Beastmaster of the Ages


Chapter 1615 - That Year When Snow Fell on Soulburn Hall

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Chapter 1615 - That Year When Snow Fell on Soulburn Hall

Dao Decimo Nation’s Courtyard One. This familiar place was once where Feiling had used Unity to learn to create heavenly pattern tomes. It was the period of time when she had been closest to being a mortal. Afterward, she had gone to the Tomb of the Ancients and begun a new life. She had gone from being Princess Feiling to someone seeking Nirvanic Rebirth.

Tianming had a.s.sumed that this was where they had the sweetest memories. However, Feiling pursed her lips and didn’t look very happy. “Can we change the place?” she asked.

“Of course. Where to?” Tianming asked.

“Soulburn Hall at Xuanyuan Lake.”

“Alright, but why?” Tianming wondered. In his memories, they had been kept in two different worlds then. Meeting each other had been hard, and when they did, they needed to carefully put on a performance. It had been a period of torment.

“That’s the time when I didn’t have anything to do every day. I just had to think about you and when you’d come to visit. Also, the scenery there is beautiful,” Feiling said.

“I see.” Tianming understood. Compared to the constantly storming Divine Capital, Taiji Peak Lake’s scenery of pure white was much cleaner.

Orderia that blazed with flames and the Violetglory Star that flashed with starlight were either hot or fantastical. However, Taiji Peak Lake had a simple atmosphere, making it the most comfortable.

The local environment could be changed as Tianming willed. Thus, the snow-white Soulburn Hall appeared in front of Feiling. Crystalline snowflakes were still falling and even the temperature fell, making their caelum bodies feel a little frosty.

“Big Brother.” Feiling tearfully looked at him, but her gaze was filled with sweetness.

“Go out and play.” Tianming smiled and wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes, then gave her nose a pinch. Her face quickly turned red, and when she breathed out, it was a puff of white mist.

“Let’s go together.” She dragged Tianming along. Kicking off her shoes, she stood barefoot on the snow. “Wow, the snowfall is gorgeous.”

The pure white scenery made it easy to have a sense of peace as the world around them was simple. Here, any troubles could be forgotten as they just had to concern themselves with the warmth of the person by their side.

As the wind blew, Feiling’s short blue skirt fluttered. She seemed like a snow fairy, and the snowflakes that stuck to her legs highlighted her energetic nature after her rebirth.

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Tianming remembered her Perpetual Nirvana and how her body had kept shattering and stubbornly reforming. She had used her everything to pull on the xenomemory rope, saving not just Tianming and Lingfeng back then, but herself, too. She could only have the lively and perfect body she had today because she had experienced a terrifying torment a hundred times. Only she knew how hard it had been.

Tianming had already known since his Flameyellow Scion Inst.i.tute days that Feiling was an integral part of his life. Losing her would be like dying himself.

He extended a hand, allowing snowflakes to fall on it and feeling his body temperature melting them. It was so real that it was difficult to distinguish the wondersky realm from the real world. However, even though the snow and Soulburn Hall were fake, Tianming knew that their caeli were real.

They were given to them by the heavens and were a part of them during their life, before they returned to the heavens after their pa.s.sing. But if their body of flesh returned to the heavens and earth after it perished, too, what difference was there between the two?

“Snow is the manifestation of cold in the world, yet our human warmth can melt it.” Tianming smiled. He admitted that the scenery in front of them was beautiful enough that it stirred the thought in him to stay here forever.

“Come on, Big Brother!” Feiling’s skin had turned slightly pink in the snow. She threw a s...o...b..ll at him and it landed a clean hit on his stomach. Tianming looked at her in surprise. She looked at him in challenge, wagging a finger. “Young man, this sovereign has experienced millions of eras. Do you dare blaspheme me?” Feiling was intentionally making her voice sound deeper and older. She even coughed a few times, seeming very cute.

“Why would I be scared? My type was always mature seniors.” His arms rose up as he flew along the wind to catch her.

“Hah! You can’t catch me!” Three snow white wings unexpectedly appeared on Feiling’s back. They were the fusion of the Longevity Lifewings and Flashsoul Lifewings and they made her appear even more holy than before, giving her a lofty and untouchable feeling.

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