Beastmaster of the Ages


Chapter 1612 - Apex Hunter of the Astralscape

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Chapter 1612 - Apex Hunter of the Astralscape

It wasn’t far from Tianming’s guess. “How many nova source worlds does your star cl.u.s.ter have?” he asked.

“Oh not many, just ten thousand or so,” Ranran Zi smugly said. “Compared to lonely worlds like yours that’re off in some G.o.dforsaken place, my—”

Tianming gave him another slap to stop him from chattering.

“Can you get from one world to another in this cl.u.s.ter by flying yourself?” Tianming asked.

“More or less. They’re all pretty close and one or two months is enough for most. The more distant ones take a few years to get to by astrals.h.i.+p.”

Tianming understood. Star cl.u.s.ters were areas with many nova source worlds, and the cultivators in the area could easily fly to the others. He simply couldn’t imagine how big this super cl.u.s.ter would be. It was no wonder Ranran Zi was so If the astralscape had a core, it would be such cl.u.s.ters!

However, he was still puzzled. “Wouldn’t there be many wars over nova source if you’re so close?”

Ranran Zi laughed, looking at Tianming like he was ignorant.

Tianming had to punch him in the nose, breaking it and reminding him of the pecking order. “Seriously?” he prompted.

“Okay, okay!” Ranran Zi hurriedly replied. “There’s a lot of races in the Mysterium Cl.u.s.ter, so there used to be a lot of wars. But it’s better nowadays, ever since we established the Wondersky-Mysterium Alliance. The divine wonderians and the mysterian race united the Mysterium Cl.u.s.ter, bringing order and rules and putting an end to war!”

He grew more pa.s.sionate. “Today, the Mysterium Cl.u.s.ter is united and happy serving the alliance. Only our Astral Armada s.n.a.t.c.hes others’ nova sources, no one takes from us! My Mysterium Cl.u.s.ter is the core, the center and lord of the astralscape.”

He didn’t notice how hypocritical it sounded to Tianming, who was from Violetglory and Orderia.

“Taking others’ nova sources?” He frowned.

“Of course! Our alliance is so huge, so we use up so much nova source! We need to replenish it, so for example, if we find out your Violetglory Star’s location, our armada will find your world, burn it down, and take your nova source! Not even gra.s.s will be left!” Ranran Zi’s tone grew more vicious.

Tianming finally got it. The ten thousand stars of the Mysterium Cl.u.s.ter weren’t a battlefield filled with internal strife. Instead, they were a united superpower and an apex hunter of the astralscape. The Skywolf Star had nothing on this Wondersky-Mysterium Alliance.

“Wait.” Tianming realized something. It’s called the Wondersky-Mysterium Alliance, so the divine wondersky race are equals in this?”

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“Yes. Where would the wondersky realms come from without them? Our Mysterium Cl.u.s.ter is a branch of the divine wondersky race. My Longbeard Star has some of them, and every one of them are real G.o.ds!”

“I’ll just tell Sovereign Starfeather when I get back and see what he thinks.”

Tianming looked back up at the Myriadeyes Wonder. “So, there must be many super geniuses from that Wondersky-Mysterium Alliance there. I wonder how good they are?” He was quite interested in meeting them, but he wasn’t anxious for it; he needed to whet the Violetcloud Imperium’s appet.i.te first.

His limit for the Tranquil Battlefield now was the first five levels. Once he was done with those, he didn’t know how he would maintain his stock.

He was now a tenth-level constellier and felt like he still had some ways to go. He had recently been cultivating in the Imperious Ruins, and it had been going well. There were many caeli imperius there, so there was much for him to dissect.

“I’ll leave for now.” Before he left, Tianming imagined it. In front of him, an insignificant speck, there were over ten thousand suns—or Violetglories—forming a dense sea.

If every nova source world could bring him as much shock as the sun, that super cl.u.s.ter of over ten thousand stars would be unimaginably frightening. Worst of all, their armada of astrals.h.i.+ps could sweep across the universe, invincible. Where they went, people carried the crime of possession and many nova source worlds were extinguished.

That dead star Tianming had seen may have had that ending. And with its death, so too came death for its people. Not even an insect could hope to live.

That was the Mysterium Cl.u.s.ter, and the Wondersky-Mysterium Alliance. They were the apex hunters hidden in the astralscape! Other nova source worlds were prey with marked locations.

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