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Chapter 1351 - 1351 Chapter 1346-stay in the human world

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Chapter 1351 - 1351 Chapter 1346-stay in the human world

1351 Chapter 1346-stay in the human world

“The town is very strong!”

In a desolate land, the errand boy stopped. He had already sensed the town’s tracking.

He seemed to have sensed his master’s grave as well.

In order not to let the Heavenly King disturb his master’s sleep, he decided to meet the Heavenly King.

After all, he might have to stay here for some time.

It would be very difficult to hide it from the Heavenly King.

Just as he was thinking, the void trembled and a figure appeared.

The Heavenly King of suppression had appeared!

Seeing the powerhouses that had entered earth, Heavenly King Zhen was stunned for a moment. Then, he couldn’t help but ask,””You didn’t die?”

He knew the page boy!

This guy didn’t die?

“Is it strange that I’m not dead?” the errand boy chuckled.

“Isn’t it strange?”

“You weren’t attacked during the war back then?” Heavenly King Zhen was puzzled. You’re still alive?”

Battling the errand boy!

Zhan was all alone and had not taken in any disciples. He had opened a school and needed someone to take care of it, so he had taken in a study boy by his side. The study boy was not too outstanding.

Of course, he was the only person Zhan had brought with him. Heavenly King Zhen had visited Zhan before, so he naturally remembered this fellow.

However, he didn’t expect that after not seeing him for so many years, the boy servant would actually become so strong!

This was beyond his expectations!

Heavenly King Zhen was surprised and he suddenly said,””You’re in the secret realm?”

This explained why this guy was so strong!

First, it would take a long time.

Second, there were many benefits in the secret realm.

Third, Zhan Tiandi had been teaching him by example. Even if this guy was a pig, it was time for him to become stronger.

Unlike the others, he had his true body. If he entered with his true body, he would be taught by an unrivaled expert, so he would become much stronger.

Breaking nine, this was not considered rare.

Moreover, breaking nine would cause quite a commotion.

It was only in the secret realm where the void gate was not broken that people would not know about it.

Otherwise, the Heavenly King would not have caused such a huge commotion when he broke through nine in the outside world.

Up until now, the Heavenly King suppression did not attempt to destroy the third gate of void as there was no need to do so. The destruction of the third gate of void might increase his spiritual power, but it would cause too much of a commotion and he might be schemed against.

The errand boy’s strength was extremely strong, but no one had discovered him. He must have broken through in the mystic realm!

The errand boy looked at Heavenly King Zhen and smiled,”Lord Zhen is indeed quick-witted, to have discovered it so quickly …”

Heavenly King Zhen cursed in his heart. Nonsense, I’m not an idiot!

He felt that this Shorty was mocking him!

“What are you doing in the human world?”

“Guarding the tomb.”

Heavenly King Zhen frowned slightly and quickly said,””I know what you’re thinking, but isn’t it better to let Zhan an sleep here? You didn’t partic.i.p.ate in that battle. Clearly, the battle should have instructed you …

If you come to the human world now, you might cause some trouble. ”

With that, Heavenly King Zhen continued,”after all, you are not familiar with the human race. The human race also has powerful beings. If a strange powerful being comes to the human world, it will also make us feel pressured.”

An expert who had broken nine!

There was indeed pressure.

Even the Heavenly King felt uneasy. He wasn’t too familiar with such a powerful being and didn’t know him well. Who knew what he was up to?


Or guarding the tomb?

This was hard to say.

Just as Heavenly King Zhen was thinking, the void trembled slightly. The expressions of the two changed slightly. They had only noticed the abnormality when the person was approaching.

The next moment, Fang ping walked out of the void with the cat on his shoulder.

Fang Ping’s eyes flickered slightly as he glanced at the page boy. He seemed to have seen this person before.

Where did you see it?

The memory of the strong would not be bad.

Fang ping thought for a while, and his eyes moved again. He seemed to have caught a glimpse of a short page boy standing behind Zhan Tiandi in the pa.s.sage earlier.

Of course, Fang ping did not pay much attention to it back then.

He thought it was a projection.

But now … It wasn ‘t?


An expert who had broken nine?

Since when did breaking nine become so worthless that it could pop out at will?

Cang Mao seemed to have recognized the page boy, but he was not too familiar with him. He looked at the page boy curiously and suddenly muttered,””You have second cat’s scent on you!”

The page boy looked at Cang Mao and felt a little emotional. He smiled,””Human King and Cang Mao came unexpectedly fast, I thought I wouldn’t attract your attention. I’ve lived with er Mao for tens of thousands of years, so I naturally have his smell …”


Cang Mao replied perfunctorily,”you’re not a second-rate cat, I don’t really want to talk to you.”

