Beastmaster of the Ages


Chapter 1613 - Deific Class Nova Source

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Chapter 1613 - Deific Cla.s.s Nova Source

Tianming returned to the Violetglory Star’s wondersky realm and appeared in his own private s.p.a.ce.

“Big Brother!” Feiling had been spectating from the pavilion, so she knew that Tianming had already left the Astraldome. Hence, she had known he was about to arrive soon. “Why didn’t you continue challenging the Myriadeyes Wonder?” She pulled his elbow, looking at him with sparkling eyes.

“I missed you. I couldn’t stand one day without my daily dose of Feiling,” Tianming said.

“Hmph, I don’t believe you.” Though she said that, Feiling was happy inside.

“Ling’er, could you all hear me when I asked about the Mysterium Cl.u.s.ter?” Tianming asked.

“Yes, very clearly,” Feiling replied.

“I wonder what the imperium and dynasty will think after hearing about it,” Tianming wondered.

“I think there won’t be much reaction. They’ve had the wondersky realm for so long. If you could find out so easily, I’m sure the higher-ups already know. They have an answer in their heart already.”

“Makes sense. Oh well, I already gave them a reminder. Let’s go out and take a look.” They left the private s.p.a.ce. The wondersky realm was still in a commotion, and many people hadn’t left yet.

“Is Ye Chen or Li Tianming stronger? Make your bets!”

“We’ll have to use their next fight to find out.”

There were people discussing who was stronger everywhere. The Mysterium Cl.u.s.ter, on the other hand, wasn’t a hot topic.

Still doubtful, Tianming returned to Violetpeak. He woke up in the room with Feiling. The heavenly loci were very close to each other, so the first thing he saw was her warm smile. Originally, he had intended to pull her up along with him when he stood up, but when their fingers touched, frost began spreading on their hands.

Tianming reluctantly let go, as the frost was also uncomfortable for Feiling.

“This is so annoying, Big Brother.” At least before, they could still hug, but now they could only look at each other.

“It’s fine.” Tianming didn’t like this, but he was more worried about whether it posed a threat to Feiling’s life.

“I’ll go out first.”

As expected, Shengui and Gong Xiong were outside Violetpeak.

“Sir Genius, why didn’t you continue with the third level of the Tranquil Battlefield?” Gong Xiong asked with a laugh.

“I feel the chances are a bit low right now. I’m not anxious, I’ll wait for when my chances are higher.”

“Good, good, haste makes waste.”

Shengui pulled at Tianming’s clothes. “How’d you find your fight with Ye Chen today? Can you handle him in the real world?” he gingerly asked, clearly very worried.

“It’s not good to say, but he has so many sovereign beasts while I only have one.” Tianming regretfully shook his head. Actually, he was pretty confident inside.

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“Really? That’s a problem. I didn’t expect him to be able to use one manna imperius for five beasts. It’s like creating four manna imperius from nothing!” Shengui said, vexed.

“Deific cla.s.s? What’s that?” Tianming asked. Nova sources had ranks?

“Deific cla.s.s nova source is the highest cla.s.s of nova source in the Mysterium Cl.u.s.ter. They’re a hundred times the size of our nova source.”

After such a long history, they had people who’d entered the third, and even fourth level of the Tranquil Battlefield, so they had even more understanding of the Mysterium Cl.u.s.ter than Tianming.

“One hundred!?” Tianming was stunned silly. Wasn’t that one hundred Orderias too? How ma.s.sive was that? That let him understand that the gold and black star he had seen in the Grand-Orient Sword’s colorless sword might really exist. The water droplets from its wave had become nova sources.

“Yes. The astralscape uses the size of nova sources to cla.s.sify them. There’s the heliacal cla.s.s, skypiercer cla.s.s, and deific cla.s.s. Ours is a heliacal cla.s.s, the lowest. Ten times our size is a skypiercer cla.s.s. There’s a fundamental difference between the two. And a nova source that’s a hundred times larger than ours is the deific cla.s.s. We can’t even imagine their vastness,” Shengui explained.

“If those are the first three of nova sources, is there anything higher?” Tianming asked.

“Who knows? The Mysterium Cl.u.s.ter is already the strongest place we know of, and deific cla.s.s is the highest we know they have.”

“Have you seen it before?” Tianming asked.

“What could I have seen? All I’ve seen is our star and an astral hole on the path to destruction. For anything else, I have to use my imagination.”

As expected, no one had seen it. The Violetglory Star and Orderia were both in some corner of the astralscape.

Tianming considered it. “The Mysterium Cl.u.s.ter has deific cla.s.s nova sources, so the existences there should be the peak of the astralscape’s races. Like experts and geniuses of the divine wondersky race. So you mean to say that if I beat those geniuses, I may get another manna imperius?” Tianming looked him right in the eye.

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