The Steward Demonic Emperor

Night Owl - 夜枭

Chapter 832: No Home without Kin

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Chapter 832: No Home without Kin

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“Sect Leader!”

Xie Wuyue’s howls of agony inside the black thunderflame died out along with the signature of his soul. All that remained was the violent black thunderflame flickering in his place one last time before fading out as well.

Demon Scheming Sect’s elders were panicking. Xie Wuyue’s very existence had been erased from this world.

They slowly turned to the still figure beneath and gulped in horror.

It only took fifteen minutes for Venerable s.h.i.+ to gather the elders and come here, just fifteen minutes.

It proved to be more than enough time for their Sect Leader, a peak Ethereal Stage expert, to die like nothing.

What did that say about Zhuo Fan’s power? Just how strong was he?

Seeing Xie Wuyue’s cruel demise, everyone’s heart was in their throat, looking at Zhuo Fan in fear.

Ignoring their fear mixed with hatred and anger, Zhuo Fan just walked away with a stone-cold face.

The ones surrounding him broke out in cold sweat and stepped back in fear each time he advanced. Fear had taken root in their hearts, robbing them of any will to fight. 

Venerable s.h.i.+ looked around with gnashed teeth and shouted, “Don’t let him escape! As long as he’s alive everything will unravel. Double Dragon Manor will side with him and ruin us. He has to die now for the Demon Scheming Sect to be ours.”

Shuddering, the elders halted, looking grave and finally releasing their bloodthirst.

Zhuo Fan stopped as well, glancing at Venerable s.h.i.+.

“Humph, no matter how strong, he’s all alone. Together, we’ll crush him to pieces!” Seeing his speech worked, Venerable s.h.i.+ lifted their morale, “Letting him go will make him join Tianyu’s traitors. That will be the moment we’ll lose everything, even our lives. We can’t let that happen! We must end him here and now!”


The old weasel sure knew how to use people, inciting them to fight. The fearful elders in front roared to mask their dread, releasing their souls and sending them to attack Zhuo Fan.

The air felt heavy as the horde of souls unleashed their power at Zhuo Fan, making the earth he stood on sink a hundred meters. The immense might brushed his cheek and fluttered his black hair.

But not even this grand display of raw force from Demon Scheming Sect’s best was enough to move Zhuo Fan. In fact he had on a mocking smile. 

Looking around at the souls coming for his life, Zhuo Fan sneered, “I see, so there aren’t even a hundred Ethereal Stage experts left. Ha-ha-ha, and you wish to kill me now that the sect is so weak? Aren’t you a bit naive?”

“Humph, we may be weaker, but united. A hundred Ethereal Stage experts are enough to kill a p.r.i.c.k like you…”


Venerable s.h.i.+ grinned, his words cut off by a shadow covering the sky and everyone around.

Their bodies and souls had black creeping over them, halting them in place.

Everything turned eerily quiet…

The elders were overwhelmed. 

[What is this?] 

Venerable s.h.i.+ was the most shocked of all.

Zhuo Fan’s flat voice pierced their ears, “What a pity, Elder Yuan had toiled for this sect yet you fools s.n.a.t.c.hed it. I’m sure his spirit wouldn’t want to see this. As his disciples, I should do my part in wiping away the disgrace…”

The endless shadow opened its maw like a deep abyss as something dragged them down to h.e.l.l. The fear they felt was out of this world.

“W-what the h.e.l.l is this?!”

Venerable Bai shouted, switching to begging, “Zhuo Fan, you can’t kill us or the Demon Scheming Sect is finished. The sect is High Venerable’s pride and joy. I know you care and respect him, and as his disciple, you wouldn’t want to see High Venerable’s efforts go to waste. Let’s make up, putting you as Sect Leader. We’ll listen to anything you say. Venerable Bai and the others can come back. We’ll hand over power and become laborers as penance.”

“Yeah, we’ll do anything as long as you spare us.”

“Sect Leader Zhuo, please let us go! We’re from the same sect. We should help each other…”

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Everyone turned to pleading now that he had them in his tight grip.

Fiend Yang shook his head, “It’s all our fault for bringing this disaster.”

“Venerable Yang, you mustn’t say that. Brother Zhuo had approached us in person and that makes us brothers. How can I just let you suffer? “

Luo Yunhai sighed, “We need to send more scouts to the Demon Scheming Sect just in case.”

They all nodded.

Rushed stepps approached, with Leng Wuchang bursting in with a jade slip. He bowed, “Clan Head, we know why Beast Taming Sect withdrew. The scouts report that six months ago some strange power invaded the Quanrong imperial capital, stamping Beast Taming Sect out and causing chaos in the city. Many princes died as well as other minor n.o.bles. With their roots cut out, of course they’d withdraw, ha-ha-ha…”

“That really happened?”

There were gaps of shock around.

The more affected were the group from Demon Scheming Sect, “No matter how antagonistic the nine sects in western lands, none would go as far as total annihilation. Not even Danqing Shen went so far that time. There’s no way the force that did it was from western lands.”

“Who cares, it did us a solid, ha-ha-ha…” Leng Wuchang laughed.

Luo Yunhai nodded, “Yes, if any reinforcements came, we wouldn’t have lasted much longer. Regardless of where this power came from, it was G.o.dsent, brother Zhuo’s blessing!”

“Clan Head, you’re giving Steward Zhuo’s spirit all the credit again. If Steward Zhuo’s spirit had acted, he’d go pay his debt…”

“And kill Xie Wuyue, right?” Leng Wuchang smiled with a sigh, “Sir Leng, I’m not superst.i.tious here and was only thinking. Brother Zhuo is a miracle worker, so much so that anything utterly baffling that is happening makes me think brother Zhuo was behind it, that his spirit is watching over us.”

Luo Yunhai’s pa.s.sionate look touched the others.


A scout in black rushed into the hall, presenting a jade slip. “Demon Scheming Sect’s scouts say that somehow the Demon Scheming Sect was gone overnight!”


There was a collective gasp in shock.

Leng Wuchang shook, stunned for a good while, “h.e.l.l, Steward Zhuo’s spirit appeared for real…”

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