The errand boy did not mind. He glanced at Fang ping and scanned the area. However, with the gray cat around, he could not sense it too clearly.

Fang ping had come so quickly!

It was indeed much faster than he had expected.

He had thought that the Heavenly King was the only one in the human world who could discover him.

Whoever knew that in the blink of an eye, Fang ping and the old cat followed.


Fang ping did not let his guard down. Fighting the errand boy?

Breaking nine?

Why did he suddenly come to the human world?

Although Zhan Tiandi had disappeared in the human world, he didn’t think that a powerhouse who had broken nine levels had come here just to mourn for Zhan Tiandi.

Fang ping looked at the other party. Indistinctly, he and the Heavenly King of suppression formed a triangular formation and surrounded the page boy.

The errand boy could tell, but he didn’t care. He just felt a little helpless and said slowly,””The scholar has no intention of becoming enemies with the human race.”

A scholar?

Fang ping was a little dazed. Just this name?

An expert who had broken nine was considered an Emperor in the past. This name was too degrading!

However, on second thought, it didn’t seem strange that he was only a page boy in the past.

However, Fang ping was still a little shocked that the errand boy had become an Emperor.

Was the heaven battling Thearch sect that powerful?

Among the sovereign sects, only the Dao tree had broken nine. Of course, the sun G.o.d sect had Heavenly King Zhen, and the celestial Emperor had also taught many people.

However, Zhan Tiandi was the last to become a Supreme Dao Emperor …

On second thought, time pa.s.sed quickly in the secret realm, so it seemed to be possible.

At this moment, Fang Ping’s mind was filled with all sorts of thoughts.

Suddenly, there was a powerhouse who had broken through nine levels!

This gave him some ideas, but for a moment, he didn’t know if the other party was a friend or a foe.

“Wait … Why isn’t your name on the Billboard?” Fang ping suddenly said.

Even the celestial Thearch, the sun G.o.d, and the king of earth had appeared.

Fang ping felt that Daoist Fengyun might have a way to monitor the Three Realms.

Why didn’t the page boy enter the ranking?

Or did Daoist Fengyun do it on purpose?

When the errand boy heard this, he glanced at the Heavenly King, then at Fang ping. After a moment, he said,”Daoist Fengyun doesn’t supervise the Three Realms, but the great Dao! Or rather, the current Phantom path.

It could be that there were some arrangements above the celestial source, or some arrangements above the gate of void.

As for the beginner level, there were only so many people in the beginner level, so he knew who was stronger and who was weaker …

As for me, I went to the secret realm a long time ago and didn’t leave any traces under the celestial source, nor did I leave any traces on the gate of void …”

Fang ping frowned and looked at Heavenly King suppression.”If someone can leave no traces of the celestial source, why did you leave it behind?”

Heavenly King Zhen was not surprised and said casually,””It was left behind at the poxu sect. After the celestial source appeared, there was Phantom path. This guy might not have cultivated for a few years, and then went directly to the secret realm.”

The errand boy nodded slightly.”At that time, I was not in the mood to cultivate, so I was not under the supervision of the celestial source. Moreover, I was still weak and not valued … Later, I broke through nine in the secret realm. Now that I have come out, the celestial source can’t lock on to me.”

Fang ping raised his eyebrows. A powerhouse who had broken nine levels and was not under the surveillance of the celestial source.

In other words, he was an origin Emperor of the cultivation world!

What did this mean?

Did this mean that even the Emperor did not know of this person’s existence?

What about the Dao tree?

The Dao tree would cause a blood rain after its death. This meant that the Dao tree was actually under surveillance. Did that mean that the Emperor had long known that the Dao tree had broken through nine?

Fang ping was a little confused. Perhaps even if the Dao tree broke through nine in the arcane realm, the Emperor might not know and would not give any feedback?

Fang ping could not be bothered to think about this. He looked at the page boy again. He did not care whether the other party was being monitored or not. Right now, Fang ping only wanted to know the difference between friend and foe.

“Senior scholar, may I know what is your purpose in coming to earth this time?”

Fang ping went straight to the point. If they were friends, then the human race’s strength would skyrocket.

It was an enemy … Perhaps they should surround and kill this guy today!

This killing intent disappeared in a flash.

However, the errand boy seemed to have sensed it. Not only him, but the Heavenly King also sensed it and his expression changed.

This kid was so arrogant now!

Even he didn’t dare to say that he was 100% sure that he could keep a person who had broken through nine. There might even be great danger.

Fang ping, on the other hand, actually had the intention to kill!

The errand boy glanced at Fang ping as if he did not mind. He said again,”I have no other purpose. I’m just here to visit my homeland and master’s grave. I’m here to Guard master’s grave for a while …

If I have free time, I might open a school in the human world. At that time, I would like to ask the human King to help me. ”

“Open a school?”

