roared loudly. The target was not the City Lord of Tianmen, but the two ninth-rank beasts who remained behind.

If one can understand if they understand the language of beasts, and he can hear that the Jiao questioned whether the Forest of Hundred Beasts has fallen to the point where anyone can bully it.

Are you still waiting even after the messenger has been killed, the guard has been killed, him attacked, his home destroyed?

Is the Beast race still in control of Hundred Beast Forest?

These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds clearly have no respect for us; what are you waiting for, the annihilation of all beasts?

The two beasts trembled constantly as a result of the Jiao’s roar.

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Then, when they saw the Tianmen city lord slapping the golden giant horn into a crack with one palm, and the two beasts suddenly moved!

So, what should I do next?

The large tree in the city center appears to be negotiating with the lion.

He had no idea how the two parties talked, as he heard no voice. The tree and the lion beast appeared to be communicating mentally with one another.

Fang Ping had no idea when they would finish negotiating.

“What to do?”

“How to make them continue fighting?”

Fang Ping casted a glance at the Jiao, who was not far away. The Jiao was fighting for his life right now, and it was fighting hard against the few strong seventh and eighth-ranks.

Fang Ping saw that it wanted to rush to the city center; maybe all he needs to do is to get to the city center?

Fang Ping could not hear the giant tree and the lion negotiating., but the Jiao can.

The lion beast, with fierce light flickering in its giant eyes, suddenly looked towards the Jiao as the tree’s mental power fluctuated.

The Jiao yelled hurriedly, it was the Demon Wood who did it!

He shattered his own body the next moment, revealing a series of clearly visible wounds and cracks in the body, where the Demon Wood’s aura was strong.

The lion beast looked at the ma.s.sive tree in the middle of the city once more, and the fierce light in its ma.s.sive eyes shone brightly!

You can’t fake the aura!

Did you attack the Golden Horn Beast King, Demon Wood?

When he saw this scene, the City Lord of Tianmen, who was fighting the giant crocodile, roared.

“Put a stop to it! It’s all due to misunderstandings, Alligator King and Lion King!”

The City Lord of Tianmen did not use mental power to talk, but the language of the crypt people.

The Lord of Tianmen City was furious at this point. With a glance, he noticed the city’s collapsed buildings and cracked ground. He yelled as his eyes flashed: “The Sacred Wood has not left the city! He was in the city the whole time! Yes, I know there is the Sacred Wood’s aura in the injuries of the Golden Horned Beast King… but it is not the sacred tree’s work!”


Before the two beast kings said anything, the Jiao acted… no, opened his mouth!(Translator’s Note: This was a originally a joke in Chinese with 出手 and 出口 being one character difference but when translated in English would be “acted” and “opened his mouth”)

A huge black hole appeared in an instant, swallowing a seventh-rank martial artist who was fighting with the Jiao!

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Golden Horned Beast, you are asking for death!”

The City Lord of Tianmen was so angry that he is about to vomit blood as he fired a palm shot into the air, with the palm growing larger as it approached the Jiao. In the blink of an eye, his palm had covered the sky and the earth, falling towards the Jiao!

The Jiao’s body s.h.i.+ned with golden light as he roared but he did not go head to head. Instead, he dashed into a line of several high-rank martial artists in Tianmen City, and his figure shrank, returning to its original size.

The giant palm chased it, and the high-rank martial artists quickly retreated, while the giant crocodile beast swept its tail, scattering the giant palm.

“Let him go!” Tianmen City Lord yelled angrily.

(Translator’s Note: 妖木 (Demon Wood) has been translated into multiple names, but they all refer to the demon plant, the giant tree in Tianmen City. The Jiao calls it Silly Wood (more rude since the Jiao is enemy with Tianmen City), Tianmen City Lord calls it Sacred Wood (more respectful as it is his partner), for more details refer to the glossary post)

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