What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes?


Chapter 1083 It's Up To Iris Now

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Chapter 1083 It’s Up To Iris Now

(Iris POV)

I watched as those disciples of Master easily fell into the trap that Cai Hong had set up for us.

I have to admit that I never expected her to do something like this. It seems like she had learned some things while at Master's side.

By involving the other 'children' of Master into this World, she gave Master the perfect excuse to spread His own split bodies around where they would be tasked with taking care of all the 'children' inside this World.

And since it was determined that everyone in this World was Master's 'children', Master did not need to concentrate on figuring out the 'children's' ident.i.ties. He just needed to figure out the best way to pamper them.

With His Omniscience and Omnipotence guiding Him, Master would know exactly what He needed to do in order to make anyone He encountered putty in His hands.

We may have avoided being discovered by the little dragon, but avoiding Master's detection was something that was pretty much impossible to do here.

Which is what led to the current scene in front of me.

"Daddy~ Daddy~ Lian Li is a good girl?"

"Ara, ara? Being pampered by Papa~ The feeling is certainly nice~"

"Unnn… Father…Your hands feel so strong…"

"Fa… Father… I… I can't, this is so embarra.s.sing…"

"Otou-sama~ Otou-sama~ Ehehe~ I want hugs!"

"Chichiue… Nnggg… More pudding…"

"Ahaaannn~ Daddy~ Touch me there more~ Be a little more rough with me~"

And then there's the group of four at the side as well.

"It's my turn with Daddy!"

"You had your turn! It's mine now! Move it!"


"This one humbly requests dearest father for headpats…"

I do not believe they will be breaking themselves out of this anytime soon. In a way, this was what they had wanted to change Master into as well, minus the fact that it was mostly just paternal love.

But the pampering of Master was definitely something they couldn't win against so it's no surprise they would willingly stay in this position.

No matter, it just means I have to deal with this myself.

What's more, I already figured out a way to turn this trap around.

I climbed down from the lap that I had been sitting on, setting my sights on the castle where Master's main body lay.

"Oh? Where are you going, Iris?" The split body that had been pampering me asked. "If you want more cookies, I have some right here."

I shook my head, "Forgive me, Master, but your split body no longer interests me. I would require pampering directly from you."

The split body of Master tilted His head, "Oh? Why didn't you say so? In that case, shall we head there together?"

He stood up and held out His hand to me which I held onto without hesitation.

Ufufu~ As expected of Master. The act of holding His hand already fills me up with such bliss.

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I still managed to control myself and followed Master along the path leading towards the city.

As much as I would like to disregard this 'child' and continue on, I recognise that I should not draw undue attention to myself lest that cause the little dragon notices my presence.

Before I could decide however, that 'child' had wrapped her arms around mine and pulled me alongside her, "Alright! Let's go play!! The more people the merrier right?! Let's go, let's go!"

How… Annoying… I might have to End this one later on after we have rescued Master from that little dragon.

Why would Master create a belligerent 'child' such as this one? Truly unfathomable…

The split body of Master followed behind us with a smile, apparently knowing that I had no want for her to be stopped for now and to make a scene.

I was thus dragged to what looked like a park in the city where several other 'children' were also gathered with another split body of Master watching over them.

"Heyyyy! I found another one, Daddy! I think we have enough to play now~"

That other Master looked up and smiled at me, "Ah, so it seems, well then. Shall we start?"

All of the gathered 'children' threw their hands in the air and cried out, "Yes Daddy~~"

But… To play… I have never actually 'played' before. How does someone 'play'?

Does it involve creating and altering realities?

Or maybe creating and ending life?

Perhaps it's pitting various creations against each other in a divine war?

Just what kind of game are we going to play?

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