What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes?


Chapter 1082 Daddy Is Here

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(Lian Li POV)

When my vision cleared up, I was laying down on top of a gra.s.s field in my child form… Alone.

Where did the rest of my sisters go?

I tried to contact them and I managed to link up with Manami, who had linked our minds together with the others.

"Ara, ara? It seems like we were separated…" Manami mused, accusing Iris subtly.

"Ufufufu~ I suppose that was on me. While transferring all of you, I found a trap that the little dragon had set up to catch large teleportations taking place. Thus I had to separate all of us or it would have instantly gotten her attention," She explained.

Well, no big deal, we can just meet up if we want to easily.

"Plan…?" Laverna's thoughts came through our telepathy.

"We stick to it," I decided with finality. "Even better I suppose, since we can cover more ground like this. We'll just operate independently and get to Master."

The others agreed and we cut the telepathic call.

Standing up on my feet, I nearly tripped over when I did not rise to the height I was used to.

Right… It's going to take some time for me to get used to this child form I suppose…

I did some quick stretches and some basic movements to get a hang of this new body. At least my strength and powers were still there, but it definitely feels weird when I don't have the reach that I used to.

After fumbling around for a while, I managed to get a little bit more used to this new body of mine, at least enough to not stumble on every step I took and make me look like some kind of toddler on her first day of walking.

With that problem dealt with, I finally took the opportunity to inspect my surroundings.

It seems like I was transported to somewhere out in the middle of a gra.s.sy hill decorated spa.r.s.ely by trees on the outskirts.

Off in the distance, I spotted a large city surrounded by thick walls that matched the likeness of the one we saw in Iris's projection. That must be the place Cai Hong was hiding with Master.

Nnnggghhh! I'm so envious! I also want to run off somewhere and have Master all to myself!

Ah… Not good, I should not think that way or else I might actually do it for real…

But in all seriousness… Maybe we can suggest to Master that He takes each of us on a trip somewhere for a few days?

First things first, I suppose I should head towards the city and then find a way to get to Master from there.

As I was just about to fly towards the city, a voice stopped me from above.

"Oh? What is a little one like you doing out here? Napping on the field are we?"

That voice… Master?!

I looked up and floating down towards me was Master Himself!! How lucky!

I waved my hand frantically, "Master! Master!! It's me, Lian Li!!"

"Oh? h.e.l.lo there, Lian Li, so what are you doing here?"

"Ah! I'm here with my other sisters to rescue you, Master! You need to follow us out of here!"

Master smiled at me, "Oh no! I guess we better hurry then! Climb up here and let's run away!"

I got confused on why Master was speaking like that until He picked me up in His arms and cuddled me to His chest.

That was when I realised that this wasn't the original Master but merely just a split body with a portion of His consciousness implanted in it.

He probably thought I was just one of His 'children' that was playing around here and was roleplaying in a game or something.

"So, where does little Lian Li need to escape to?"

I tried to protest, "Master, you need to focus! I'm Lian Li, your disciple!!"

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"Ahaha~ Yes, yes, my cute little disciple~ Don't worry, your teacher here will protect you from any bad guys! How about a cookie?"


"No, no… 'Daddy'~"


"Come on now, 'Daddy'~"

Ugh… This is so embarra.s.sing… But if it would make Master listen to me for a bit I suppose I can just put up with it for a little while.

I tried my best not to grimace, "Da… Dad… Daddy?"

Eh… Eh? Wait… Wait a minute…

"Daddy? Dad… Daddy! Daddy!"

Why does it feel good for me to call Master that?! It's like all my worries were being washed away and all I needed to do was to just… Let myself be cuddled.

"Awww~ Who's the cutest little thing? You are!" Master chuckled, pulling me into His embrace again.

I shouldn't… I should… I should tell Master… Warn Master about Cai Hong… Just…

aster resumed patting my head, "There, there~ It's naptime now so just sleep here, ok? That's a good girl~"

Maybe… Maybe I can do that after my naptime…

Yes, that sounds like a good idea…

I'm sure my other sisters could also do it without me too… There's enough of us after all…



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