Fang ping was stunned for a moment. A broken nine had the time to open a school?

Was this guy loyal enough to Zhan Tiandi?

After thinking about it, he realized that he might be loyal to the celestial Thearch for fighting him in the secret realm for so many years.

Otherwise, Zhan Tiandi might seem easy to talk to, but he might not be.

Fang Ping’s heart skipped a beat. He quickly said,”it’s not a problem to open a school. However, senior, do you know that before Zhan Tiandi died, he had already told w.a.n.g Jinyang to open a school on earth when the Three Realms were at peace?

Senior also wants to open it now … Of course, it doesn’t matter. One more or one less doesn’t matter. ”

“w.a.n.g Jinyang …”

“The one who became one with master?” the boy servant murmured.

“It’s him. ”


The errand boy fell into deep thought, somewhat in a trance.

That person was not the master.

However, those who had inherited their master’s life source could also be considered as one.

He couldn’t tell if they were the same person!

Before his master left, he told him that he could go to the human world to find him and see if he liked to read …

The errand boy quickly returned to his senses and bowed slightly to the two of them.””If this person is willing to open a school, then we won’t open a school for scholars. Can we leave a place for scholars in this school?”

Fang ping raised his eyebrows.”That’s nothing. I’m just curious. Senior, are you planning to retire on earth?”

The scholar was silent for a moment, and then he quickly smiled and said,””If the human King doesn’t mind, it’s actually not bad.”

“Senior, don’t you know that the war of the Three Realms is about to break out?”

Fang ping said in a deep voice,”I’ll cut to the chase. To be honest, I’m worried about a powerhouse like you who has broken through nine levels staying on earth!” Once the war starts, senior can annihilate the human race on earth by himself!

An expert like senior is too much of a threat!

Moreover, I don’t believe that senior doesn’t have any purpose. Could it be that senior wants to wait for death?

Or do you think that the Emperor won’t attack you?”

The errand boy was a little helpless. He was silent for a while before he said,””Human King, there’s no need to misunderstand. I didn’t mean it that way.”

“A war has broken out in the human world …”

The errand boy hesitated for a moment, but still said,””Originally, master didn’t want me to take revenge for him. Now that master has died, he doesn’t care about this anymore. However, shuxiang is still a little unwilling … If a war really breaks out, shuxiang is willing to fight alongside the human King and the others …”

“If the scholar goes to war, he will only attack the Emperor and a few others,” he added.”The others … Are not master’s enemies, so I will not attack them.”

And a few people!

Fang ping was speechless. ‘You should be thanking the G.o.ds if you can match up to an Emperor.’

Who’s counting on you to deal with a few people?

Fang ping looked at him suspiciously. Revenge for Zhan Tiandi?

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If a great battle broke out between powerhouses who had broken nine levels and continued to hide, they might not be killed.

Fang ping was not one to wait for death!

It was said that the Emperor would only descend when the Three Realms were united.

However … If he could enter the universe of origins ahead of time, Fang ping would not mind killing the Emperor ahead of time if he had the chance.

Who said I had to wait for you to come?

I’ll kill my way over, won’t I?

If he brought the Heavenly King, the old cat, and the page boy, the four of them who had broken nine levels, to find the place where an Emperor was slumbering, would there be no hope of killing the Emperor?

There was still hope.

At that time, if the emperors didn’t know who had killed one of them, they might even have internal strife and suspect each other. That would be even better!

At the thought of this, Fang ping stopped caring about the page boy.

Let old w.a.n.g keep an eye on him first!

Even if the errand boy had a motive, he would not attack now. Lao w.a.n.g’s safety was still guaranteed. He had to go to the chuwu continent and the origin land first.

“Then senior, please do as you wish. I still have matters to attend to, so I’ll take my leave first! I’ll immediately inform w.a.n.g Jinyang to accompany senior on a tour and take a look at the current human world!”

Fang ping left immediately after saying this!

As soon as he left, the boy servant’s eyes were a little strange. He looked at the Heavenly King and asked,””Lord Zhen, what is the human King’s current strength?”

“Break eight!”

The Heavenly King replied casually.

“Broken eight …” The errand boy frowned slightly.”It did feel like I had broken eight, but he soon discovered me when I entered the human world …”

“Maybe it’s the old cat that smelled it!”

Heavenly King Zhen couldn’t be bothered to say this. He touched his chin and looked at him,””You said that Feng Yun only found out about our strength because he was monitoring the celestial source and the void gate. Do you have any doubts? Who is this guy?”

Without waiting for the attendant to reply, the Heavenly King continued,””Could it be the king of earth?”

The errand boy thought for a moment and said with uncertainty,””The celestial source was tampered with in the past, and master also found some clues back then. The king of earth, the human ruler, and the heavenly Emperor might have done something.

However, I don’t think it’s the celestial Emperor. Otherwise, he should be able to sense my existence.

It should be one of the heaven reverse Emperor, the East Emperor, the human Emperor and the earth Emperor. The East Emperor is more likely. ”

“Hao …”

Heavenly King Zhen mumbled, it was donghuang?

What was this old man trying to do?

Was the wind and cloud his clone or his real body?

The Heavenly King was a little confused. He did not know what these guys were doing.

Was there a need to be so mysterious?

Heavenly King Zhen didn’t dwell on this anymore. He glanced at him and said,””You’d better be honest, this old master is too lazy to scare you! The current leaders of the human race were all ruthless characters who ate people without spitting out the bones!

“Don’t think that you’re invincible just because you’ve broken through nine. To be honest … I didn’t know if they could kill those who have broken through nine, but now I know. They can!”

The death of the Dao tree was proof!

If you provoke them, Fang ping and Zhang Tao can join forces and kill you without any problem. Besides, I’m still here. ”

The Heavenly King was not trying to scare him.

He didn’t believe that the boy servant didn’t know that the Dao tree had been killed.

Fang ping and Zhang Tao had joined forces. Zhang Tao had provided the great Dao, so it was not impossible for Fang ping to kill the page boy.

However, if that was the case, the human race would suffer heavy losses, and they were not willing to do so.

The Heavenly King still threatened him to prevent the boy servant from acting rashly.

“Of course not!” The errand boy smiled bitterly. Furthermore … With Lord Zhen’s two bodies as one, I’m not his match. ”

Heavenly King Zhen pouted.”If I don’t merge my bodies, I won’t be afraid of you even if I’m in my origin form!”

However, there were quite a few people who knew about his two ident.i.ties.

This was a bit of a headache!

“Your Excellency’s initial stage martial body hasn’t broken nine yet?” the errand boy asked when he saw that he didn’t speak.

The Heavenly King’s gaze was unfriendly. What did he mean?

“In the past, master had mentioned you, Sir,” the boy smiled.”You’ve gone very far on the path of beginner martial arts!” His Dao of origin was also advancing at a tremendous pace! However, breaking through nine at the beginning was even harder than breaking through to the origin …

Master once said that if you continue to cultivate, there is only one path for you to break nine. ”


The Heavenly King suppression wanted to hear what war was about.

“Actually, what happened before was an opportunity. If you had swallowed the projection of the seed, you might have been able to forcibly break through the nine …” The errand boy laughed.

Heavenly King Zhen also knew this and he shook his head,””There’s a chance, but they’re all watching. It’s fine if Fang Ping’s thrown to earth, but if I swallow him, do you believe that the Emperor G.o.d and the others will keep hunting me down even if they suffer a backlash?”

The G.o.d of the underworld had been stopped when he wanted to devour that day, and he had broken through nine at the beginning.

Although he had broken nine at the beginning, he had two bodies. Even people like the Emperor G.o.d didn’t dare to let him break nine on both bodies.

The errand boy also understood this and said,””Then I can only use force and walk the path of balance. My Lord’s qi and blood are sufficient, but your spiritual sense is slightly lacking. You can’t achieve the balance of the beginner martial body …”

“I know that.”

The Heavenly King rolled his eyes. ‘Nonsense, do I need you to say this?’

The errand boy did not get angry and said calmly,””Actually, it’s not that there’s no other way. Master said that if you’re brave enough, you can shatter your own brain core and use your spiritual sense to break through the barrier.

This way, it will break nine …”

“Nonsense, of course I know that, but isn’t that just looking for death?”

Heavenly King Zhen rolled his eyes and the page boy laughed,””Previously, master was just casually saying. He didn’t know that Daren still had the initial stage martial body, but now … Daren still wants to combine two bodies into one. In this case, what is needed is not two lives, but one!

At the peak of breaking nine, the fusion will not kill Daren, but will continue to live and truly complete the two bodies as one. ”

Heaven suppression King was stunned.

He … Seemed to have walked into a dead end.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought of this before, but this was a dead end. If you wanted him to die, of course he wouldn’t do it.

But now …

“It’s very difficult,” heaven suppression King mumbled.”I can explode if my brain is crushed, but I’ll die in an instant! At this moment, I still have to convert it into origin force and successfully convert it all to break through nine. I might die before I break through nine …”

He shook his head. It was extremely difficult!

Would he be able to complete the force fusion in that instant?

He couldn’t even guarantee it himself!

Once that happened, a beginner martial body would really be dead!

“Don’t try to fool me, I won’t do it!”

Heaven suppression King cursed at the page boy and disappeared.

No way!

It was so dangerous!

The errand boy laughed and didn’t mind. He just said whatever Heavenly King was in his mind.

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